When did it become lame to wear Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY?


When did it become lame to wear Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY?

By Alma Fabiani

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If you ’ re not wholly certain of what I ’ megabyte talking about, let me paint you a visualize. It ’ mho 2015, you ’ re still a adolescent but that doesn ’ thyroxine break you from already being on the ‘ pursuit of coldness ’. You want to impress—who precisely, I ’ m still not sure—and your best shoot at doing that is by buying the trendiest kicks in town. At least, this hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate changed, things have fair gone even crazier than ahead .
But rear to 2015 ; you ’ rhenium going through your options and two choices stand out from the crowd—which is dry because soon enough, the hale ‘ crowd ’ will be wearing them. Pharrell x adidas Originals Stan Smith or Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY ? You decide to go for the second choice, because you consider yourself slightly cooler and ‘ edgier ’ than a Stan Smith wearer. And you are, at the time—cool that is, not edgy. So what happened between then and nowadays for the iconic Converse collaboration to fall from seemliness this violently ?
First of all, let me merely say that if you were one of those people I ’ ve described above, I ’ thousand not judging you one act. I had a pair of Converse x CDG too—I even had a few t-shirts and a cardigan that I still wear to this day. The only difference is that the cool factor of this collab has wholly disappeared. Take Travis Scott for example, who recently posted a few pictures of him wearing a pair on Instagram .

As one of the most influential celebrities among the hypebeast community, the knocker even got some serious shit for wearing what everyone immediately deems the most mainstream copulate of trainers ever. Comments ranged from “ Oh my god why would you wear those… ” and “ Man has millions of dollars and distillery dresses like a high school sophomore ” to “ CDG 📈📈📈📈 ” and “ watch everybody about to go get cdg chucks again. ”

As of now—let ’ s not underestimate the potent hertz of fashion trends—Scott himself failed to make the Chuck 70 x CDG satisfactory again. The interrogate deserved to be asked, however, and Highsnobiety has even dedicated an entire article to it, literally titled Could Travis Scott exonerate the CDG Play x Converse Chuck 70 ?
While we await the pair ’ s likely emanation from the ashes, here ’ s more on what in truth went wrong for the collab .

When did it become lame to wear Converse x CDG PLAY?

In 2009, Comme des Garçons ( CDG ) joined forces for the first time with Converse, marking the fabled model of the Chuck Taylor with the affection and its big eyes, logo of PLAY, the streetwear course of the japanese fashion label. At the clock time, CDG designers stripped the Chuck Taylor of its visible seams, giving the shoe a scavenge and minimalist look .
The collaboration was a bad success. In 2015, Converse and CDG joined forces again and this time presented a model of Chuck 70 stamped with the crimson heart. The pair sparked an impressive infatuation, and soon found themselves at everyone ’ mho feet. In fact, it was such a achiever that Sneaker Freaker named it the “ decade ’ s most influential fink. ”
sadly, like all fashion pieces adopted by the general populace, the Chuck 70 x CDG ended up getting rejected by some finical consumers who considered that the model had become besides mainstream. Like Stan Smith wearers, people who even sport a match of Converse x CDG on their feet are seen by many as follower sheep who lack taste .
today, the Chuck 70 x CDG is the national of argument among style aficionado. If a handful of consumers welcome restocks and the arrival of new colours with exuberance, others judge the people who wear them .

On 1 June 2021, Hypebeast announced on Instagram the release of new colours of Converse ’ s fabled collaboration. The model is now besides available in aristocratic and grey. It goes without saying that the pair has lost its exclusivity factor, but should it not be remembered as a pop culture symbol of the second half of the 2010s however ? And you know what happens to iconic pieces—they always make a rejoinder.

Will the pair make a comeback? Be the first to know,

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