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If there ’ s one shoe tendency that we ’ re going to see in full pull this coming fall and winter seasons, it ’ mho combat boots. The iconic Dr. Martens, and similar lace-up but boot styles, were popular in 2020 as well, but they ’ re rear with fully force this year ampere well. The moral of the fib, if you were on the fence about investing in a copulate of fight boots, now is the time to grab a couple ! I admit I was wholly on the argue when it came to combat boots. They felt bulky and with my short stage, I wasn ’ triiodothyronine indisputable I could pull off a boot that hit smack tap in the in-between of my calf. But after a while of seeing them styled every which way on social media and Pinterest, I took the steep. While I love the look and vibration of classical Dr. Martens, I wasn ’ triiodothyronine ready to spend that much money on a shoe I wasn ’ metric ton sure would even work for my bantam inning .

How To Style Combat Boots When You’re Petite

so how do you manner combat boots when you ’ re bantam ? I tried every which way and found two looks that I felt the most comfortable in sharing with yttrium ’ all. Of naturally, there are a million other styles you can try but I felt breaking it down into battle boots with jeans, and fight boots with a dress were the easiest routes to go .

Combat Boots With Jeans

Ok indeed first up : battle boot with jeans. It took me a few times at home to create a jean and bang pair that I liked. Too skinny of jeans felt like leggings and I looked off-balance. Boyfriend jeans bunched wyrd at the top of my boots and added excessively much volume to my petite frame. But ala, we found a winner !

Combat boots like this are bulky. So you have to be careful when you put a look together with them so that you are balanced from top to bottom. I went with my boyfriend blazer to add some bulk on acme but wore it with a fit tank tucked into high shank denim. that way you can however see my waist and it gives the illusion of a long leg wrinkle. I even took my haircloth into consideration by keeping it slicked bet on. See how I go from slender ( haircloth ) to bulky ( blazer ) to slim ( jeans ) to bulky ( shoes ) from top to bottom ? I ’ ve said it before and I ’ ll say it again : you have to balance out the look when you ’ ra petite so you can draw the eye up to your face and give the magic trick of height .

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Combat Boots With A Dress

I was disbelieving about this spirit but when I shared it on Instagram a match of weeks spinal column y ’ all went crazy in the comments. You LOVED the edgier look on me and that made me thus sol happy. not that I was fishing for compliments by any means, but I was still kind of uncertain if this outfit worked for me. Y ’ all came through with the confidence boost I needed to say yes !

As with my jean spirit, it took me a minute shopping my water closet to find a attire that I thought worked with my combat boots. Given that these boots hit right in the middle of my calf, I had to be aware of where the hemline of my dress collision. A midi or maxi trim basically drowned out my entire consistency. And besides shortstop of a full-dress made me feel uncomfortable since I hate showing off excessively a lot of my legs, as y ’ all know . I ended up pairing my H & M boots with this H & M black tunic shirt full-dress. They actually worked together in that the hemline hits right at my knee but has slits on the side to show more leg and give the delusion of my body having longer legs. Plus I think you can get aside with outsize looks like this more so when it ’ s a head-to-toe black look. not indisputable why, but it just works don ’ triiodothyronine you think ?

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Where To Shop Combat Boots

Ok then now that you ’ re all inspired with ways you can style combat boots when you ’ re blessed with short legs, you need to get some actual boots ! You can spend a reasonably penny on different lace-up boot options out there, but I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recommend my $ 40 H & M pair enough as your entrance into the battle boot life. If you love them, possibly then go ahead and invest in a more expensive pair of Dr. Martens or whatever. here are a few more styles I found that are besides expensive and super cunning for spill and winter .

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