5 Faux Leather Pants Outfit Ideas For Easy Winter Dressing

Faux leather — besides known as “ vegan leather, ” if you ’ re fancy — is experiencing a glow-up. The fake leather purchases of my past constantly had that vinyl-like shininess — a major game show for cheaper ( and more cheaply made ) leather alternatives. But my latest fake leather purchases have felt so rich people and buttery-soft, I ’ megabyte tempted to swap them in as my everyday basics ( as person who has refused to wear real pants in over a year, this is a adult footfall for me ). Brands like The Frankie Shop and Nanushka offer streamlined fake leather options that easily elevate anyone ’ s closet and make fake leather manner less intimidate. Faux leather pants, particularly, seem to be making a comeback. But alternatively of the mean, scraggy leggings of the early ‘ 00s ( I ’ ll leave that to LiLo and Paris ), the latest fake leather silhouette favored by fashion editors and influencers these days is looser, with a across-the-board stage and even slenderly baggy fit. Whether paired with a scraggy cad and blank jersey, or chunky boots and cropped perspirer, fake leather pants immediately add an boundary to any outfit with basically zero effort. Plus, they ’ re amazingly comfortable ! Ahead, find some of my darling, easy-to-pull-off equip ideas for your fake leather pants — your cold erstwhile sweatpants are shaking. We merely include products that have been independently selected by TZRs editorial team. however, we may receive a assign of sales if you purchase a product through a yoke in this article .

Go Monochrome

The easiest way to look dressed is to pair your black fake leather pants with an all-black ensemble — you can add some slate gray pieces in, besides, to add debar looking excessively Matrix-y ( though honestly, that ’ s a vibration excessively ). A black turtleneck is a must-have for winter layer, and a streamlined pair of ankle boots go absolutely with a wide gasp.

Sleek Sneaks

here ’ s a barbarian idea : Try making your fake leather pants your “ casual pants ” and wearing them with sneakers. You can even opt for a manner with a drawstring waist, to truly trick your body into thinking they ’ rhenium sweats. It ’ s an easily swap that will make you look much more put-together.

Add Contrast

Contrast the slick texture of your fake leather pants by pairing with a bright, fuzzed perspirer — the more outsize, the better. Layering your sweater over a simple tank or crisp white shirt is an easy style tip for the cold months .

Match Point

Remember how I said Matrix-reminiscent style was a vibration ? Well, here ’ s your proofread. Leather-on-leather can sound intimidate, but the key is to add a popular of tinge via a bright accessory or even shoes, like blogger Jessica Torres does hera. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, and you ’ ra good to go .

Color Block

Don ’ metric ton rule out color when choosing a pair of fake leather pants. Burgundy or brown is the easiest way to ease out of black, but forest green is besides a surprisingly versatile choice that you can dress up or down. I ’ m obsessed with this head-to-toe park black and white look from fashion influencer Maxine Wylde— and the meet Nikes are the perfect eat up partake .

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