Are Flared Yoga Pants . . . Back?

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nothing ages you quite like the come back of a while of clothing that you swore you ‘d never wear again. But here we are 20 years belated, in 2021, talking about flared yoga pants, which have apparently appeared out of nowhere and are suddenly beloved by just about everyone, from rising Gen-Z influencers to veteran fashion editors .
Some light internet detection reveals that the source of this comeback can be traced back to Kaia Gerber, who partnered with sustainable deluxe basics post Bleusalt last August to launch a pair of laud yoga pants crafted from cashmere-alternative fibers, appropriately named “ The Kaia Pant. ” But the biggest instigator looks to be Emma Chamberlain, who single-handed resurrected the early-aughts keepsake with all her mighty # influence when she tweeted in October : “ is it bad that one want flare yoga pants and uggs to come back im so blue but it was indeed comfortable please. ”
A few days late, like clockwork, Chamberlain posted a mirror selfie on her IG Story featuring a couple of yoga pants worn with a gray boxlike Nike sweatshirt, slim-framed sunglasses, and a stretchable white headband ( remember those ? ). And as if that was n’t adequate to bring it spinal column, she posted another yoga pant-centric burst movie on Instagram, styling it with a mock-neck crop lead, chunky sneakers, and an outsize red jacket shrugged off her shoulders. That here and now definitively marked the yoga pant ‘s render. The rest, as they say, is history.

From there, TikTok users became obsessed with them, as did adolescent celebrities. “ I actually love I.Am.Gia. ; I have a pair pieces in my cart that I want to purchase — the cool pants, the black yoga flared pants with the ties on them, ” said Lexi Underwood, the 17-year-old star of Little Fires Everywhere, in a holocene interview. “ They ‘re extremely soft, you can stretch in them, and they ‘re not tight. Just the flare at the end adds that aspect of ‘ I ‘m comfortable, but I ‘m calm cute. ‘ ”

That ‘s good it — in our quest to become comfortable, eschewing intemperate pants in the process and cocooning ourselves against the harsh realities of the world, we ‘ve turned over and exhausted every indulgent, stretchable piece of dress so that we have no choice but to begin the hertz all over again. And when repackaged ( championed by the aforesaid adolescent influencers ), reimagined ( with hip-baring cutouts, a gather girdle, or a circular warp ), and rebranded ( as “ flare leggings ” ) for a whole new generation, said garment feels glazed and brand modern.

placid, it ‘s hard to get on board when you ‘ve experienced it the beginning meter around — at least for me, a non-teen, that is. Back then, yoga pants — despite never actually being worn to yoga — rose in popularity after shredding the hem of one excessively many pairs of flare out jeans, which were unfailingly wear several inches besides long and slung far excessively depleted on the hips. yoga pants were like the precursor to leggings in an earned run average when athleisure did n’t exist and workoutwear had no place outside the gymnasium. They were about constantly paired with flip-flops and styled with baby tees, spaghetti-strap tank tops, or shriveled cardigans .
The 2021 interpretation of yoga pants are more flatter, I have to admit. The rise is higher, the fabrics are well, and when styled with a 2021 expectation, like with outsize sweatshirts, streamlined jackets, or nothing but a knit bralette, the consequence is — I ‘ll be the first gear to say it — cute. Would that make me a yoga trouser convert once more ? A reconvert ? Upon introspection, possibly it ‘s not the token itself that I ‘m leery of, but more the fact that yoga pants represent a period in my life marked by adolescent awkwardness, doubt, and paralyzing diffidence. I associate yoga pants with velour Juicy Couture sweats, platform flip-flops, Von Dutch teamster hats, scraggy scarves that serve absolutely no aim — and, oh deity, what if all those come back, excessively ?
They say manner is indeed cyclic and what ‘s old is new again. With that in mind, shop some of our favorite new-and-improved flared yoga pants below .

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