How to Style the Air Jordan 1 University Blue

The Air Jordan 1 has as a celebrated history and a dateless look that has withstood over 30 years of versatile stylings. The Jordan 1 gym shoe is a anchor in popular streetwear looks arsenic well as other, more traditional dress styles. The diverseness of colorways, re-releases and premium collaborations have kept the Air Jordan 1 at the vanguard of gym shoe culture. In this submission we ’ ll examine how you style the Air Jordan 1 University Blue sneakers .

Key Elements of the Air Jordan 1 University Blue

The ‘ University Blue ’ Air Jordan 1 is one of the most hype gym shoe releases of 2021. The University Blue immediately itself set apart from other Jordan 1 releases because of the iconic UNC colorway .
The upper berth on the University Blue Air Jordan 1 prominently features agio suede cloth atop the gym shoe. The medial and lateral pass panels, a well as the toe box all sport smooth, ashen tumbled leathers. The white leather sits in aim line to the black Swoosh on either side. There is besides black leather around the gym shoe ’ sulfur choker and a debossed Wings insignia ( besides in total darkness ) .
The ‘ University Blue ’ Air Jordan 1 sneakers come with a black or UNC amobarbital sodium laces. I ’ ll likely continue to stick with the bootleg laces, though I may besides try the look in white.

Outfit Styling

Sneakers in the University Blue colorway tend to stand out quite a moment more than your typical Chicago-colored Jordan. As a leave, many of the outfits selected are more overcome in nature, featuring alike underlying tones in order to overemphasize the sneakers .
Jordan 1 sneakers have such a storied history and a few decades worth of clothing styles, so there ’ s the lavishness of stepping in-and-out of different styles and silhouettes. That being said, there is a healthy blend of casual wear and streetwear and that will show in the outfits below .

How to Style the Air Jordan 1 University Blue

As a reminder, it ’ sulfur crucial to call out that there are no hard rules to styling your clothes. At the end of the sidereal day, you wear what you want to wear. Style your clothes in a direction that makes you feel comfortable and confident. These are outfits that I enjoy wearing and I hope some of them provide ideas and inspiration on how you can dash your Air Jordan 1 University Blue sneakers .

How to Style the Air Jordan 1 University Blue Video

University Blue Outfit Style #1

This first outfit is a Cactus Jack x PlayStation piece. It has a special place in my heart because of my employment background. The color of the Cactus Jack hoodie and the Air Jordan 1 University Blue sneakers are a big pit .
The top is the Travis Scott Motherboard I hooded sweatshirt which released in late 2020. The front of the hoodie features a cream colored PlayStation logo and similarly colored Cactus Jack logo on the bottom left air pocket. An optional layer assemble is a light jacket like a bomber or varsity jacket which I ’ ve included .
On the back is an emboss Cactus Jack logo in a green “ motherboard ” color with small “ capacitors ” on the logo letter .
For the pants, I decided to go with a black denim. I wanted to provide a clean break between the Cactus Jack top and the University Blue sneakers. The jeans of choice are from Crysp Denim jeans in fountain black. I ’ ve worn these quite a moment, so they have a more vintage wash to them now which fits well with the Motherboard I hooded sweatshirt .

University Blue Outfit Style #2

This outfit puts a draw of vehemence on the University Blue sneakers. Your eye is drawn to the Jordan sneakers because of the monochromatic color block and lack of visible logos on the kit .
The top does feature a lightly layered look due to the Topman Bomber jacket. I ’ m a boastfully fan of this crown because of the. The shirt of choice is a black Topman short-change sleeve jersey. It has a curved-hem design that looks great with the jacket .
The pant excerpt is a vintage black colored Jogger from Goodman Brand .

University Blue Outfit Style #3

This adjacent kit features a rare crewneck sweatshirt which is best substituted by a white or skim crewneck sweatshirt. This is a rare one because it ’ second designed by the korean streetwear mark, Super Roket Punch. They are a south korean clothing brand inspired by “ Kidult ” polish. The brands looks are generally more streetwear themed with culturally relevant designs.

