Outfits for Outdoor Holiday Activities

Outfits for Outdoor Holiday Activities

For the next mail in our Holiday Style Series we ’ re talking what to wear for outdoor activities ! This class Addie has become obsessed with looking at Christmas lights. And you know what ? The apple doesn ’ metric ton fall far from the tree ! It ’ second been then fun taking her to different areas that are known for Christmas lights and hearing her cry “ LIGHTS ! ! ! ” ? If you ’ re headed outside the future few weeks to look at Christmas lights, go methamphetamine skate, go carol, or whatever else, here are some ideas for what to wear .
These are all pretty relax and kid-friendly if you swap any of my heel boots for flat boots. besides, I didn’t deck out each outfit with scarves, gloves, and a hat, or my longer down coat, though I wholly would if I lived in a cold climate. besides note that under all these, I ’ five hundred layer a camisole and HEATTECH to stay affectionate. ( See THIS post for more information on that. )
Blue Utility Jacket + Plaid Shirt + Scarf + Boots + Tote Plaid Shirt + Blue Utility Jacket + Riding Boots + Skinnies + Scarf Tote + Scarf + Plaid Shirt + Boots + Utility Jacket Plaid Shirt + Blue Utility Jacket + Scarf + Skinnies + Boots + Tote

Plaid Flannel + Cardigan + Scarf + Boots
I love my tartan flannel top during this fourth dimension of year. It ’ s thick and much warmer than the flimsy plaid tops I wear the rest of the class. This is one of my go-to outfits for…well, for LIFE…and of course for the holidays. When it ’ s cold, I wear a cardigan under my jacket. I wore this outfit to see Christmas lights with my family stopping point workweek !
Shop for the Look:
Top : J.Crew Factory ( like, similar )
coat : ASOS ( this year ’ sulfur version in other colors–I wear M, alike, similar )
Jeans : Nordstrom ( demand –wearing size 4 )
Boots: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size 9.5; similar–cheaper)
Scarf : c/o conversation Pieces ( similar, exchangeable )
Bag : Nordstrom ( claim )
watch : c/o JORD (exact)

Grey Sweater + Black Jeans + Cognac Boots + Tote Black Skinnies + Grey Sweater + Cognac Boots + Tote Cognac Boots + Black Skinnies + Grey Sweater + Tote + Jord Watch
Oversized Sweater + Black Jeans + Boots + (Coat + Scarf)
I wear this one a distribute in the winter angstrom well, always with more layers hidden underneath the sweater. I ’ ve worn the sweater + black jeans with my Nike Tanjun sneakers for an athleisure expect, but it besides works with boots for when I want to be quick. I wore this one last week when we went to see lights ( yes, again–told you we ’ re obsessed ), but with my white windowpane blanket scarf and the united states navy coat from the previous outfit .
Shop for the Look:
sweater : H & M ( alike, similar )
Jeans : Nordstrom ( claim -wearing size 6 )
Bag : Nordstrom ( exact )
Boots : golden Brand ( claim, similar )
watch : c/o JORD ( accurate )

Grey Cardigan + White Tunic + Plaid Scarf + Riding Boots Leggings + Grey Cardigan + Plaid Scarf + White Blouse Plaid Scarf + Leggings + White Blouse + Grey Cardigan + Flat Boots
Tunic + Cardigan + Blanket Scarf + Leggings + Boots + (Coat)
I ’ m actually colder in leggings than I am in jeans, thus to compensate for affectionateness ( and coverage ), I like wearing leggings with a farseeing tunic and outsize cardigan. Top it off with a blanket scarf, and it ’ s batch warm.

A distribute of people say blanket scarves are excessively ardent for them. Um, yes ! That ’ sulfur why I wear them ! 🙂 Since it ’ randomness affectionate where I live, I much don ’ t evening need a coat if I have on a blanket scarf. ? ? however, if you like how they look but don ’ t like how bulky they are, many people cut them in half which allows you to wrap it the like means I did above but with lone half the fabric. Usually their scarves are squares and they cut diagonally then they end up with two triangles .
Shop for the Look:
Top : Nordstrom ( exact –wearing size M )
Cardigan : Nordstrom ( similar, exchangeable, alike )
Leggings : Nordstrom ( exact –wearing size M )
Boots : Fergalicious ( similar )
Scarf : c/o ModCloth ( identical, besides identical )
watch : c/o Daniel Wellington ( accurate )

Red Coat + Skinny Jeans + Riding Boots White Sweater + Red Coat + Skinnies + Riding Boots Red Coat + White Sweater + Boots + Skinnies
Sweater with Details + Jeans + Boots + Colorful Coat + (Scarf)
This equip is from a few years ago, and I still love it just arsenic much ! Almost all of my coats are neutrals, but it is truly fun to have a colorful one in your arsenal. When it ’ s truly cold, you just stay bundled up anyhow, so having a cute coating is key !
Shop for the Look:
perspirer : ModCloth ( like )
coat : c/o ModCloth ( exact –wearing M )
Jeans : Nordstrom ( similar –I wear size 4 )
Boots : Fergalicious ( similar )

Fair Isle Sweater + White Vest + Beanie + Skinnies + Boots + Tote White vest + Fair Isle Sweater + Beanie + Skinnies + Boot + Tote Skinnies + White Vest + Fair Isle Sweater + Tote + Boots Beanie + White Vest + Fair Isle Sweater + Skinnies + Boots + Cognac Tote White Vest + Beanie + Skinnies + Fair Isle Sweater + Boots + Cognac Tote White Pom Beanie + White Vest + Fair Isle Sweater + Skinnies + Boots + Tote
Fair Isle or Printed Sweater + Vest + Beanie
I showed this outfit death week for the post on what to wear for casual holiday parties with friends, but I originally had it in mind for outdoor activities. It ’ south hard to wear a coat with a puffier vest like this, though a lot more accomplishable with a quilt vest. I ’ five hundred wear this during a day activeness when it ’ south not as cold and when I wouldn ’ t need a coat.

Shop for the Look:
perspirer : ModCloth ( demand –wearing size M, alike, similar )
Vest : Old Navy ( about exact –this class ’ sulfur version, I wear S )
Jeans : Old Navy Maternity ( accurate –wearing size 4 )
Boots : Fergalicious via celebrated Footwear ( similar )
Bag : Nordstrom ( accurate )
Beanie : J.Crew Factory ( accurate )
In the come weeks our family will see a few more neighborhoods with Christmas lights american samoa good as become to the San Diego menagerie for their light displays and concerts. I ’ ve hush got several places to wear these outfits too–as long as they fit over my growing pamper blow ! ( I ’ molarity about 22 weeks pregnant already ! )

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