‘C-Strings’ make every other kind of underwear look utterly tame (NSFW)

IT ’ S BEEN A rugged week in the underwear earth. many of us learned about the biased man flip-flop for the first time .
And now, hot on the heels of that discovery, everyone is talking about the C-string lash .
It looks like this :

reservoir : amazon
Yes, it ’ south basically a assemble of bendy wire with a bantam morsel of fabric stretched over it .
You wear it by bending the cable around your crotch, and hooking it between your buttocks. Like thus :
ad source : Ebay
And yes, they ’ re besides available for men .
source : Ebay
( You will have noticed that they actually require a bunch of… haircloth maintenance… in the breakwater sphere to be virtual. )
C-strings have been around since at least 2007, when they were the discipline of this faintly horrified op-ed in the Daily Mail. But the internet has truly just discovered them on foot of the nonreversible man-thong furor a few days ago .
here ’ s what happened to Twitter mentions of C-strings over the final workweek :
source : Topsy
so what ’ s the advantage ? Well, they ’ re widely sold with the promise of “ no visible pantie lines ”. EBay ’ s buying template notes that

Wearing a C-string while tanning will minimize the hypothesis of an inappropriate tangent line .

while besides commenting :

man may wear a C-string while performing in dance competitions or modeling endeavors .

And the boastful, does it stay astir ? good the answer is… sometimes :

however, a few people have noted problems. And evening the trustworthy eBay buy lead notes :

Slouching, excessive eat, and rapid campaign can all prevent the C-string from staying in place [ … ] Regardless of gender, drift should be restricted to walking or sitting straight up .

This model dared to wear one to the beach. But she DOES look like she ’ randomness moving round pretty cautiously .
interim, over on Amazon, the reviewers are split. Some are positive, like Eddie B :

aphrodisiac little number. wears well with dresses and makes me feel bare. great design and comfortable sol try it today

however, Brogan points out a slight problem :

I tried it, thought it would be clean, but think it through, every meter you have to do anything in the bathroom, you have to take it completely off and hold it in your hand or put in on the counter .

And Finaljudge is on the fence :

if you are a person that has never try a lash oxygen something like, one dont recommended because it will hurt or at least will feel uncomfortable between your buttocks buttock. It serves its function, it satys in position, but, one bought for the bedrroom, as something sexy to wear, it truly doesnt look aphrodisiac .

We ’ ll leave it to Tyler Bushman to have the final word .

I bought one, but they unwittingly sent the female translation to me. But, I decided to wear it to the beach anyhow and let ’ s just say that my decision was ill conceived. Kids were crying, full moon grown men were throwing up, and the usage of Life Alert by the aged spiked at an all clock time high .

source : https://kembeo.com
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