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Chukka boots are strange beasts. With their unstructured toes, decollete uppers, and reduce soles, at beginning glance they are more like a high-top fink than a beefy boot. many brands describe them as half boot, half shoe. And to many customers, that makes them the ultimate piece of footwear. When it comes to styling chukker, the model has become democratic enough that the marketplace has both classy and casual variants, though the general consensus is they top out in smart casual environments, not being nearly dressy enough for formal wear. To help you wear chukkas, we ’ re going to look at their benefits, history, popular ways to style them, and last, a few of the best chukka .clarks desert boots casual

How to Wear Chukka Boots: Overview

  • Suede is the most versatile
  • Stick to lighter suedes for casual wear, glossy leathers for more formal wear
  • Avoid wearing with a full suit and tie

The short uppers, unstructured toe box, and crepe sole make chukker a great casual boot.

For rocking a casual front, you can team suede chukker boots up with a jersey and slender black jeans, for case. If it ’ second chili, layer up with a bomber jacket or Harrington. When smart casual outfits are the order of the sidereal day, you may wish to pick a fluent, slightly glazed leather like Thursday ’ s Scout in Brown with some chinos. not every pair of chukka boots is suitable for business casual outfits or business casual occasions. For these circumstances, you are better off opting for black chukker boots or blue suedes. And chukkas wear ’ triiodothyronine actually work for a ball affair that requires a jacket and affiliation. For that you ’ ll want a dress boot, but in a nip, you could pull off a glistening black leather Chukka like Thursday Boot Company or Carmina. [ Related: The 10 Best Dress Boots]clarks desert boot upstate fashion

Benefits of Chukka Boots

How many early types of dress or footwear admit for so many outfit ideas ? very few, when you take the time to think about it .

They’re Inexpensive Boots

Chukkas are often amorphous and shorter than other boots, plus bootmakers use fewer materials to make them, lowering the price. When comparing a mark ’ s chukka to their 6-inch boots and Chelseas, you ’ ll always find the chukker to be cheaper. They are frequently the least expensive boots you can buy, and you can pick up a pair of Clarks for under $ 100 on sale — that ’ south pretty cheap for a boot .

They’re Versatile Boots

When deciding how to wear chukka boots, you can be fairly sure that whatever you wear will get it justly. ultimately, a pair of chukka boots gives you dateless dash no matter what you wear, including :

  • dress pants
  • black jeans
  • casual wear
  • a button-down shirt
  • a dress shirt
  • a sport coat
  • Cashmere sweater or cuffed jeans

just remember that if you’re going casual, stick to lighter colored suedes to keep things informal.  [Related: 5 Ways to Style Red Wing Boots]

Chukka Boots: Background

  • First seen in World War 2
  • Based on boots worn for playing polo

Chukka boots, frequently called defect boots when they ’ re suede cloth with crepe soles, can trace their inheritance back to the british Army ’ s north African campaign of World War II. During the Western Desert Campaign, desert boots worn by the “ Desert Rats ” earned a reputation for being comfortable and durable. But the desert boot did not emerge out of thin air travel. It was very much based on polo boots, the stylish footwear favored by aristocratic sawhorse riders while riding their polo ponies. Whether you want to know about leather chukka, brown chukker boots, suede chukker boots, abandon boots, or if you should opt for a crepe rubber eraser lone or leather lone, our guide will ensure you find the manner that works for your tastes. [Check out: The 10 Best Desert Boots You can Buy]Jadd Desert Boots

Chukka Boots vs Desert Boots: Aren’t They the Same?

  • Desert boots are chukkas made with suede uppers and crepe rubber soles

Yes and no. Let ’ s take a spirit at the differences. What you can say definitively is that abandon boots are a form of chukker bang. generally, the abandon kick is lighter in color, made of suede, and comes with a crepe sole. Some chukka boots can be made with compact, full moon texture leather and even cordovan, and can be made with more high goal soles like Dainite or leather. When you wear chukker boots, particularly suede cloth chukker boots, they ’ re often mistaken for defect boots and vice versa. The terms are now used therefore interchangeably as to be much indistinguishable for the average guy. In short : not all chukka boots are defect boots, but every defect boot is a chukka. [See my review of the Clarks Desert Boot]Clarks desert boot featured real

Tips on How to Wear Chukka Boots

As mentioned earlier, chukkas are primarily a casual boot, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean there ’ s alone one way to style them. Nor does it mean you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate look classy and casual at the lapp time .

