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If you ’ ve been out in public at all in the last few months, odds are you ’ ve seen the classic 90 ’ second style garroter ROCKED by at least one ( if not many ) people. That ’ second right, the 90 ’ s are coming back, child. You may be thinking “ there ’ second absolutely no way I could always pull off a choker. ” Well, to be blunt, you ’ re ill-timed. Chokers can be rocked by everybody, careless of what manner you identify with on a daily basis ! I am here to help with all your choker-wearing problems, so here are 20 ways to wear chokers in ways that are both casual and edgy, classic and advanced !

1. With a sweater!

Higher neck sweaters can sometimes cause traditional necklaces to get lost, but with a garroter that hangs out right above the neckline, the little accessory can add just the right sum of dynamism ! Pairing a sweater with a choker is one of the easiest ways to wear a choker!

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2. Layer It.

move are the days of blank quad between the neck and necklace. That ’ s right…fill that space with a choker to contrast the different necklaces ! Layer your choker with necklaces for an amazing outfit! ad Get The Look:

3. Dress up a casual outfit.

Take that comfortable jersey and turn it in to a Grade-A fashion masterpiece all with the aid of a little slice of velvet ( or intertwine for a softer look. ) Dress up a casual outfit with a choker necklace! ad Get The Look:

4. Replace that bulky scarf.

With bounce fast approach, intemperate scarves are going to have to go. What better accessory to replace them with than something that sits evenly equally close to the neck, but is infinitely less bulky ? ! This is one of the cutest ways to a wear a choker necklace with your outfit! ad Get The Look:

5. Show off that plunging neckline!

Ok, time to be real ; every once and awhile we all like to go out in a low cut shirt just to show off the breast ( rock ’ em while ya can, ladies ! ), but traditional length necklaces can draw attention aside from the desire area and correct to the sparkles. Chokers rather show off those adorable friends of ours and make you look like you are here to take manage of occupation ( because you are ). One of the sexiest ways to wear chokers with your outfit! ad Get The Look:

6. With a swimsuit!

Step aside, body chains, we have a fresh swim-time accessory on the block. Cheers to summer ’ 17 ! This is decidedly one of the easiest ways to wear chokers ! One of the best ways to wear chokers is with a bathing suit!

7. With a caged shirt.

Shirts that have that incredible cage detailing can be hard to accessorize- long necklaces get lost and no necklace can look besides casual for what the shirt is intended to look like. The happy medium ? A choker ( of naturally ! ) ad

8. Go off-the-shoulder.

long necklaces look besides heavy & normal ones constantly seem to hit the wrong spot and spend the solid day tucked behind your shirt. With a garroter, you don ’ t have to worry about them hiding, and there ’ s adequate quad between the garroter & shirt to not look besides heavy ! One of the best ways to wear chokers is with off the shoulder ruffle tops! Get The Look: ad

9. Too much happening with your outfit? Nonsense!

For outfits that have many parts ( ex-wife : the jacket/flannel/hat combo below ) a traditional necklace does nothing but suffer lost. A garroter sits good right, in an area that can be seen but not distracting. perfective !  ad Get The Look: Lux Accessories Black Beaded Tattoo Suede Moon Galaxy Choker Necklace ad

10. Keep it basic.

If all of these were excessively edgy for you, try rocking a modest, thin choker with a basic jeans & jersey jazz band from those T-Swift fangirl days. badly, if you haven ’ metric ton tried this, it is life changing. A capital founder ’ s step to chokers ! One of the easiest ways to wear chokers is with a basic outfit! Get The Look: BodyJ4You Choker Necklace Set Women Black Layer Velvet Set Gothic Collar 4 Chokers Girls Classic ad

11. Add something to that monochrome look.

Do you have a monochromatic outfit that you fair love, but it feels a little TOO monochrome ? garroter ! It doesn ’ t take away from the color, but rather adds a little taste, a tip of tinge good to make certain people know you own more than one color ! Lux Accessories Tan Beige Lace Long String Tie Bow Wrap Choker Necklace

12. The Preppy Girl.

If you ’ re anything like me, you went through a good, long “ preppy ” fashion phase ( and might still be going through it * me * ), and spent a good ball of change on those clothes. Don ’ thyroxine throw them away, good add bone ! Pearls of the choker form, that is. After all, pearls are a preppy female child ’ sulfur best supporter. ad

One of the cutest ways to wear chokers is with pearls! Get The Look: 0 ad

13. Coachella Vibes.

Coachella is IN, which means the fashions that go with it are happening. But, those big silver medal bohemian necklaces aren ’ t always for everyone. alternatively, try a simple choker to take that festival-inspired look to the adjacent grade ! One of the best ways to wear chokers is with your coachella outfit! One of the best ways to wear chokers is with your coachella outfit! ad Get The Look:

14. With a wedding dress.

Wedding day choker ? HECK YES. If this doesn ’ triiodothyronine prove that chokers can be worn with literally anything, I actually don ’ metric ton know what does. seriously guys, a dainty gold or eloquent garroter with that elegant white dress can make a global of remainder in the search as a hale. ad

15. If Prom is more your speed.

We aren ’ t all getting married at the moment, and for those of us who are facing prom sooner than marriage, news flash : you can rock a choker with that excessively ! promenade dresses these days are so heavily detailed up crown that accessories are hard to find, but a choker sits at that just-right place between confront and neckline to add that touch of bling ! ad Product Information - Product Type: Choker Necklace - Choker Thickness: 1cm / 1.6cm / 2.5cm Get The Look: ad

16. Denim choker? Don’t mind if I do!

And no, we aren ’ metric ton talking 2001 Britney Spears jean, but preferably a casual airstrip of jean correct at the neckline to make a stun tendency just a reach more casual ! denim choker + white tank Get The Look: ad

17. Matchy matchy!

typically you don ’ triiodothyronine want necklaces to match your outfit precisely, or it just gets lost. Chokers are different, though ! The closer the match, the better the look ( particularly with silk as pictured below ! ) One of the best ways to wear chokers is with matching satin shirts! ad Get The Look: Lux Accessories Three 3 Faux Satin Blush Grey Black Choker Necklace Set

18. With a bralette.

Bralettes are so dainty and quaint, normal necklaces are sometimes excessively overpowering to be paired with them. Chokers, however, provide just enough contingent to balance the lace with the accessories ! Choker necklaces look so good with bralette outfits! ad Get The Look:

19. Make it the star of the show.

Most of these options have highlighted chokers as a side read to the main event of the outfit- the clothes. however, chokers can be the main consequence themselves ! When paired with a simple shirt or dress, a pattern thick flog choker can be the highlight of the whole equip ! A thick choker can pull together any outfit! Get The Look: ad

20. The more chokers, the better.

Layering necklaces in the past typically meant layering longer pieces with even longer pieces. however, chokers can work the same way ! The more the gay, after all. ad One of the best ways to wear chokers is by layering them! Get The Look:


Do you have any other ways to wear chokers that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!
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