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It ’ sulfur no surprise that after 2 years in slippers and sneakers that many of us are struggling with wearing the types of shoes we used to wear, and as a personal shopper the common motion we hear from our clients is – how do I look stylish in flat shoes?
well the good news is that flat shoes are in style. We can thank the gym shoe swerve for truly kicking off this be active to more comfortable, practical and fashionable compressed shoes. Sneakers have nowadays become a go-to shoe for many occasions – even the workplace !
Following on from sneakers have been chunky sandals, loafers, modern ballet flats, brogues and of run, the chunky boot. We immediately have more options than always before .
But sometimes, flat shoes can leave us feeling precisely that – flat! We can be left feeling a little underwhelmed or even underdressed in an equip with flats. So how do you ensure your flatcar shoes look stylish and don ’ thyroxine dredge you down ?

Proportions and Balance:
One of the most crucial style tips to consider when wearing bland shoes is how your outfit works proportionately. When we wear flat shoes, everything is closer to the land, i.e. our hips, bum, thighs. It becomes much easier to look shorter and consequently broad in flats. So proportion is identify .
When wearing a pant, denim, annulus or snip with flat shoes, the most crucial style element is to draw the eye up. This can easily done with any detail that sits up on your waist OR a dress with a waist belt .
high surface jeans, pants and skirts are truly the game changer when it comes to wearing flat shoes with confidence. It means we have sol many more options when we want to wear comfortable, flat shoes and maintain our vogue .

The length of a dress or hedge is important excessively – avoid any length that finishes on your calf and alternatively look for styles that end above or barely under the stifle OR twilight below the calf ( the midi length ) To ensure flat shoes don ’ t make you look shorter, this is a in truth easy rule to follow. By showing the narrowest region of the leg ( the ankle ) we avoid looking short with flat shoes .

The same rule applies to a crop pant or jean. Avoid wearing pants that finish on your calf, and rather choose a manner that finishes merely above your ankle bone. Again, this will create an elongate leg in hurt of flat shoes .

The style of flat horseshoe you choose can make a huge impact on how your outfit looks from head to toe. Chunky shoes will always be harder to wear as they just look heavy on the foot and have a leaning to draw the eye downwards .
But as chunky shoes are presently trending, you may equally well know how to wear them ! The drive is to draw the center UPWARDS. It ’ second all about the ascent of your jeans, trousers or skirt. You MUST draw the eye to your shank by tucking in – be it the full, half, french tuck – it all helps .
Another topple is to create balance by exposing the ankles – showing some peel between where your dress finishes and your brake shoe begins, breaks up the ponderousness of the brake shoe .

If the weather is excessively cold for unwrap ankles and you ’ re wearing a full length trouser or jean, again it ’ randomness all about the waist and drawing the eye up. As seen below, the simple front tuck does the trick .

Here are our Fashion Stylist Melbourne favourite flats of the season.

The Square Toe Ballet
The ease of a authoritative ballet flat but with a mod update, the squared off toe is the ‘ new ’ ballet. The chasteness and nuance of the vogue helps to elongate the leg particularly when no heel is involved. The square toe ballet is the arrant compliment to a snip pant or denim .

The Chunky Loafer
Loafers have traditionally been masculine in vogue, and that ’ randomness now the look we ’ rhenium espouse. The key to styling the loafer ( chunky or not ) is again balancing the shoe. One way is to wear the dash with something cropped OR if wearing a longer trouser, maintain the remainder by tucking in whatever you ’ re wearing up top. Our other tip with loafers is that they work well with jeans and trousers – not so well with skirts and dresses .

The Chunky Sandal
Love them or hate them, the chunky ‘ dad ’ sandal is here to stay… and there ’ s a modern fave in township ! The Fisherman Sandal ( as pictured below ) is the latest ‘ it ’ sandal. I have already got my hands on this vogue and when it ’ s not minus 10 degrees, I ’ ll be wearing them even in the cool months with my crop jeans and pants because there ’ south adequate of my feet covered that I won ’ metric ton feel the cold !

The Chunky Boot
The chunky boot may not have made it ’ south means into your wardrobe fair yet, but if you ’ re wanting a contemporary and comfortable boot update this season then this is the way to go. As with any tendency, there are things in your wardrobe a heavy boot will work with seamlessly – think skinny jeans, a miniskirt skirt and tights, leather joggers, a pleat musical instrument digital interface skirt – but the key is to balance your expression .
You can read my blog for more tips on how to style this temper ’ south biggest boot tendency or watch my REEL on chunky boots .

The White Sneaker
I can ’ metric ton see the gym shoe drift going anywhere, anytime soon, so if you don ’ t have yourselves a copulate of clean, flannel sneakers, why wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you ? The white fink is not only super comfortable, but it will elevate and freshen a childlike outfit in an clamant. Sneakers look great with jeans, suits, midi skirts and dresses, leather pants, wide peg pants… reasonably much everything in your wardrobe.

The two identify expressive style takeaways from this article to ensure flat shoes work for you are :

  1. Expose your ankles and/or
  2. Draw the eye to your waist

Should you require any more help with dressing for your shape, get in touch with us at Styled by Sally to discuss our Personal Stylist Melbourne style services, including virtual style .

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