I Want To Wear Jewellery But I Don’t Know How

I Want To Wear Jewellery But I Don’t Know How


Prior to our quarantine, I had a friend come up to me and ask me a really interesting question. She said, “Amie, I see you wear all this jewellery and it looks so good. I want to wear it too, but I just don’t know how. How do you start wearing jewellery if you are not used to wearing it?” I thought to myself, what an interesting question. I really had to break it down in my mind, using the experiences I’ve gathered from styling so many women. So here it is: follow these simple steps, even if it may feel a little strange at first. I promise you that in good time if you stick to this process you too will become a seasoned jewellery-wearing fashionista. And most importantly, remember to have fun with it.

Step 1. Find Your Comfort Zone 

You’re not used to wearing jewellery, so you will want to start with one category. Pick what you think you would feel most comfortable wearing, just to start: rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.  And begin with basic metals: gold, silver, rose gold, or gunmetal. These basic colours act as neutrals and work with virtually everything.

Step 2. Start Small

Whatever category you decide to start with, begin with small items in terms of scale. For example, if the category you’ve decided to start with is earrings, start by wearing either a pair of small studs or thin hoop earrings. Alternatively, if the category you’ve made up your mind to begin with is bracelets, try a thin pull-string bracelet or a stretch bracelet that is easy to put on and take off. If necklaces is the category that you’ve picked, try something small, like a chain pendant. And last but not least, if you’ve hand-picked the rings category (pun intended), try an adjustable thin ring so that you can play with wearing it on different fingers.

Step 3. Make It A Habit 

Since wearing jewellery is not something you’re used to, it may feel a little odd at first. You’re exploring new territory so you may consciously pay more attention to it on your body than you should. You might feel the weight of the earrings, or you may find the ring to be cumbersome. The necklace might tangle with your hair a bit. The level of annoyance you may feel from your bracelet moving around your skin might be over the top. But you must understand that these feelings will go away. It’s just your body adjusting to new things. What you have to do is make the unfamiliar become familiar. How you do this is wear the jewellery every day for 21 days, the minimum amount of days it is proven to break your habit. Behaviour changes through the repetition of an idea. I mean it, even if you’re going to the grocery store, put it on! Even if you’re at home all day, wear it. Now is a good time during quarantine to develop new habits.That might sound absurd but trust me this is one of the most important steps of the process.  

Step 4.  Gradually Add Layers

 Now that you’re accustomed to wearing jewellery on a certain part of your body, you’re ready for the next step: layering categories. For example, if you’ve been experimenting with earrings in the last several weeks, keep those babies on and add a bracelet or two. If you’ve been sporting a cute necklace in the last little while, add some rings. Wear these added categorical layers for another 21 days. By then you will be start feeling a lot more comfortable. If you’re ready to take it the next level after these 21 days, try moving to the next round adding a 3rd category, and so forth.


Step 5.  Keep Your Jewellery Organized 

The most challenging separate about wearing jewelry is keeping it organized. If your jewelry is left unorganized, ineffective or unmanageable to find, you will not be inclined to wear it. You ‘ll just fall back into the temptation of leaving home plate without it. But you ‘ve committed to wearing jewelry now since it ‘s something you ‘ve always wanted to do, so why not make it easier for yourself by keeping it neatly organized and visible. There are many ways to organize your jewelry, and to be honest, I could write another web log about it which I credibly will provided there ‘s demand for it ; but to start, and to keep it childlike at the beginning, get yourself a metier size jewelry box with compartments and keep it on your dressing table. If you do n’t want to purchase a jewelry box, use an vacate shoe box or tray. Use formative zip up lock bags to separate your items so that they do n’t tangle or knock each early. The chief matter is to remember to constantly put your jewelry back in the point from which you took it .

Things to Consider Before You Even Begin 

Your Budget: You can buy stud earrings for $10 or $100. Regardless of price, you will want to ensure that the jewellery you’re purchasing is nickel free. If you’re buying something cheap and chic, be open to the fact that it may (or may not) tarnish on you in time. You can still find cheap and chic jewellery that is longer lasting. Keep in mind that if you’re just playing with the idea of wearing jewellery right now, staying committed to see if it’s something you want to marry for life, the option for cheap and chic might be okay before you decide to invest in something a little more expensive.


Mixing Metals: This was always considered taboo. Style has become a lot more eclectic than it used to be. A lot of women still like to keep the jewellery all in one tone: so, for example ,if they’re wearing silver earrings, any other jewellery pieces they put on must be silver metal. That’s a classic girl trait and it’s perfectly okay. If you want to mix your metal colours that’s okay too, but it still requires a certain type of story making. For example, if you’re wearing silver earrings and a rose gold bracelet, add a silver ring to complete the story so that it all works. Or if you’re wearing a gold necklace, wear earrings that have a mix of silver and gold so that they story line is continued. 


Your Outfit Matters: At a more intermediate level, the jewellery you decide to wear will somewhat be determined by your outfit. The colour, neckline, length, cut, silhouette, texture, pattern, print, and other accessories in the mix such as shoes and handbags all determine what type of jewellery will look best. When wearing jewellery to match an outfit, you’re in a sense painting a picture and therefore balance plays an integral part. For this reason, jewellery styling really requires a scenario by scenario vantage point. Having said that, I can here provide some basic rules of the game. Keep in mind however that while this is a start, these so called rules can be broken when necessary, and sometimes should be. But we can get into that in another blog post. 



here are some basic elements of jewelry style .