Casual Occasions

Chukka boots are great for pulling off a casual expect when you don ’ thyroxine wish to wear improbable, more structure boots. They ’ rhenium perfect for pairing with jeans and an untucked button-down shirt under a jean jacket. We ’ rhenium going to start by looking at identical casual outfits and move to dressier options that work well with chukker. [Related: Chukka vs Chelsea Boot]Thursday Scout Chukka and jeans

The Rebel: with a suede or leather jacket and jeans

This devilish look incorporates a leather crown, banal jeans, and a dark shirt. ideally, you ’ ll match the leather of the chukker to the jacket : brown suede cloth with brown suede or black leather with black leather. The singlet and jeans should contrast with the crown and chukka. If you have darker leather, go for lighter jeans and jersey. ( We ’ ll allow a black shirt with a bootleg jacket, but make certain the jeans aren ’ thyroxine black excessively. ) Accessorise with a watch and sunglasses. necklace is optional .clarks chukkas textured sweater

The Nautical Look: with a textured sweater

Combining chukker boots with a chunky perspirer is something of a no-brainer. possibly a thick sweater makes you think more of thick boots, but you ’ ll find the combination works well and adds dainty pop music to your kit that ’ s precisely a perspirer and chino. It ’ s an easy acquire, particularly if you trick out the search with accessories like a classical wristwatch, a simpleton watchband, or vintage-looking shades. With their informal search and the texture they add, suede chukker boots great with this fit. Team up with a pair of corduroy trousers for more texture .Clarks Chukks and Streetwear

The Street Look: with a pullover  and hooded jacket with dark jeans

No one will bat an eyelid if you turn up wearing dark suede boots tag-teamed with a hood sweatshirt and iniquity trousers. The trick, again, is to pick a abandon kick style : suede and a whiten crape sole to keep things informal, but consider a bootleg, grey, or green colored boot to make things a little less vintage and more streetwear-friendly. This dress-down-but-stylish look can easily see you a night out at the public house for watching a soccer game in the rain .

Smart Casual

about any chukka boot and material color can be pulled off when you need to go smart casual. so long as you keep a estimable counterweight between every objet d’art, you will avoid fashion fake dad. If you prefer suede for chukka boots, go for a casual brown leather. A nap shoe will look better with pants and shirts for more conservative or preppy affairs, and brown suede cloth is a basic of the smart casual kingdom when paired with khaki or white chinos. But you can fall back a fiddling with a hunter ’ second jacket and a wear leather strap on your wristwatch. [Learn more: How to Pick the Best Leather for Your Watch Strap]Harrington Jacket and Chukkas

The Mod Look: with a Harrington jacket

A staple of mod acculturation is combing a copulate of chukka with a Harrington Jacket. Avoid black chukka boots paired with brown and vice versa. Chukka boots in earthy shades and tawny colors are a condom bet and work well with about everything you may have in your wardrobe. Popularized by Elvis Presley and James Dean, the casual Harrington jacket is the slenderly less edgy version of a denim jacket. It works absolutely with a copulate of suede Chukka boots. [Related: Why the Harrington Jacket Works On Anyone]Chukkas Ivy Look

The Ivy Look: monochromatic with a plaid jacket statement piece

This combination will be a definite show-stopper in the fall. It exudes am fall palette and an outdoor vibration with the merest of Ivy League undertones. The key here is your choice of color : go for affectionate, down-to-earth hues that reflect nature in your clothing, then pair it up with benighted and brooding leather chukker that complements the Americana and seasonal worker aesthetic. besides full of life to the look is your choice of tartan coat. Select something that looks well structured and thought-out. It is the pivot upon which every other musical composition in your ensemble hangs. If you ’ re will to spend serious money on the highest quality tailor-made coats, check out ( or merely find some inspiration from ) Articles of Style .Chukkas linen suit

The Refined Casual Look: with a linen suit

Perfect for a slenderly dressier summer look the linen-suit-and-chukka jazz band is a classic, slightly dressed equip. Linen brings texture and classify that pairs well with a light suede Chukka and textured polo shirt. This manner should be identical monochromatic, and texture does the heavy airlift. The uneven appearance of the linen, the diaper suede cloth, and a lighter-colored rib jersey or button down avoid the unpleasant matchy-matchy look you would get with other single-color outfits. [Related: The Best Lightweight, Short-Sleeve Shirts for Summer]

Business Casual

When you need to get down to business, stick with chukker boots made with placid leathers. pointy-toed boots or slick toe boxes are more appropriate for business, if you can find a dressier model like Carmina or Crockett & Jones.

