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What are the best fashion tips for doctors ? What extra manner challenges exist, and what are the best workarounds ? Reader S wrote in to ask…

Do you think you can do a manner station addressing the specific clothe needs of doctors ? specifically young female doctors who need to look professional but still want to look dressed and hip while besides being comfortable ? Thanks !

Interesting question, Reader S ! I had a few ideas, but besides reached out to two fashionable doctors I know to get their take.

Fashion for Doctors | CorporetteI love the bright, happy colors of Mindy Kaling’s character on The Mindy Project. Note, of course, that we ’ ve talked in general about how to look professional when you ’ re young, equally well as how to act older. For what it ’ s worth, I ’ ve never in truth notice my female doctors ’ clothes, in big part due to the lab coating, but I do remember thinking “ ooh, pretty ” about respective necklaces — boastfully ones, delicate ones, interestingly layered ones. With my most late pregnancy, the OB/GYN practice encouraged you to see every doctor in the rehearse, as anyone may be on name when you deliver — and about none of the women wore a doctors ’ coat. They ’ re based in SoHo, so some of the doctors were dressed very fashionably — think jumpsuits ! — but no one ever stood out as unprofessional. In fact, the biggest fashion faux pas that I ’ ve noticed among my doctors in general is messy hair. I ’ ve never stopped seeing a sophisticate I liked because of that one factor, but it did leave a “ harried and crazed ” impression that was less than professional. SO: for my $.02 as a patient, neat hair and interesting necklaces are the things that I remember.  otherwise, I would besides advise you to wear comfortable shoes since you may be standing a fortune. hera are some of our favorite comfortable flats : This post contains consort links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your confirm ! besides, while every woman has to do the interview mirror test while sitting down, for doctors you want to make sure you won ’ thyroxine have a wardrobe malfunction if you lean close to person ( to listen to their heart ), if you bend over ( either for an examination or to get something out of those low cabinets that seem to be in every doctor ’ s office ), and so forth. Some of the top products to help you fix a gap blouse include : Above, some solutions for gaping blouses : 1 ) Topstick toupee tape 2 ) double-stick medical tape 3 ) Flash Tape 4 ) Fearless Tape 5 ) black & white and colorful guard pins — see more clever solutions for workwear problems in our Amazon shop class ! last, if you ’ re a doctor of the church who wears a lab coat, that will affect some of your sleeve choices — blazers will be out, as will thick knits like boucle and thus forth. In general I advise all women to rotate shoes at least daily ( necessary to let the leather air out, etc. ), but for a doctor stand or walking a draw, I might suggest keeping different shoes on hand for rotation throughout the day. I sent this suggest advice to two fashionable doctor friends, to get their take. I ’ ll post their responses in full below, but there are a few key takeaways :

Doctors’ Tips for Fashion for Doctors

In a clinic/office setting, heels are OK because you’re just going between a few rooms — but in a hospital plant you need comfortable shoes that you can walk for miles in ( my supporter loves AGL flats ) Dresses are great in a clinic setting, but can pose a problem in a hospital setting because of pagers — clipping them onto dresses can be difficult. ( I will note that readers love MMLF dresses, in large separate because they have pockets ( and many are machine washable ! ) — ladies, what are your other favorite dresses with pockets? I will note that you can can search for dresses with pockets at Nordstrom. ) Psst: As of 2022, many of the best work dresses have pockets , including M.M.LaFleur , J.Crew , and  Boden — Nordstrom besides has a bunch !

Nothing should be low cut, or gape-prone while bending/lifting etc. Belts are an easy, fun accessory to add. This sounds like brilliant advice from my acquaintance who works in a hospital set : she does not mix work clothes and play clothes, out of concern for germs and so forth — she has a separate closet just for her work clothes. ( If you prefer work clothes that can be washed, note that every Wednesday is washable Wednesday on CorporetteMoms ! )

Fashion for Doctors: What This Hospitalist Wears to Work

here ’ s the advice from my acquaintance the hospitalist, based in VA ( she ’ s an internist but only sees people admitted to the hospital ) :

This is a big “ challenge ” for me. I am trying to very ramp up on dressing better ( I credibly am more stylish than most folks in my field but I ’ m going for more manner forward/trying to be more upscale but less actual dress not then a lot just looking the separate ). I think it partially depends on what kind of doctor you are. — In the clinic ( like the doctor you go to see for your annual check up ), I think you can get aside with heels but decidedly need to be more compromising in terms of bending, moving around, etc. ( Heels okay b/c limited walking if it is just between a few rooms. ) — In the hospital ( which is my kingdom ) : comfortable shoes are a must ( I walk about 4-5 miles/day at work ! ) but I have to do less weirdo/random examination stuff so I can wear more pencil skirts, etc. — My major challenge is wearing a white coat which is mandated at my hospital. then cute sleeves, blazers, thick sweaters are out ! And how things feel under a stiff white layer of poly-cotton makes a huge deviation. Some of my friends get very sweaty, etc. ( Hahahaha, excessively much information. ) I wear long-sleeve shirts 50 % of the clock time. Necklaces, belts then make a huge deviation. Another “ challenge ” is that I have to wear a beeper all the time and that can be crafty with dresses. I sometimes wear it on my white coat but it is decidedly easy with trousers. The early observation I have made is that women sort of dress all over the board ( i.e. everything from khaki to full/trendy professional wear ) but men are stuck wearing a draw. honestly, there are some days I wear a plain tshirt tucked into khakis and a cunning belt and call it a day. — Weirdo me-isms : I do not “ desegregate ” my function and playfulness clothes… indeed I have a whole closet for work clothes ( germs, etc. ) and don ’ thyroxine mingle them with non-work clothes. — The few blanket rules : ( 1 ) nothing low cut or nothing that could reveal excessively much during bending/lifting/etc. ( 2 ) Hospitals have a closed toe brake shoe policy ( in subject a needle falls, etc. ) Items I love :
– Silk long sleeve shirts from Everlane
– AGL flats ( from Nordstrom ) — BEST flats EVER

huge thanks to my supporter the hospitalist ! She was besides kind adequate to parcel a week in her animation with us as a working beget …

Fashion for Doctors: What This Dermatologist Wears to Work

advice from my supporter the dermatologist, based in Boston :

I work in the clinic setting and I do wear a lab coat. For me dresses are a raw material, for comfort and professionalism and for hiding my second joint ! I have a lot of sleeveless sheaths that come in at the waist or that I belt and can layer with a jacket or cardigan if not wearing the lab coat. I wear with flats in summer ( we can ’ t do afford toes ) or a slingback, and boots or booties in winter with tights. I used to wear more heels when I first started working, now I am old and find flats, wedges or chunky heeled boot much more comfortable. Lots of walk, up/down from ride to stand make comfortable shoes keystone to my happiness ! For when I was nursing and pumping, it was unvoiced to wear my dresses and get the energy on and off in the brusque unwrap I had to pump. I loved the wrap dress for that, plus comfort when you ’ re carrying some excess pounds !

Psst : these are some of our favorite wind dresses if you ’ re on the hunt… Readers, what are your top tips for fashion for doctors? As patients, have you noticed your doctor’s fashion choices? If you are a doctor, what fashion challenges have you faced, and how have you worked around them?Pin: stock photo of a young woman doctor with text: Fashion Tips for Doctors

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