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How to wear earbuds with wings? Read on our guide below to find out more.

You may have used earbuds in the past that were besides loose or pinched your ears. Both are uncomfortable and can cause discomfort, careless of whether you ’ rhenium running or listening to music.

You won ’ metric ton have to worry about those issues with your earbuds with wings. It can be purchased anywhere. It is authoritative to wear your buds correctly to ensure that they are comfortable and provide the best sound quality .

How To Wear Earbuds With Wings

How To Wear Earbuds With Wings
Step 1: Labels
Let ’ s take a look at the first, simple but all-important pace before we move on. You can blame yourself if you do it wrong. many people make the improper choice .
Look at your earbuds. No topic what brand, manufacturer, or model they are, there should be some mark at either end. normally, it will say ‘ L ’ and ‘ R ’. obviously, ‘ L ’ is shorthand for Left and ‘ R ’ for Right. These markings are rare on earbuds. You can use either speaker side to side .
Step 2: Place the earbuds in the ear canal
identify the earbuds in the auricle canal, then attach the ear hook behind the earlobe. You can adjust the angle and interpolation of the earbuds to get the best fit .
Step 3: Accessories to Consider
This footfall is often neglect or mistakenly done. The number one trouble with earbuds falling out is their inconvenient time. That ’ s what we know. We didn ’ thyroxine know that earbud manufacturer were mindful of this problem and have created accessories and add-ons to fix it .
These are the most democratic type of wings, which are small pieces of credit card that attach to your earbuds. They fit into your ear ’ south upper berth curl, holding them in position through clash .
These accessories may seem strange, but they are necessity if you want to wear your earbuds comfortably for long periods without discomfort .
Step 4: Advanced Earbud Placement
however, wearing earbuds international relations and security network ’ t the lone way to go ! You can make it even tighter, with or without wings. Wrap your audio cable around your leave ear .
The cable should not touch your ear. rather, wrap it around ! Once you are done, the speaker should be on the other english of your auricle. It should be roughly the like acme as the ear hole .
then, insert the earbuds as per the instructions above. Repeat the process on your right-hand side. It doesn ’ t matter if the cable ends behind you or down your neck. Just experiment to find what works best for you !

Step 5: Safety concerns
These are the boring but full of life safety warnings. Remember these condom warnings for your wellbeing. Earbuds should never be worn while driving. It is illegal to use earbuds while driving in many countries .
When wearing earbuds while exercising, jogging, running, etc., be careful. You don ’ thyroxine want them to fall out, even if you haven ’ thymine followed our guide .
Do not crank up the volume besides much. Earbuds aren ’ thyroxine meant to be turned up besides forte, unlike their bigger siblings, the headphones. You could end up with permanent wrong to your ears if you do .

  • The earbud might not function if the touch-sensitive sensor is not in contact with your ear. Make sure to use the wingtips or earbud tips that are right for you.
  • In areas where wireless devices are restricted, such as hospitals and airplanes, authorized personnel to follow all warnings and directions.

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How to buy AirPods ear hooks


Ear hooks should be compromising enough that they can fit around different-sized ears. They should be simpleton to fit around your ears. The flexible silicone is the most popular material. The flexible silicone is the most democratic corporeal. Manufacturers are working to make auricle hooks that can be adjusted to fit all sizes .
How to buy AirPods ear hooks
stability is essential, along with being flexible. otherwise, they will fall off your ears and be useless. stability is necessity when you purchase earbuds or workout headphones. Apple AirPods ear hooks are one of the most popular for sports. If they aren ’ metric ton in a comfortable military position, rubbing may occur. This brings us to the following problem…


fluid fittings and hard, chaffing material can cause skin discomfort and discomfort. They can besides cause pain if they are excessively compressed or arduous .


Hooks must be securely attached to headphones. They should besides be strong enough to last for a few weeks without falling apart. Because the wings are not always available individually, it may be necessary to replace the pair of radio receiver earbuds .
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What is the difference between Ear Hooks & Ear Wings ?

What is the difference between Ear Hooks Ear Wings
Ear wings are located inside the earlobe and fix themselves in the Cymba Conchae region. To keep headphones stable, ear hooks are placed around the outside of the auricle. You can see the video above. Ear wings are located in the ear lobe, while ear hooks extend behind and above the ears .


We hope that our usher will help you wear earbuds with wings easily. Leave a comment to let us know that you found this guide helpful. Thank you for spending your time at We are grateful for your digest .

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