DBD 5th anniversary: Who can get the crown? How to equip cosmetic

The 5th anniversary of Dead by Daylight is here, and players can now get and equip crowns with specific DBD characters only. It is a limited-time event and it ’ s fairly alike to last year ’ randomness celebration of its fourth birthday. You will be reintroduced to items such as the anniversary med kit, toolbox, and flashlight which are even items that come with a party subject. The event besides turns up with some unique cosmetics, and you will need to unlock a specific come of golden halo as a community to obtain them.

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil | Official Trailer

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Who can get crowns in Dead by Daylight?

only non-licensed, master survivors and killers can get crowns in dead by Daylight during its fifth anniversary. This means you can get the gold cosmetic with anyone so hanker as they ’ re not from a license series such as survivor Ash from Evil Dead and killer Ghost Face from Scream. A list of every character in the game can be found here.

How to get crowns in DBD

You can merely get crowns in dead By Daylight by finding them during trials as either the killer or survivor. however, once you ’ ve found one, you need to either miss as the hopeless victim or succeed in killing everyone as the grotesque sociopath. These pedestals spawn in random places on the map and they will appear in different locations during the same match after one has been successfully caught. Provided you escape with your cosmetic, you will then want to proceed to the customisation menu for said survivor or killer whale. This is where you ’ ll be able to equip the pate in the head slot for your person or giant. This content could not be loaded

5th Anniversary Rewards

The fifth anniversary consequence lone lasts until July 15th, and one of the biggest rewards is 9,000 shards for every player during the beginning seven days. In addition, you will besides be given 500,000 Bloodpoints when you first log-in then you can quickly gain access to the new event items in your Bloodwebs. BeHaviour Interactive ’ s web site besides mentions that players will be able to unlock alone skins for survivor David King and killer The Wraith. It ’ s basically them in leather adorned with fortunate thunder. In other news, Metal Hellsinger : liberation time, Game Pass status & how to play early

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