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Have you ever bought a dress or top that doesn ’ thyroxine in truth work with any of your standard brassiere ? Or it ’ south precisely something that doesn ’ thymine let you to go bare-breasted no matter how buoyant your breast are ? nipple covers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always cut it. And it can be a fight with strapless or weird muggy backless brassiere. Finding the perfect brassiere to go with every one singular neckline or backless top or dress in your closet can be a challenge. We ’ d need a million different options !
There are superintendent plunge bras to sticky backless ones and everything in between. And some tops fair don ’ t allow any kind of brassiere option that exists ! It ’ s excessively much. When you want or need to go bare-breasted, but can ’ thyroxine for whatever reason it may be, there ’ s an alternative. One that lifts the girls and allows you to feel your best. It ’ randomness called dumbbell record friends, and it is game changer .
Boob record is basically wide gluey tape that helps to support and contour your breasts. Celebrities have been using it for years and even Kim Kardashian is ill-famed for using duct tape as a solution before it existed. But times have changed, and now breast tape is an choice to the masses that can help you look your best in any top or trim. No matter how boastfully, or saggy, your drop the ball might be. So you can toss all those eldritch bras, muggy bras that swoop right off in the humidity and swap it out for drop the ball tape .
How To Use Boob Tape
How To Use Boob Tape
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How To Use Boob Tape

If you ’ ve never heard of this merchandise, I ’ m about to blow your mind. Boob tape is an adhesive material strip of framework that is designed to hold your breasts precisely where you want them. You have entire control over how gamey, or how far or close your chest of drawers is with breast magnetic tape.

Do A Test Patch

Before you try boob tape out, you ’ ll want to do a temporary hookup quiz. Some brands even come with a little swatch. If not, just cut a bantam firearm, like a 2 column inch square, and place it on or around your thorax. Leave it on for 24 hours. If you have thin, delicate and sensitive skin, or are lactating, or are pregnant, you will not want to use this product. After 24 hours, remove with child oil ( details below ). If you ’ re not irritated by the product, you ’ re good to go !

Start With Clean And Dry Skin

Before we apply the magnetic tape, you ’ ll want to start with clean and dry clamber. No moisturizers ! period !

Apply Nipple Covers

Before you apply a one snatch of adhesive material, you ’ ll want to apply nipple covers. These are capital and I always have them in my lingerie drawer. This is ESSENTIAL. Do not forget this step !

Figure Out What Your Outfit Needs Are

Before you do anything, you want to think about the detail you ’ ra wear and what goals you have for your chest. Yes, your boobs have goals today. If you ’ re wearing a deeply dunk dress, you ’ ll want to make sure you ’ ra applying tape in such a place that you won ’ t see it with the dress. Or if you ’ re wearing a dress with little coverage on the sides ( this dress is what made me need boob videotape ! ) you ’ ll want to make sure you ’ ra place magnetic tape in such a spotlight that it helps support but doesn ’ thyroxine show. possibly you are wearing long sleeves with a plunge neckline, you can put the tape all the way up to your clavicle allowing extra digest. so put on whatever you ’ ra wear and take note of where you need your breasts to be and where tape will need to go .

Pick The Right Amount Of Tape

now that you have an mind of where tape will need to go on your chest of drawers, pick the correct sum. Before taking off any adhesive, pull some of the roll of videotape out and place it in the spots that you ’ ll necessitate. then cut your strips. You can always cut a little of it when it ’ s on your skin, but having a general length for each will be helpful. obviously, the size of your breast is going to determine how many strips you need. If you have heavy breasts that are larger, you ’ ll need a little more tape, and possibly an extra strip or two going in another direction for extra accompaniment .

Remove The Adhesive And Apply

When applying your strips, you will want to look in a mirror. This will allow you to see how things are shaping up. You merely get one blast with drop the ball tape, therefore when put on, be identical mindful of where you ’ rhenium placing it. I would only remove half of the adhesive material and start in one part before removing the rest and applying it .

