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graduation is here and one of the rituals of graduate is wearing the traditional capital and nightgown during beginning. Wearing your cap and gown marks your entrance into the world as a gallant college calibrate. Academic regalia is a ceremony tradition — and UNT brings its own flourish to this tradition .
UNT graduates wear regalia featuring UNT ‘s green school color to clearly distinguish them as graduates of UNT, home of the Mean Green, and gallant UNT alumnus .
UNT ‘s array differs by the type of degree a graduate earns — bachelor ‘s, overlord ‘s or doctoral. And there are unlike bleached tassels for bachelor’s degree candidates to distinguish graduates by college. Learn more about the different regalia below and about how to order your array .

How to Order Regalia

official UNT array may be purchased through the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus. Orders will be shipped to the Barnes & Noble at UNT bookshop on campus for pick up anterior to commencement ceremonies. payment is due at that fourth dimension .
We know some students are not able to afford the price of a cap and nightgown and consequently do not walk across the stage to celebrate this huge academic skill. The Dean of Students office has created the “ Mean Green Gowns for Grads ” program to support our broken income and first generation University of North Texas students with a release rental of gradation caps and gowns. In addition to a ceiling and gown, recipients will besides have the choice to participate in a barren photograph seance to provide them with graduation pictures. Learn more about the plan and how to apply .

Regalia Descriptions

Baccalaureate Candidate Regalia

  • Official UNT green gown
  • UNT green mortarboard
  • Tassel, colored according to college with a year date drop

Master’s Candidate Regalia

  • Official black gown with UNT green panels and pointed sleeves
  • Black mortarboard (Master’s of Fine Arts candidates wear a tam instead of mortarboard)
  • Black tassel with a silver year date drop
  • Master’s hood lined in the official UNT green and white satin school colors, trimmed with a velvet degree color band according to discipline, and a black shell

Doctoral Candidate Regalia

  • Official UNT green gown, lined with black velvet panels on the front and three chevrons on the sleeves
  • Black velvet six-pointed tam
  • Gold bullion tassel
  • Doctoral hood lined in the official UNT green and white satin school colors, trimmed with a degree color band according to discipline, and a green shell

graduates in  robes

Tassel Colors

Colors of tassels according to college:

  • College of Business: Light brown/drab
  • College of Education: Light blue
  • College of Engineering: Orange
  • College of Health and Public Service: Peacock blue
  • College of Information: Lemon yellow
  • College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Gold
  • College of Music: Pink
  • College of Merchandising, Hospitality, Tourism: White*
  • College of Science: Gold & Emerald
  • College of Visual Arts and Design: White*
  • Mayborn School of Journalism: Red
  • New College: White*

* The College of Merchandising, Hospitality, Tourism, College of Visual Arts and Design and New College all have white tassels .

Hood trims

The colored hoods worn by master ‘s and doctoral graduates represent the specific degree earned and the degree granting institution. Hoods for UNT are distinguished by a kelly green and white chevron lining. The outside boundary of the hood is bordered in a band of velvet that signifies the degree received.

  • Master of Arts: White
  • Master of Business Administration: Light brown/drab
  • Master of Education: Light blue
  • Master of Journalism: Red
  • Master of Music: Pink
  • Master of Public Affairs: Peacock blue
  • Master of Science: Gold
  • Master of Social Work: Citron
  • Doctor of Audiology: Green
  • Doctor of Education: Light blue
  • Doctor of Musical Arts: Pink
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Royal blue

Graduation Accessories

Students are welcome to wear cords, stoles, medallions and early graduation accessories representing their achievements and organizations they ’ ve participated in. The postdate is a number of some, but not all, common commencement accessories .

  • Honors stole that denotes undergraduate Latin honors based on a student’s GPA. It is purchased at the UNT Bookstore with an approval email from the Registrar. Learn more information on graduating with honors.
  • Honors College medallion earned from completing an award in the UNT Honors College. Learn more.
  • UNT Veterans Medallion and Veterans cord from Student Veteran Services, contact 940-565-3813
  • Lavender stole from the Pride Alliance. Learn more.
  • Multicultural stole, Kente stole, and serape stole. Learn more.
  • First Generation stole. Learn more.
  • UNT Study Abroad graduation cord. Learn more.
  • Platinum cord for completing an internship, UNT Career Center Learn more.
  • Cords, stoles, and other accessories from fraternities and sororities, academic groups, student organizations, and honor societies.

Contact your organizations to see if they offer anything for the commencement ceremony .

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