Style Tips for Men Who Wear Leggings

Sorry, ladies, this one actually international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine for you .
Gentlemen : Have you been thinking about leggings recently ? possibly you ’ ve already been rocking the comfort and elongate of our perplex leggings, or possibly you ’ ve seen person else in a fantastic print and thought to yourself “ could that be me ? ”
Some people try to argue that men shouldn ’ metric ton wear leggings, but we think that ’ s folderal. Any history buffet could tell you that men were wearing leggings way before women. Compression leggings have been a big addition to men ’ second acrobatic clothing, but more and more we ’ ve seen men ’ mho leggings, besides called “ meggings, ” pop up on the fashion scene .
Men's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured : Skeleton Leggings, $ 7.99 ; King Tut Leggings, $ 18.99.

If you ’ ve been thinking about wearing leggings and aren ’ thyroxine certain where to start, or you already love your Lotus Leggings and want some equip ideas, check out our style tips below :

What’s so great about leggings?

  • They’re warmer than shorts.
  • Legs for days! Get the form flattering look of skinny jeans without the discomfort.
  • Do more of what you love. Enjoy the freedom and full range of motion of the stretchy material.
  • More choices! You can find leggings in hundreds of prints, patterns, and color options.

Style Tips for Men Who Wear Leggings

Go Long

Try an extra long graphic tee or a nice shirt that offers a little supernumerary coverage no matter what sort of leggings you ’ rhenium exhausting .
Men's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured : muscle Leggings, $ 18.99 .

Layer it Up

Layered outfits are a great front for anyone. Try pairing dark colored leggings with a button up exceed layered with a loose fit jacket or vest. How about our mech leggings ( $ 18.99 ) for an edgy look ?


It ’ sulfur all about the details. Scarves, hats, watches, and jewelry can all add a little extra dash to your kit and make your leggings look like partially of an ensemble quite than the stand-out firearm.

Stay Simple

sometimes chasteness is a dear thing. Whether you ’ re rocking a pair of solids or you ’ re going for your favored vibrant print, pairing those leggings with blue, solid colors can be a great way to either play up or tone down your overall front, depending on what you ’ re after .
Me's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured : solid Leggings, $ 18.99 ; Mech Leggings, $ 18.99 .

Keep it Loose

contrast is winder. Try complementing the skintight attend of leggings with a easy shirt or crown. You ’ ll be rolling in style and in ease .

Try a Splash of Color

Wearing fun, colored leggings will credibly attract some attention, in a very dear means ! Try your darling shade of our galaxy leggings ( $ 14.99 ) or camouflage leggings ( $ 26.99 ) .
Men's Leggings Fashion Tips

Go Your Own Way

Pictured : unicorn Leggings, $ 18.99

We ’ rhenium here to offer tips, not rules, then be certain to break away from what others think is “ all right ” to wear, and make your style your own ! Check out our workshop to see our choice of quality unisex casual and athletic leggings. With 500+ styles to choose from, we know you ‘ll find something you love !

male Lotus fans : We ‘d love to hear from you ! Share your pics to our Facebook or Instagram pages for a gamble to be featured. Have a different stylus idea we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate number here ? Let us know in the comments !

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