Lift, Stick and Pull

The tape can be stretched to lift and pull your breast to help form and create cleavage where you want it. So you ’ ll typically start by placing the strip at the foundation of your breast and with the other bridge player pull to lift up your summit. While you ’ re pull and lift, you can slowly place the drop the ball tape on your front as you go upwards. Smoothing it out and removing the back. Depending on what you ’ ra wear, you may need a few strips going upwards across your thorax. Some situations may require a strip vitamin a well going across to create cleavage. There are so many ways to use it !

How To Apply Boob Tape

How To Use Boob Tape For Backless Dresses

For a backless dress where your side breast international relations and security network ’ t an issue, you can plainly do a few vertical strips going up from the base of your breast up to your collar bone or however high you can go with your dress. You ’ ll be creating a triangle human body basically .

How To Use Boob Tape For Strapless Dresses

For a strapless dress, we likely can ’ t go equally high on the thorax with tape. For this summons, you ’ ll want to use shorter strips that don ’ metric ton go ampere high. And for extra support. you can do one to two strips across the chest of drawers from left to right horizontally. This will help create more support and lift .

How To Use Boob Tape For Cleavage

This depends on how much cleavage is showing. so if you ’ ra doing low-cut or plunge necklines, you ’ ll want to do vertical strips and push your breasts inward to create more cleavage. If your neckline international relations and security network ’ thymine steep, you can do the horizontal strips and pull the videotape to create cleavage across your breast .

How To Tape Boobs For Low Cut Dresses

For low-cut dresses, you ’ ll enforce erect strips on the outermost separate of your breast to bring your chest inward for cleavage and airlift where you need it. There ’ mho this celebrated photograph of Kim Kardashian to give you an idea of how this looks .
Different Ways To Tape your chest

Different Ways To Tape

This illustration is from good Lines and shows you precisely how you can tape your chest for all sorts of invest scenarios.

explore good lines

How To Remove Boob Tape

Use Oil And Let It Soak

The removal procedure of drop the ball tape is straightforward, but you can not skimp on this. Before removing the tape, make surely you check the sword you ’ re using and their instructions as some may vary. But typically, you ’ ll want to use oil to dissolve the adhesive. This can be any kind of vegetable oil. Baby oil, olive vegetable oil, coconut oil. Whatever you do, make certain you in truth soak and drench the tape. It ’ s the only way to dissolve the adhesive material and make the removal process arsenic pain-free as possible. Let it soak for 15 minutes, set a timekeeper ! And then gently peel it off .
I recommend doing this in the bathroom as it makes a total fix. Put on a towel around your waist and soak the videotape ( you can do this while standing in the lavish excessively to avoid making an even bigger fix ). Set a timer, listen to an audiobook, then peel it off and rinse off .
How To Remove Boob Tape

Best Boob Tape Brands

While I haven ’ t tried all of these, I did buy two different brands based off recommendations from colleague Indigoers. I think there may not be a short ton of pas seul from sword to brand as the concept and product is reasonably square forth. It ’ south more about colors, sizes and any pre-cut options you may like. besides, many of these brands besides make nipple covers vitamin a well .


I bought the roll of these to try and they come in lots of color options .


This stigmatize came highly recommended to me by a acquaintance. I specifically purchased these for their classical Cut Boob Tape. They ’ rhenium pre-cut and shaped like a teardrop. You can use these under your bathe suit excessively ( yes these can be worn in the water ! ). Since this was the sword I used beginning, I ended up watching a distribute of their tutorials on YouTube and found it ace helpful .


Nippies by B-Six

Booby Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets

This is the brand that I ’ ve had their manner tape for years. Which I think everyone should besides have in their wardrobe. Perfect for securing any weird envelop tops, or those plunge necklines so your top stays precisely where you want it .

VBT Tape

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