How to Style the Air Jordan 11 ‘Jubilee’ Sneakers

If you ’ re wondering what kit to wear with the Air Jordan 11 ’ s, you may find this information helpful. The Air Jordan 11 Jubilee sneakers are exceptionally versatile allowing for batch of outfit combinations. The Air Jordan Jubilee sneakers officially hit the SNKRS App on December 12 at 10:00am ET .
Most jordan 11 sneakers are in colorways that provide flexibility to wear barely about anything, so styling them is reasonably consistent and relatively easy. The most authoritative piece of the kit is the type of pants you wear with them. Like many basketball sneakers, the Air Jordan 11 ’ south are senior high school tops and are best shown with pants that don ’ t cover besides much of the crown of the shoe. You want a sharpen look that doesn ’ thymine leave people guessing what type of fink you ’ re wear. That means you want the hem at the bottom to either just barely cover the top tongue or slickness in properly behind the tongue to fully showcase the fink .
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Outfit #1

The Faherty Soft-Flex Knit CPO jacket has quickly become a staple in my water closet. The olive colored person, military-inspired M65 crown is great for decrease weather. The ability to layer clothing combinations are what make it so great. Case in point, the crown is sitting atop my all-black Tesla hoodie. I could have put on one my longer t-shirts to provide another color hit underneath the hoodie, however I didn ’ triiodothyronine go that route with this look .
It ’ second worth notice, the Tesla hoodie is one of the rare pieces of invest that I own that features a logo. Given that I own a Tesla Model 3, the hoodie feels fitting. The joggers in the inaugural equip are from Hyper Denim. This is their camouflage Drop Crotch jogger that I picked up around my birthday this year.

Outfit #2

The second outfit features one of the only Lululemon items I own. That is a bootleg and grey, striped button down shirt. I considered wearing the grey Lululemon ABC pants with them ampere well ( the alone early Lululemon detail ), but I wanted to see what the fit looked like with black joggers rather. My wife purchased the Zella joggers for my birthday from Nordstrom.

The jersey underneath the button down is a Cariloha Crew Neck shirt. overall, this is a pretty casual front though slenderly more dressed up than the early two outfits .

Outfit #3

In 2018 and 2019, I wore the heck out of this Rebel Canyon short sleeve pullover hoodie. I originally ordered it off of Amazon, however I ’ ve not been able to find it to link it here for you. I ’ m a sports fan of the “ crude hems ” on the hoodie which embody the vintage vibration. The jeans are from Crysp Denim in k black. They don ’ metric ton wash well, however I have grown to like the evanesce look which I felt paired nicely with the vintage hoodie .
This outfit is the least expensive of the three featured .
Air Jordan 11 Jubilee

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