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How to wear layers
How do you wear layers when it ‘s cold outside ? Are there any “ rules ” that you should follow when layering up ?
If you ‘ve asked yourself these questions, or you equitable want some exercise outfit ideas, you ‘re in the right place. This usher will help you layer up in comfort and style as the weather starts to cool down .

Why wear layers?

just like making sure your clothes fit properly, wearing layers is one of those secret weapons every fashionable man has in his arsenal.

Simply put, layers look in truth aplomb. They add depth, texture, kind and ocular pastime to differently plain outfits .
Vest on and off
Look at any GQ photoshoot or runway show at New York Fashion Week, and you ‘ll see that most of the models are wearing layers .
similarly, check out any red carpet event where celebrities have paid boastfully bucks for personal stylists to make certain they look great. Guess what these people are wearing ?
You guessed it : layers .
In fact, we ‘d go so far as to say that wearing layers is one of the easiest ways to improve your personal style ( proper after wearing clothes that fit good ) .
But there ‘s a downside to layering up : it can be confusing. And lots of guys are wearing layers the ill-timed way .
concern not ! The next section will give you all the information you need to become a fashionable layer ninja .

4 Layering “Rules” for Guys

Like most things in fashion, there are some guidelines you can follow when it comes to wearing multiple layers. We call these “ rules ” but you can think of them as well practices ( since they can be broken ) .
Layering rules for men
You do n’t have to follow these best practices all the prison term, but it ‘s important to understand them when you ‘re putting together a layer attend .

Rule #1: Thin Inside, Thick Outside

In general, you want to wear lighter/thinner fabrics closer to your body, and heavier/thicker fabrics farther out .

For exercise, you might wear a weave cotton button down shirt under a merino wool sweater, then throw on a chummy wool-cashmere greatcoat to, well, top off your outfit ( see what we did there ? ) .
here ‘s another example :
Henley Shirt > Quilted Vest > Field Jacket
Layering example
The shirt is identical lightweight, while the vest is made from blockheaded, sturdier material. The jacket is the thick, heaviest dress in this outfit, and it ‘s wear furthest from the torso .
This convention is pretty obvious and normally happens naturally. For exemplify, you ‘d never wear a thick wool sweater under a cotton dress shirt, mighty ?
right. Let ‘s go on …

Rule #2: Three Layers Max

When it comes to layer, three is kind of the charming number. Any more than that is normally overkill, and it can create a bulky, overstuff spirit .
Plus, if you wear excessively many layers, you may overheat and lose mobility .

just remember : 2 is great, 3 is perfect, 4 is overkill .

Rule #3: Light Inside, Dark Outside

Most layered outfits consist of multiple colors. How do you combine different colors for a cool layered look ? You ca n’t go improper with this formula :
wear light colors closer to your body, and wear benighted colors farther from your body ( outer layers ) .
here ‘s an model :
White Dress Shirt > Grey Suit > Charcoal Topcoat

Keep in beware, this is a idle guidepost and can absolutely be ignored. For example, you can decidedly wear lighter colored top layers over dark outfits, such as a camel greatcoat over a dark blue lawsuit .
But, if in doubt, you ca n’t go wrong following this principle, specially if you keep the future rule in mind .

Rule #4: Each Layer Works

here ‘s the final “ govern ” of layer : make sure each layer works o on its own .
Jacket on and off
If you ‘re like us, you probably have a section of your wardrobe reserved for those shirts that you can only wear under sweaters. possibly the sleeves are besides long, or they ‘re just excessively baggy through the torso .
Most likely, you bought these shirts before you discovered Peter Manning NYC ; )
The problem is, what if you need to take off your sweater ? What if you get excessively hot or person spills their drink on you ?
You should always make certain each layer can be worn on its own. This means it needs to fit well and go with the rest of your outfit .
If you follow this guideline, you ‘ll never be caught off precaution .

19 Layering Outfit Ideas

now that we understand the basic guidelines for putting together a nice layered spirit, it ‘s time to put this stuff into practice .
here are some layer outfit ideas you can use for divine guidance, or just steal for yourself ( no opinion here ). In no especial order …

Outfit #1: Henley Shirt and Vest

here ‘s a bare, casual layered look featuring a henley shirt and lightweight quilted vest .
Vest henley cords
This equip is perfect for days when it ‘s not quite cold enough for a jacket .

Outfit #2: Add a Jacket

Of course, you can add a jacket to this vest/henley jazz band for extra heat .
Field jacket over vest
Something light-medium system of weights, such as a field jacket, works actually well over a quilt vest .

Outfit #3: The Quarter Zip

A classic commercial enterprise casual jazz band, the quarter zip up sweater layers absolutely over a button down shirt .
Quarter zip sweater
Wear this with jeans, chinos, dress pants or in this subject, reduce fit corduroys .

Outfit #4: Add a Blazer

You can besides wear the stern zip up perspirer under a united states navy blazer for a slightly dressy expression.

Business casual layers
This outfit transitions from the office to go steady night with rest .

Outfit #5: Henley Shirt and Field Jacket

For those early fall days, you might good need one extra level, such as our Tribeca Field Jacket .
Field jacket over henley
Field jackets are in truth versatile, and they look specially decent with more casual top ( in this character, a long sleeve henley shirt ) .

Outfit #6: Leather Jacket Layers

This outfit is a tasteful blend of rugged and refined. The lambskin leather jacket wears nicely over a wool crew neck perspirer and button up shirt .
Fall layers
Dress things down by wearing jeans rather of chinos or dress pants .

Outfit #7: Leather and Flannel

Speaking of leather jackets, they besides go perfectly with flannel shirts .
Leather jacket with button up shirt
This brown university leather jacket looks great with an untucked flannel button up and reduce burst indigo jeans .

Outfit #8: Field Jacket Layers

here ‘s a unlike consume on the field jacket. This united states navy interpretation is worn over a quarter zip up wool sweater and denim shirt .
Navy field jacket
The olive chino add a bite of nuance to this outfit, and the dress work boots anchor everything down in a broken, mod room .

Outfit #9: The V-Neck Sweater

V-neck wool sweaters tend to be more dressy than cotton quarter zips, and they look great wear over Oxford shirts .
Topcoat layers
The black greatcoat and black slender fit jeans look great together. Do n’t be afraid to wear your topcoats with more fooling pants !

Outfit #10: Casual Layered Topcoat

public speaking of wearing topcoats casually, this dark blue greatcoat looks amaze wear over a light grey hoodie and whiten jersey .
Topcoat over hoodie
The lightly wash jeans add to this outfit ‘s casual vibration, which makes the greatcoat a very cool choice .

Outfit #11: Field Jacket and Vest

Olive is one of the best colors for field jackets. It works in truth well with pretty much any nuance of amobarbital sodium .
Field jacket over vest
again, the lightweight singlet adds a piece of affectionateness, texture, color and ocular interest to this simple kit .

Outfit #12: Crew Neck and Oxford

Your wool sweaters can be worn casually excessively, specially the gang neck assortment .
Casual fall layers
This is a comfortable, low contrast outfit that ‘s perfective for free-and-easy Fridays at the function and lazy Sunday afternoons at home .
Feel detached to leave it untucked for a more fooling look .

Outfit #13: Harrington Layers

While it looks fashionable worn on its own, the Harrington jacket is besides capital for layering .
Harrington layers
here, it ‘s worn over a crew neck perspirer and blank button down with slender meet khaki chinos – a dateless jazz band that will never go out of style .

Outfit #14: Raincoat and Flannel

similarly, the raincoat is besides a nice layering man that can be dressed up or down .
Raincoat over work shirt
Wear it over a flannel shirt and henley for a casual look that ‘s quick for cool temps and unpredictable weather .

Outfit #15: Lightweight Vest and Sweater

When you need to layer up for heat but do n’t want to carry around a jacket all day ( or night ), wear a lightly vest as your outermost layer .
Quilted vest over sweater
Our Flatiron Vest looks veracious at home over a gang neck sweater and white clitoris down shirt, paired with slender fit dark wash jeans on bottom .

Outfit #16: Vest, Flannel and Henley

For a more casual look, you can keep the singlet but swap the perspirer and button up for a flannel shirt and henley .
Flannel shirt layers
@ modestmanstyle
Finish this layered look off with a baseball cap and your front-runner sneakers, and you ‘re ready the weekend .

Outfit #17: The Cotton Pullover

For something more casual than a wool perspirer, try a cotton pullover worn over a crowd neck jersey ( when in doubt, go with upstanding blank ) .
Field jacket over brown pullover
This brown pullover looks bang-up with a dark blue discipline crown and khaki chinos .

Outfit #18: Field Jacket and Cardigan

The cardigan is a fashionable alternate to the v-neck sweater, as it adds a little snatch of dressy flare to your front .
Field jacket over cardigan
@ ericrnycstyle
here, the blue microcheck shirt goes perfectly with the benighted green wool cardigan, setting the foundation for the tangent airfield jacket to pop .

Outfit #19: Leather and Denim

If you ‘re more of a leather jacket guy, try wearing one over a denim shirt and cotton pullover .
Leather jacket layers
@ thegentwithin

It ‘s a chic casual jazz band that ‘s perfect for a diverseness of situations, and you can wholly change the vibration barely by changing the pants and shoes .

How do you layer?

We hope this post gave you some new ideas for layering up this spill and winter. If you need some bang-up layer pieces to add to your wardrobe, check out some of our favorites :
Flatiron Vest | Wool Crew Neck Sweater | Wool V-Neck Sweater

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