Leather soles are the wisest choice, but this is identical much down to personal predilection. however, blue-ribbon something with a directly profile like leather, Dainite or Ridgeway, or cork — no luggy Commando soles, please. Dress appropriately for the prevail dress code of your workplace and clients. You neither wish to be over or under-dressed. [Related: The 8 Boot Soles You Should Know About]Carmina Bootmaker Chukkas, business casual

Classic Office Attire: with a white button-down shirt, dark trousers

The modern office look takes different classical business pieces and reinvents them for a contemporary context. This, then, makes leather chukka boots a perfect complement. A strip button-down shirt evokes ’ 80s Wall Street and should be paired with a preppy expressive style tie. however, it can come across as slenderly dated, and from an image perspective, carries meaning baggage. For a more update look, a modern-fit black crown and a contrast grey pants couple will give you more youthful optics in the style of Thom Browne .business casual desert boots

Classic Business Casual: Dark Shirt or Jacket & Khakis

This look is focuses on your accessories and hints that you are off to do something interesting at the close of commercial enterprise. Go for a regular match, dark-colored shirt and contrasting light pants for warm months. Wearing a breezy Friday business look is a debate understatement that frees up quad to experiment with accessorizing. For this, think cool shades, an elegant briefcase, and the obligatory chukker boots. Clarks Desert boot shorts

When You Shouldn’t be Wearing Chukka Boots

Nowadays, chukker boots are permissible for most occasions, albeit dependent on their style and color. There are two clear no-goes for wearing chukka .

  1. This should be obvious: don’t wear chukkas when going to the gym.
  2. Don’t show up at a formal event wearing your comfy chukkas.

Chukkas may be acceptable with a linen suit, but by and large address, chukkas are just too casual to wear with a suit.  There ’ second jiggle room if you ’ re not wearing a tie, but only if it ’ s not a black lawsuit. It ’ s possible to match these with summer shorts alternatively. But conversely, shorts look cockamamie with total darkness full texture leather boots. If you ’ ra wearing them with shorts, do suede chukkas — merely know that about half of all “ fashion guys ” can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be convinced that any boot can be worn with shorts .

Should You Wear Chukkas to Work?

In business settings, what ’ s your company ’ mho dress code, who are the clients, and where do you plan to meet them. If the code is anywhere between casual and wide befit, you can make chukka work with the advice we gave in this article. But they aren ’ thymine ideal if you need to wear a jacket and tie .

How to Wear Chukka Boots: 3 Great Ideas for Jeans

Pairing up chukka boots and jeans is the most obvious combination because of the jazz band ’ south versatility. They are effectively a camp pole on which to throw your canvas of shirts and outside layers. Feel release to supersize with a roomy scooped neck top and well-tailored jeans, then anchor the stallion equip with a trendy pair of chukka boots .Navy Jonh Lofgren Desert Boot and Jeans

Raw Denim

You can easily compliment any jean with about any chukka bang style, with the possible exception of baggy, torn jeans. But if the ensemble looks balanced, you are unlikely to hear from the fashion police. For exemplify, you can pop on your defect boots with a match of raw selvage denim jeans, a blazer, and timbre button-down, and you will look the function. broadly talk, the greater the formality, the blue the jeans should be. high end Japan-based bootmaker John Lofgren makes adorable Desert Boots in a variety of cool leathers at around the $ 500 chump. [Shop the luxury John Lofgren Desert Boot in 4 colors here!] Clarks desert boot featured

Casual Denim

Simply adding an extra layer to your casual kit can lift an differently straightforward ensemble, and a few elementary moves can make all the difference. Tuck in your shirt to reveal your chukker color-coordinated belt and leather watch strap, for example. Stick to a root and limit shadow pas seul for a more minimalist and clean aesthetic that appears adenine casual as it is casual .

All-Denim Outfits

How do you get away with the double-denim search without resembling a cowboy ? Try different colored denim, a streamlined wristwatch, and ice-cool chukker. loose, lived-in suede boots finish off this western look without going excessively cowboy, and be certain to wear well-fitting jeans to bring a modern, urban flex to your kit. [Related: In Defense of the Canadian Tuxedo]clarks desert boot style

Dapper Denim

The kernel of the dapper jeans look is more than its individual parts. This is why the expect is therefore dateless. The dapper expression hinges on perfectly fitting blasphemous jeans that are neither besides baggy nor besides tight, both excessively adolescent for the look you ’ re trying to pull off. A pale pocket square adds to the retro-chic you are going for. A match of business-like chukka with subtle pebbling will set everything else off without being excessively polished. All of the pieces you put together shouldn ’ thymine be excessively fancy. You are going for a well-thought-through if understated, a combination that gels .

