The dos and don’ts of summer hats

Hats have never been labelled as comfortable to expressive style. But when summer rolls around, you ’ re bound to reach a indicate where you kind of need one – so you may deoxyadenosine monophosphate well make it look beneficial. After all, summer hats are n’t just a great way to shield your drumhead from fear sunburn, they can besides serve as a fashionable finish touch ( if you nail them ) .
And while most clothing and accessories trends come and go, when it comes to hats, the styles tend to stay pretty evergreen. We spoke to our hairdresser Freddie ( who is frequently spotted rocking a baseball ceiling, might we add ) about the dress and don ’ triiodothyronine of wearing two standout hats of the season. You, your scalp, and your wardrobe, we might add, can thank us late .


Caps can serve a completely unlike aim depending on the sort of person you are. They could either be a solid separate of your everyday get up, saved entirely for bad hair’s-breadth days or, you may be in truth reasonable and actually use them to protect you from the sun. Freddie sees them as one of fashion ’ s cool and easiest accessories that anyone can pull off .

Do find a cap that reflects your style

normally 6-panel caps are the more clean styles – think Nike and Adidas. Whereas a 5 panel tends to have a wider panel across the front man which can feel well suited to guys who want to push the boat out a little when it comes to their vogue.

Don’t reserve yours for lazy days only

certain, caps may come in potent on days when you ’ ve skipped out on hair’s-breadth lave day. thus a lot so that they ’ ve earned themselves something of a lazy reputation, when in actuality, they can look considered and lend a cool element fifty to your kit. It ’ s a capital juxtapose piece if you ’ re wearing something that feels slenderly excessively smart ( not a become, possibly merely linen trousers ) but with that said, do leave them behind if you ’ re going to anything like a marry .

Do choose a style that suits your face

“ Generally, if you have a slenderly rounder face, a 6 gore will suit you better, while a 5 control panel will suit a longer, more angular face. ” Plus, this is one of the only places Freddie says a logo is kind of compulsory – “ it doesn ’ t have to be anything expensive, but I do think it ’ s a dependable addition to have. ”

Bucket hats

The ‘ 90s authoritative is officially back, and not good as a festival single either. Freddie says while they do have a fiddling less versatility than a hood, bucket hats are a bang-up accession to your summer wardrobe. They are suited to more streetwear-led styles, therefore if that ’ s your thing, they ’ ll be right at home in your wardrobe. however, any casual look will benefit from this particular hat style.

Do find the right fit

As with all hats, it ’ sulfur crucial you get the fit right. Bucket hats are ill-famed for being one size fits all, so you might have to go through a little test and error here – “ that ’ s okay, though because they have detached 100-day returns. ” Nice plug, Freddie .

Don’t go for a synthetic material

Anything like a nylon will not entirely make it look a small more technical and less of a fashion accessory. It ’ south besides less breathable, which means you ’ re going to sweat more throughout the day – something we can all agree that no matchless wants. rather, try a cotton or canvass, this will have good structure meaning your hat will keep its shape. Plus, it makes a substantial casual piece feel just that bite more elevated.

Do opt for a neutral shade

Because bucket hats are very much a instruction in themselves, it ’ s a good idea to go for a inert shade that will offset the boldness and pair well with other pieces in your summer wardrobe. But, hera at Thread we ’ ll constantly course forest green as a neutral besides, so don ’ t rule that shade out .

Words : Yasmine Kennedy
Photography : Jack Batchelor
Styling : Freddie Kemp

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