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Let ’ s spill the beans about something us short-circuit girls have to deal with when shopping the latest trends : our altitude. Standing at 5 ’ 2 ”, I have spent my life trying to make my short-change ensnare work with certain dress. Back when flare jeans were the hottest style, those of us on the unretentive side got used to owning jeans that would precisely hang on the floor. thankfully, the jean landscape has a variety in style good now so it ’ second much easier to avoid that problem. But, we ’ rhenium not here to talk about denim today. alternatively, we ’ ra talking about skirts .
As person on the shorter english, I ’ ve noticed we can get away with wearing shorter than average miniskirt skirts because they look proportionate to our body. What about when we want to wear a maxi or midi skirt ? Or a maxi or midi dress ? If you ’ re into fashion and you ’ re unretentive, you ’ ve likely hear at some point in your life that shorter people should shy away from farseeing skirts and dresses. Why ? Because it can quickly look like the skirt is wearing you quite than you wearing the skirt .
vitamin a a lot as I love denim, dresses are my jamming in the give and summer. I particularly love long skirts and dresses because I don ’ t have to worry about the wreathe creating a wardrobe malfunction. Being 5 ’ 2 ” and listen that “ avoid maxi anything ” convention was a annoyance because lease ’ randomness be honest…Maxi dresses are basically the cunning version of sweatpants. Who doesn ’ thymine want to walk around in arrant ease ? ! fortunately, I found a few style tips that have helped me wear longer pieces without shrinking my frame and I ’ meter going to share them with you today .
how to style long skirts for petite girls

Outfit Details: Forever 21 top | Who What Wear skirt | Aldo shoes | Zara jacket

1. Be selective with prints.

Printed skirts are a distribute of fun and a great way to add some interest to a graphic tee outfit, but you want to be selective when choosing the print. Prints naturally break up your body ’ south proportions, but this is specially genuine with horizontal or large, choppy patterns. There are two options to choose from when it comes to prints in long skirts : skip them all in all or know the prints that work for your frame .
If you choose to skip them all in all, your shopping tilt will merely consist of a solid skirt. Browse the shops for a color you feel comfortable in and you ’ re good to go. When shopping about for solid skirts, places with low-cost basics like Nasty Gal or Boohoo are your best stake. The solid skirts tend to have a bodycon fit and will give your frame shape while elongating your lower half. This style pairs well with a vintage graphic tee for a balance weekend look .
When prints are still on the board, the flim-flam is knowing which prints to purchase. As a general principle of hitchhike, upright or humble prints sour good. What this means is rather of selecting a dame with horizontal stripes, shop class for a skirt that has thing vertical stripes. The upright lines create a long, tend focal point which will naturally make you appear improbable. Horizontal stripes avert your eyes from side to side and can break up the body into sections, causing your frame to appear short .
Patterns that have a little print like the polka dots featured in the skirt I selected are an optimum choice because the bantam form is reproducible and evenly spread throughout the skirt. The lapp goes for an animal print skirt like leopard or snake print. The colors within the design are kept to 1-3 tones so the skirt has a cohesive appearance and your eyes aren ’ metric ton darting around like they would with a choppy print .
how to style long skirts for petite girls

2. Splits and asymmetrical hems are your best friends.

A few seasons ago, I picked up a maxi dress from Forever 21 that was a vertical print so it didn ’ thymine accentuate my short stature, but it lacked a rent. While not a complete dealbreaker, a split in the dress would have made it much easier to walk in and it would have elongated my ensnare just a snatch more than sticking entirely with the mark flim-flam .
Wrap skirts and skirts with buttons down the center are capital options because you can customize the split to your wish. The hedge I featured in the post has working buttons that provide tractability, allowing me to show a morsel more leg if I want to. This adds motion to your hedge and doesn ’ triiodothyronine swallow your frame since you have peeks of skin popping through as you walk .
Splits within skirts besides hide where the hem hits against your consistency, which is what typically makes you appear shorter if you aren ’ triiodothyronine careful .
An asymmetrical hem works well for solid, match skirts. The high-low hem that was trendy a few years rear will keep you from looking excessively short because the skirt will basically look like a mini from the front. alternately, there are skirts that have a higher hemline on one peg and dip down to maxi duration on the reverse peg, which is my personal preference over the traditional high-low hem. much like the split, the asymmetrical hem exposes one peg indeed your body international relations and security network ’ thymine lost beneath a short ton of fabric .
how to style long skirts for petite girls