Chukka Boot Types and Our Top Selections

Great for courtly occasions and more hard-wearing than suede, smooth leather chukker can be equally at home plate in business casual settings as your casual footwear. finally, high-grade leather chukka settle into a distinctive, rugged patina and will end for years. Darker, polished boots will look more advanced .

Leather or crepe sole?

In formal settings, the default is leather soles. You can get away with Dainite or nitrile cork if you want some more grip while maintaining the all significant flat profile. That ’ mho fair if dressiness is a concern, though. Crepe soles are on-trend for smart fooling or dress-down Fridays if it has a distinct cad. Crepe is among the softest soles and extremely comfortable. just know that it ’ mho besides one of the least durable, and thinner ones don ’ thyroxine perform bang-up in wet weather .thursday scout boot

Best Value Chukka: Thursday Boot Scout

Thursday makes an astonishing twelve versions of their Scout boot. You can get them in WeatherProof suede and their Rugged & Resistant leather. The Rugged & Resistant leathers come in a bland and audacious wedge exclusive, while most of the rest have studded rubber soles. Suede chukker are more casual than conventional leather counterparts, but the texture of suede cloth adds a cover girl mutant that elevates any equip. Suede is besides ideal for the jump and summer months, as the softer expression and texture look great in light or muted colors. If you ’ re in very hot weather though, you may not love Thursday ’ s leather leather line and might want to opt for a Clarks chukka — but Thursday ’ s leather line is identical delicate on the feet and adds consistency to the boot. thursday scout boot gray suede As with polish leather boots, suede chukka should have distinct heels for formal occasions quite than crepe or rubber soles. Thursday offers both. This caller decidedly offers the best rate in the game, offering resoleable construction and leather line, two features that you won ’ metric ton find on Clarks, for just $ 149. [Shop Thursday Boot Company’s Scout Here] As the suede cloth variants are made from Thursday ’ s suede defender WeatherSafe corporeal, these chukkas have been waterproofed and treated with a water-repellent solution for superscript wet-weather performance. Thursday Boots concentrate on sustainability and bonny labor. All their cowhide comes from top-tier american cattle, and the company entirely works with tanneries that are highly regarded by deal body, Leather Working Group, for their dependable chemical management and environmental practices .

Most Comfortable Chukka Boots: Clarks Bushacre 2

Without a doubt, Clarks ’ Desert Boots are the iconic chukka. For its Bushacre 2, the celebrated footwear company reinvents the chukka boot in gorgeously deep leather .

Excellent quality

Thanks to their rubber eraser outsoles, the Bushacre is significantly tougher than the crape soles of old. But the uppers are excellently limber and dilute enough to limit any baffling break in. Thanks to broad wax, they ’ re besides reasonably water-repellent. If you ’ re hunting out an cheap couple of leather chukker that concluding longer than their original Desert Boot, you won ’ thyroxine go wrong with Clarks ’ Bushacre 2 range. [Love these shoes? Grab the cheapest pair here!]

From Desert Sands to Your Shoe Tree

The desert kick is the most versatile of footwear. They look fantastic with a pair of dark jeans and jersey and with chinos and a blazer. ( And they are even better when you accessorize or add an extra layer. ) And today, chukka boots are not limited to polo players and World War soldiers. now that you ’ ve got learned everything you need to know, go out and grab yourself a pair of what will soon be the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe .


Is it okay to wear chukkas and dress pants?

Yes, dress pants with dark leather chukker will not cause a stir in the office, though it ‘s best to avoid chukka at formal ( think suit-and-tie ) occasions .

Are chukka boots suitable for summer?

Suede chukker in tangent, buff and light gray are bang-up vogue decisions for affectionate summer weather. Go for unlined suede for the thinnest, most breathable upper material .

Which socks are best to go with chukkas?

For a more traditional appearance, choose cotton or thin woolen socks that coordinate with your pants. To cut a hyphen, choose for boldface, bright colors or patterned socks that coordinate or complement your outfit when you wear leather chukker boots. When worn more casually, some guys like to wear no-show socks — good remember the boot ‘s collar might chafe a bite .

What’s a suede eraser?

Most chukka manner suede boots can get stained. An eraser is a block used for blot removal. It ‘s similar to a pencil eraser, but not identical.

Where does the name chukka boots come from?

Chukka boots are a toast to the cavalry riding jodhpur boots used by polo players. The term chukka is a time interval of bet during a polo game .

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