  • Collared shirts – Chunky statement necklaces or pendant chains are optimal. Short earrings are also a good option. 
  • V necks – Short necklaces or long necklaces work really well as long as they sit either above or below the neckline. What you don’t want is for them to sit right at the v. Long earrings are also a great alternative. 
  • Crew neck – Short necklaces worn at the neckline or long necklaces work best here. In this case what you don’t want is the necklace to sit above the neckline. In regards to earrings, a shorter length or static type button earring or stud is best.
  • Off The Shoulder – Statement short necklaces are best with this cut. Long necklaces can also work if the fabric you’re wearing is smooth.  
  • Cowl Neck – It’s best to not wear a necklace with this neckline. Stick to earrings if possible.
  • One Shoulder – Chokers look great with this cut. Y ou can w ear a light or long necklace if you like to play with lines, but if you want to show off the cut, then don ’ metric ton. alternatively, any type of earring is a good option .


  • Basic Colour – If you’re wearing an outfit that is basic black, white, or nude, any colourful jewellery works to add a pop of colour.
  • Patterns – If you’re wearing an outfit with patterns, wear solid colour jewellery or a basic metal with no sparkle. Try to focus on silhouettes and pick up a shape in the pattern of your outfit to correspond with the piece of jewellery you wear. For example, if you’re wearing polka-dots, try a pair of earrings that are rounded in some way.


Consider the size of your hands. It’s about balance.

  • Small Hands / Long Nails  – If you have little hands but long nails, don ’ thyroxine shy away from chunky rings. thin rings are besides a good option . 
  • Small Hands / Short Nails – If you have small hands and short nails, flimsy rings and dainty rings look best .
  • Big Hands / Long Nails – If you have adult hands and long nails, mutant medium size rings or large chunky rings to make a argument. The choice is yours .
  • Big Hands / Short Nails – If you have big hands and short nails, choose for medium sized rings. Avoid chunky rings . 


  • Matchy-Matchy – Your earrings and necklaces must always match well. An identical match is great, but not necessary as long as the colour and style work well together. For example, if your necklace has floral rosettes, don’t wear geometric earrings. Your bracelet however is situated lower and while it looks great for it to identically match your necklace and earrings as a set, it doesn’t have to be an exact match. As long as it ties in by colour or style that’s perfectly fine. For example, if you’re wearing a gold crystal necklace and matching earrings, don’t wear a plain metal bracelet. Try to tie in something that has some gold crystal in it. 
  • Large Wrist – If your wrist is large, you have the luxury of wearing wide bracelets and showing them off because you have enough scale. However you may find that they may make your wrist look even larger. If that bothers you, opt for thinner bracelets for a slimming effect.
  • Small Wrist – If your wrist is small, you may find that large thick bracelets look off balance. You can wear a wide cuff but as long as its flat as opposed to chunky, you’ll be on point. Thin bangles or wire bracelets look best. 

now that you have some of the basics covered, I hope you feel cook and inspired to use this time to develop the new habit of wearing jewelry ! It begs the doubt, why do women even want to wear jewelry ? Why should we even bother wearing it ? In order to stick with the commitment of wearing jewelry, it ‘s crucial to find your purpose in wearing it .
In prehistoric times, once survival necessities like food and shelter were satisfied, our ancestors began to wear jewelry made of leather or reeds decorated with things like animal teeth, bones and feather. This represents world ‘s leaning towards “ higher needs ”. In this sense, wearing jewelry was a form of elevation and is silent today .
nowadays with most of our survival needs being met for the most depart, there are so many more reasons as to why we wear jewelry. For one, wearing jewelry is class of argument. It expresses who you are, what you feel and what you like. In this sense, it adds relish to your life .
Wearing jewelry is besides a ocular index for some : it reveals wealth or a class you want to belong to or may belong to .
Some women wear jewelry because it symbolizes some kind of special entail for them : a past or present love and association to something or person extra. It can imbue a memory and in this way a feel as if you ‘re looking at an old photograph. It can capture a moment in time .

Some women wear jewelry consciously or unconsciously to enhance beautification and attract attention, and there ‘s nothing faulty with that. Embrace it ! You may even be a point of inspiration for person else. After all the world needs more beauty .
Wearing jewelry is besides a form of authorization. It ‘s like wearing armor : it becomes a part of your personality and builds personal confidence .
It ‘s besides interest to note that the parts of the body where we typically wear jewelry is powerfully intimate : necklaces may draw attention to the breasts, earrings direct the eyes to the erogenous zones of your ears, rings draw attention to the hands that can give pleasure. It ‘s important to note that whatever you feel your reason to wearing jewelry, you identify with it and have playfulness with it .
Stay tuned for more approaching web log posts on jewelry style. If you have a particular question, please do n’t hesitate to send me an electronic mail and I can offer my aid !
Stay happy xo
Amie DiCarlo
information @ artemistheboutique.com









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