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Trends come and go ( and come and go ), but there are some things that never go out of style. even my beloved Caboodle makeup subject from the 90s has made a rejoinder !
But the one tendency that has become a basic in my wardrobe over the years has been leopard print. I thought 2018 was my bad leopard phase but it ’ s however going impregnable. This summer alone I ’ ve wear leopard print in every direction potential ! It doesn ’ t serve when Poppy & Dot has been carrying so many cute styles !

I ’ m a firm believer that there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine just one way to wear animal prints. You can keep it little and elusive for daily wear, or even wear leopard prints head to toe – you do you ! It ’ s a print that allows you to play about and have fun with your choices !

so how do I wear animal prints and not go excessively jungle crazy ? I keep it simpleton ! here are some ways you can feel comfortable and cool in all manner of leopard print invest !

Tip #1: Pair a leopard-print blouse or sweater with denim

This is one of my favored ways to wear leopard. I love a broadly gather blouse or comfy leopard perspirer with a pair of jeans. You can do it with cut-offs or switch to full-length jeans when it gets cold out. I love blouses like this peplos top. These are bang-up because they fit where you want them excessively and flow where you need them to .

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Tip #2: Take A Walk On The Wild Side with Leopard Shoes

Leopard high heels or sneakers are amazing day or night, but, depending on where you work or what activities you partake in, choosing the good one makes a HUGE deviation. But by choosing a leopard print, you ’ re immediately elevating a super casual kit and wearing a shoe that is mom-approved or ready for a night out. They ’ re great for dressing up basics like black pants and white collar shirts, and they make it easy to take your look from chasing kids to a business meet without actually having to change .

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Mules & Slides

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Tip #3: Break up a flowy leopard dress or skirt with neutral accessories

Most people, when they hear the phrase “ leopard-print dress, ” word picture something skintight and, for lack of a better parole, slutty. But it doesn ’ t have to be that way ! alternatively of a body-con leopard-print dress that you might have tried to sneak into a baseball club wear at the old age of 18, try something loosen and flowy. Layer with a basic tee or a belt to break up all that print and keep the spirit grounded with simple accessories and flats .


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TIP #4: Keep it casual with a slouchy leopard-print T-shirt

a far as prints go, leopard is pretty aphrodisiac, so it ’ s a great way to add a small boundary to an differently gender-neutral and slightly sexless silhouette like a loose T-shirt, basic button-down, or straight-leg pant. This one from Poppy & Dot is a perfect example ! Add an extra acid of femininity by pairing your leopard tees with something skin-baring like shorts, a skirt, or a jumper .


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In accession to these 4 tips, I love a good fake fur leopard jacket in winter, exercise wear in this delectable animal print, and any purse or wallet for just a pop of animal. No matter how you rock your leopard, there ’ s no wrong direction !

twenty Tara
P.S. Show me how you walk on the violent side ! I ’ five hundred love to see your leopard inspired outfits !

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