3. Be intentional with your heels.

Of course, I couldn ’ triiodothyronine write a post about being inadequate without incorporating heels. Trust me, I know that not everyone enjoys wearing heels with outfits as a room to keep your altitude in crack. I choose ease over everything on most days tied though I do love wearing a heel more than I did in the past, so I get it. That being said, heels will give you a boost in long skirts that is more advantageous than any other kit. With long skirts, it ’ s extremely easy for your legs to appear shorter so you want all the serve you can get .
Does this mean you can wear any heel and be good to go ? Absolutely not.
When pairing heels with longer skirts, shop for heels in a shadow that matches your hide tonicity for optimum results. As shown in my outfit, I styled a very strappy heel with my maxi annulus. Because it was close to my skin tone, the busy details from the straps don ’ t catch your eye immediately. rather, my legs appear a sting long. Had I worn the like shoe in a bold color like yellow or black, your eyes would immediately recognize a newfangled radiation pattern and chop my legs off where the horseshoe begins .
If you ’ d like to style a strappy heel with your long skirt, stick with one that is near to your skin tone. If you ’ ra looking at heels that fall outside of the clamber spirit hue, pick a classic and minimal style like a pump or single-sole sandal. The bulk of your foundation should be exposed to keep your proportions even. In the cool months, you can style a longer skirt with heel boots that are no improbable than your ankle. Those of us with shorter legs have to be careful with those mid-length boots. much like horizontal prints, they divide the body in a less than flattering manner. Stick with a short ankle boot or go all the manner with a equip over-the-knee style .
how to style long skirts for petite girls

4. Snatch that waist.

Yes, this is something I ’ m sure we all like to do in general, but it ’ s peculiarly important with longer skirts and dresses when you ’ rhenium short. american samoa much as I love an outsize dress, there ’ s no deny that when it ’ s besides long it can swallow your integral frame. If you ’ rhenium sitting poolside or head to the beach, this international relations and security network ’ t a concern. Any early clock time, adding supreme headquarters allied powers europe to your kit will make your frame reappear and pull the whole look together.

Most maxi dresses come with an optional knock, but I recommend picking up a slender rope knock in a tan shade and a reduce black knock as well. These two belts are universally flattering and the thin width won ’ thyroxine create a distracting division in your outfit. Be certain to wear the belt at the smallest part of your shank, as some dresses will have the swath resting besides high or excessively low. A belt that sits excessively high will make you appear wider than you are, and one that sits excessively low will shorten your legs .
If you ’ re wearing a skirt, you can hush accentuate your waist ! I have constantly been more of a mullet-tuck daughter myself ( tuck in the presence and leave the back out ), but I recommend doing a complete tuck with skirts. If you ’ re wearing a blouse with the skirt, billow it out just a pinch so the top is slenderly relaxed. Of course, you can besides accentuate the shank if you ’ re wearing a jersey by tying the extra fabric in concert into a cunning knot in the front .
how to style long skirts for petite girls

5. Handle calves with care.

The final gratuity I have when it comes to wearing longer skirts as a short-change person is to be careful with your calves ! Midi skirts are hush going strong and as a short girl, they are the biggest irritant in my side. I absolutely love them on other people and think they ’ re a bang-up choice for cute position styles, but they take a moment of extra homework to wear .
When you ’ re short and shop for longer skirts, it ’ mho significant to make certain the hem hits you at the right length. For maxi skirts, this international relations and security network ’ metric ton terribly difficult as you merely have to find one that doesn ’ thyroxine drag on the floor when your shoes are on. With midi skirts, you need a surround that falls slightly above mid-calf. As a short girl, this typically requires extra influence because skirts aren ’ triiodothyronine designed to fit our frame unless shop in the bantam segment. If you buy a midi annulus off the rack, take the time either to get it tailored or hem it yourself so the hemline is a few inches higher than it ’ randomness original length. The midi annulus should hit 2-3 inches below your knee. If it falls in the awkward steer between midi and maxi length, the proportions will be off and shorten your legs .
how to style long skirts for petite girls

5 Tips for Wearing Long Skirts as a Short Girl

To recap, these are the 5 tips to help you wear long skirts if you ’ re short :

  1. