20 Ways to Style Your Long Box Braids in 2021

These long box braids hairstyles will inspire you to let your creative side run wild. Box braids are the most versatile protective style you can wear. They ’ rhenium fun, playful and add extra detail and texture to your locks. Whether you want to let your braid locks flow down or put them in a fresh updo, corner braids are the arrant way to give natural hair some added flare .
If you need some help styling your new box braids for longer haircloth, have no fear : here ’ s how to expressive style box braids this temper .

1. Bow Tie

long box braids bow tie
If you have some spare meter and few hairpins, then this adorable box braids bow connect is a cunning way to dress up your box braids. Learn how to do this style in our bow braids tutorial.

2. Half-Up

long box braids half up
When you ’ re on the scat, you don ’ t have many hairstyles for long box braids to choose from that can be ready in a flaunt. That ’ second when the half-up hairdo comes in : It ’ s ampere easy as grabbing a trot and pulling some braids rear ! If some strands are popping out of your braids, control and pat them down with a hairspray like Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray .

3. Multi-Colored Braids

long box braids multi-colored
Make your hair’s-breadth a singular waterfall of semblance with these vibrant, beautiful braids ! They ’ rhenium oozing with personality, and add an extra rise of color to good about any dash .

4. Crown Braid

long box braids crown braid
precisely because your hair is already in braids doesn ’ thyroxine mean you can ’ thymine put it in an even bigger braid. A half-crown braid is the best style that ’ s truly fit for a princess, and can easily be achieved with long box braids .

5. Braided Bun

long box braids
We ’ re all about big, chunky braids made out of smaller box braids ( so meta ! ). The look adds texture and detail to an already classic updo, and it ’ s identical elementary to recreate : Just simply braid your set up of long box braids into a bigger, fat braid, and wrap them in a bun vogue. point : To keep your edges smooth and sleek, use Emerge Edge Control .

6. Simple Bun

long box braid styles simple bun
This is one of the simple long box braid styles on this tilt, yet it still looks so chic. Wrapping your braids in a boastfully, copious bun is one of the easiest ( and most democratic ) box braids styles there is .

7. Half Twist Bun

long box braids half twist bun
We ’ re all about the bun stylus with long box braids. A half twist bun is a playfulness play on a regular half-up style and looks great for any occasion : Whether you ’ re going to the club or heading to brunch, this vogue steps up to any event .

8. Two Tones

long box braids two tones
Go all out with your box braids by adding some pops of color. Whether you want some neon blues or more insidious blond, adding more hues into your waver gives off a more vibrant, unique appearance .

9. Top Knot Bun

long box braids top knot bun
A top slub bun, done in a half-up style, is another simple long box braid hairdo for you to try out .

10. Scarf

long box braids scarf
If your roots are looking a small greasy, there ’ second nothing a capricious scarf can ’ triiodothyronine fix ! Just spritz your hair’s-breadth with Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist to suck out surfeit petroleum, and wrap any scarf of your choosing around your crown.

11. Wrapped Ponytail

long box braids wrapped ponytail
Want to in truth upgrade your ponytail ’ second style ? then this simple point will do the antic : equitable wrap one of your box braids around the base of your ponytail, pin it to secure and voilà : You have the perfect wrapped high ponytail .

12. Side Bun

long box braids side bun
This side bun stands out from the stay because of its fullness. It ’ s truly large and in charge, and gives a fun new twist on a regular updo .

13. Messy Bun

long box braids messy bun
The messy bun is in truth a female child ’ sulfur best friend. It adds a sexy edge to your expect while requiring practically little to no campaign ; precisely plainly toss your hair astir, wrap it, and off you go .

14. Large Top Knot Bun

long box braids large top knot bun
A big top nautical mile bun can look slick, styled, and chic with bombastic corner braids. If you have multi-toned braids, this is a great means to show off those fetid colors !

15. Middle Part

long box braids middle part
A basic style that can go a long way with hanker box braids is a middle separate. One of the best things about having box braids is that it ’ s a lot easier to change your part without any annoying crimp or flyaways messing with your menstruate .

16. Pinned-Back Bangs

long box braids pinned back bangs
Are you tired of your braids whipping approximately on your face ? then pin them back with some hairpins or a large hair time. To make sure your fringe flyaways ( and those hairpins ! ) bide put, spritz hair’s-breadth lightly with Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray .

17. Beaded Pigtails

beaded pigtails long box braids
This was a major vogue in the ’ 90s, and immediately we think it ’ south last meter to bring this chic look back. Beaded pigtails look adorable on retentive box braids, and add a sexy finish up to a basic hairdo .

18. Thin Side Braid

long box braids thin side braid
If you have thinner box braids, you can incorporate a fishtail braid or regular 3-part side braid into your daily look. Smaller braids add detail and texture to these and can be well maintained with equitable a hair affiliation.

19. Deep Red

long box braids deep red
This shade is alone and bold, but not bright and distracting. It ’ s the perfect tad for anyone wanting to step out of their comfort zone but not go excessively army for the liberation of rwanda all at once .

20. Front Highlights

long box braids front highlights
Blonde streak front highlights were trending in 2020 and we expect them to continue going strong all throughout 2021. It ’ s a great means to add a pop of contrast around your face without committing to tons of blond .
Experimenting with all these box braid hairstyles is the perfective means to find your favored. With this many options on how to dash box braids, you ’ re set for style inspo all 2021 .

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