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Most men ’ south wardrobes are base to enough denim to clothe the gold induce. But amid all the sensitive selvage and frayed hem, it ’ s easy to forget the fact that if you wear jeans when the mercury ’ sulfur bubbling over, your lower torso slowly poaches. “ This season, denim is taking on a much fresh and lighter feel, ” says hairdresser Hayley Lai, who has worked for the likes of Tom Ford, Harvey Nichols and MatchesFashion. Fabrics are light, shades bright, and brands from the senior high school street to the high-end have even experimented with cuts that let your legs emit. Pick right by following these helpful tips, and you can step into the jean drift this summer, without perspiring .

Lighten Up

Before you label egg white jeans wholly impractical or a look best left to Wham ! impersonators, consider that, just like black, white is a impersonal shade that goes with pretty a lot everything in your wardrobe. But unlike black, it reflects estrus, rather than absorbs it. so your jeans don ’ metric ton work like solar panels.

For styling tips, look the seashore of southern Europe. Classic jean is the actor ’ south uniform ; white jeans are worn by the guy who owns the company ( and needn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate risk dirtying them up ). so even you don ’ t have a yacht in the harbor, embrace the Riviera aesthetic by combining with easygoing footwear and a dark shade to add some contrast up top. Men's White Summer Jeans

Get Distressed

late seasons have been full moon of more rip, lacerate and slashed jeans than you could shake a Stanley Knife at. Of course, soon after they were established as ‘ a thing ’, men took distressing a little excessively far with denim that was more holes than not. ( This is why we can ’ t have decent things. ) Having reined it back in, we can once again take clock time to appreciate this fashion vogue for the extra ventilation it provides. Just remember to stick to a couple of slashes between your knee and pocket liner. Men's Distressed Denim Jeans

Ditch The Spray-Ons

Make the cheerfulness your excuse to last retire skinny jeans. Though they might fit your body type, skin-hugging jean traps your style ampere much as your fret. But as if the menswear gods heard our cries, this season ’ randomness trending jean is loose and wide-legged.

Designers have been ransacking the 1970s for references, according to Lai. sol spirit to straight- and relaxed-leg styles ( although leave the flares on the vintage store rail for now ) and balance your silhouette with a slim-fitting top. Men's Straight and Loose Fit Denim Jeans

Raw Denim Isn’t Your Friend

Raw denim gets men on certain internet forums very sweaty indeed. Almost equally sweaty as anyone who tries wearing arduous selvage when it ’ south hot adequate to melt looking glass. rather, look to pre-washed jeans, which soften fixed denim so it ’ randomness more forgive, and fade the indigo so it doesn ’ metric ton absorb sunlight therefore promptly. The less crude your jean, the less fresh. so look to match with T-shirts and box-fresh white sneakers. Men's Pre-Washed Denim Jeans

Weigh It All Up

The more material you slip into, the more estrus it traps. Denim is weighed in ounces, with most jeans being around the 15oz marker ; good for aplomb days, hell on a heatwave commute. “ Thinner designs that use thinner threads offer more comfort in summer, ” says Lai. Look for styles below 12oz, which feel a light as seersucker but preceptor ’ t count like your mum might wear them for garden. And don ’ thyroxine tension the fact that fine fabrics wear out quick. It just means you ’ ll experience that on-trend distressing the authentic way. Check your denim weight in summer

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