At the lead I have on the Fortnite x Super Roket Punch “ Skull Trooper ” crewneck sweatshirt. The crewneck has a drop shoulder design with Fortnite ’ s iconic “ Skull Trooper ” mask embroidered on the front via the eyes and mouth. You can pull off a similar attend with a white or cream crewneck sweatshirt with a graphic print on the front .
For the bottoms I ’ ve gone with a light moisten denim from I didn ’ triiodothyronine want a black jean that would break the exceed and the bottomland, quite I wanted the outfit to about blend in toward the shoes. The denim is Mnml ’ s [ M32 ] light wash with an inseam slide fastener at the ankle .
For accessories, I opted for my black leather braided watchband from Shaq ’ south line of bracelet ’ mho. I thought the colors were fitting for the crewneck. I added a David Yurman necklace for extra flare .

University Blue Outfit Style #4

This outfit selection has a slenderly more dress improving, casual look because of the release down shirt and the black laundry jean jeans. Steering the outfit in a much more business casual aesthetic puts a lot of emphasis on the sneakers .
The button down is in a tartan UNC colored coloring material from Haggar clothing. This is besides a stylus that can be worn unbuttoned, although the shirt is a bit thin than a washcloth. Doing so will give it much more of a streetwear vibration and provides an opportunity to play with layer jersey colors. White, black, grey or cream colored shirts are adept options for this paroxysm, though you can besides go with a complimentary color system and try something like yellow or orange .
The dark wash denim denim is from 7 For All Mankind. It ’ s a straightaway leg suit with a slender taper at the ankle that just rests on exceed of the collar of the Air Jordan 1 University Blue sneakers. I like this more relax wick look because it offers a few extra looks at the fink flat by either showcasing the tongue or hiding it ( and the wings insignia ) .

University Blue Outfit Style #5

Where would we be without a comfortable Essentials outfit to pair with a pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers ? This equip is more of the modern free-and-easy look, utilizing the fear of God Essentials and their popular neutral color tones .
Up top I focused on a layer hoodie consequence. Underneath the Oatmeal colored, FOG Essentials Crewneck Sweatshirt I ’ megabyte wearing a white hooded retentive sleeve shirt. The shirt features a curved-hem, so the white tones of the long sleeve will pop underneath the Essentials sweatshirt .
For the pants I ’ thousand wearing the FOG Essentials Polar Fleece pant besides in the Oatmeal color. The material change to fleece adds to the laid back vibration of the equip. I ’ thousand peculiarly adoring of the bungee cords at the ankle that adjust the taper look of the pants .

University Blue Outfit Style #6

The last outfit I wanted to put together for the warm months. I came across a new clothe caller called Imogene + Willie, based out of Nashville, Tennessee while shopping for a birthday shirt for my brother. I liked quite a few of their pieces and ended up purchases a hat and jersey for myself .
The “ end is near ” jersey in this kit is a vintage inspired tee by Imogene + Willie. I ’ m a lollipop for anything to do with out space ( alien distance ships included ) so I was naturally drawn to this shirt. Coincidentally it was besides a dainty coloring material palette to pair with the Air Jordan 1 University Blue .
For bottoms I offered two unlike looks. The first gear features sweatpants from MNML.LA in a light heather grey. The other are a pair of shorts that I purchased a numeral of years ago.

For accessories I ’ molarity wearing “ The Nashville ” cap from Imogene + Willie. I was immediately drawn to the hat because of its broadcloth wool structure. The black/white color combination will besides work well across a wide diverseness of outfits. The Macrame 8mm watchband from Original Grain rounds out the look .

Have Fun With It!

I hope this post provided ideas on how to dash the Air Jordan 1 University Blue. It ’ south worth saying again that there are no rules that you need to follow when wearing clothes. Have fun and make your own rules ! Dress how you feel most comfortable .
Feel spare to send me some of your outfits directly on Twitter @ arCtyC .

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