How To Style Boyfriend Jeans To Still Look Pulled Together

May Berthelot wearing Maje blue denim boyfriend jeans in Paris, France .
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possibly you ’ ve been sitting out the ma jean drift but honestly, it ’ s not going away. And, now boyfriend jeans are besides on the scene. The plus ? If you ’ ve boycotted ma jeans, giving into boyfriend jeans isn ’ t the like thing. While ma jeans are generally more form fit and constantly high-waisted, boyfriend jeans have a roomier feel and can sit lower on the hips. Picture what it would look like if you borrowed your male spouse ’ second jeans and you get the idea .

The pros of boyfriend jeans include ultimate quilt, but if you ’ ve been slow to give up your skinny jeans, they can besides feel huge at first. And, figuring out how to style boyfriend jeans can be a challenge. After all, you don ’ thyroxine want baggy to look haphazard. sometimes there can be a ticket pipeline between dowdy and on-trend. so, if you ’ re tempted to jump in on the boyfriend denim course but aren ’ t certain where to start, here are some of the best ways to style these jeans that are neither skinny nor maternal .

Pair With A Blazer

Actress Razane Jammal wears wide peg boyfriend jeans in Paris, France in 2021 .
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Blazers are another street style popping up everywhere and pair well with boyfriend jeans because they pull the look together for a polished appearance that can work both in the agency or out for a courteous dinner. While boyfriend blazers are besides a tendency mighty immediately, picking a blazer that fits your silhouette can help contrast the outsize feel of boyfriend jeans. Or, if you ’ re feeling more dominate and uncoerced to take up space, boyfriend jeans with a boyfriend blazer besides make a statement that ’ randomness on-trend .

Go Skimpy On Top

Xenia Adonts wearing boyfriend jeans in Paris, France in 2021 .
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Crop tops are trendy in 2022 and make the perfective compliment to a pair of boyfriend jeans, adding more femininity to an otherwise masculine or gender neutral expression. If you ’ rhenium feeling uncomfortable wearing a crop top without coverage, adding a blazer or cardigan is a great manner to wear the course a bit more modestly .

Start With More Form Fitting

May Berthelot wearing The Kooples blue jean boyfriend jeans in Paris, France .
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If you want to try the boyfriend jean swerve without swimming in so much fabric, go for a more form-fitting pair. Jeans that sit low on the hips and are a spot — but not besides — baggy will do the trick. Capri boyfriend jeans are besides a capital direction to experiment with the vogue without diving into the more framework heavy fashions .

Add A Long Coat

Carrole Sagba wearing Levi ‘s boyfriend jeans in Paris, France in 2021 .
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The right field long coat can add major class to a match of outsize jeans. Worn exposed, a retentive coat can besides highlight the outfit underneath. In this event, a tucked in black jersey and chunky interchange flops complete the look with a free-and-easy but pulled in concert vibration .

Style With All White

Tamara Kalinic wears boyfriend jeans by Margiela in Paris, France in 2021 .
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It ’ south intemperate to look boggy in a monochromatic outfit and pairing white pieces with boyfriend jeans creates a bracing feel. Again, tucking in the nucleotide layer goes far in pulling this look together and a splash of color draws the center to this outfit .

Pair With Platform Boots

Claire Elise wears boyfriend jeans with Doc Marten boots in Los Angeles in 2021 .
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Platform boots are another dash basic of 2022 and go nicely with a pair of boyfriend jeans with the cuffs rolled at the penetrate. Yet again, a tucked in shirt and a monochromatic composition in truth keep the boyfriend jeans polished and the count pulled in concert .

Dress Up With The Right Bag And Heeled Boots

Julia Comil wears black wash boyfriend jeans in Paris, France in 2021 .
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Accessories go far in keeping boyfriend jeans from looking boggy. The right bulge and a courteous pair of heel boots do the trick nicely — a well as an elegant jacket. It seems the mystery to styling boyfriend jeans is keeping the rest of the front crisp and a act more dressed up .

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