How to Wear a Hippie Bandana

How to Wear a Hippie Bandana

– 10 Ways to Rock a Boho Bandana –

From a headband to a watchband to a collar for your frump, bandanas are a versatile and dateless staple of every hippie ’ sulfur wardrobe. Let us take you through our 10 cool ways to rock a bandanna and find some inhalation to create your own endless dash opportunities !
1. Hippie Headband

No indigence to mess with a authoritative ! Give yourself a laid-back bohemian vibration with a classic hippie style headband. Take your favored bandanna and fold it in half so it forms a triangle. Fold the point in and continue folding until you find the desire thickness for your headband. then, place on your brow, knot the ends, and head out to your next festival in style !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
2. Free-Spirited Triangle
Keep your hair out of your confront during yoga or while hiking on long-winded days with this super easy style. Just fold your bandana diagonally so it forms a triangulum and then tie the ends under your hair- it ’ s that simple !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
3. Hippie Hat
Any hat gets a hippie update when you wrap a bandanna around it ! As if our vintage-inspired Tobacco Suede Leather Floppy Hat wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cool enough, our authoritative Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Bandana takes it to another flat !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
4. Trippy Top Knot
Channel some retro Rosie the Riveter vibraphone with this trippy top nautical mile dash ! Fold your bandanna the like room you did for the hippie headband but this time, tie the knot so it is at the top of your mind. No matter if your hair is up, down, braided, or in pigtails, this mind is perfect for adding a trippy touch of style to any ensemble !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
5. A Bag’s Best Friend
Feelin ’ a little bore with your bag ? Add some psychedelic manner by tying on a bandanna !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana

6. Psychedelic Face Protection
Keep you face safe when you are racing down the mountain on your snowboard or cruising down the open road on your motorbike ! Simply fold your bandana diagonally so it forms a triangle and tie the ends behind your head and hit the slopes !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
7. 70’s Style Neckerchief

Bring some good seventies vibes to your outfit by tying your bandanna in a neckerchief style ! Use the same fold method as the hippie headband and tie around your neck. pair with some bell bottoms and a fringe bag to feel like you ’ ve barely stepped out of the ‘ 70s !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
8. Bandana Bandit 
Stand out at your following festival ! This amazing bandit style screams burning man. Just fold your bandanna in one-half, bind behind your neck, and dance to the music !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
9. Boho Bracelet
You can even wrap a bandanna around your wrist. Perfect for free-spirits who love to accessorize, pair with some of your front-runner bracelets for a super cool and gypsy look !
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
10. Dress Up Your Doggo
last, but surely not least, accessorize your pet. Dress up your furred ally with their very own bandanna ! aside from being superintendent cunning, keep your pupper cool during hot months by soaking the bandanna in some cool water system before you put it on .
How to Wear a Hippie Bandana

Inspired yet? Explore our entire collection of bandanas and let your creativity go wild!

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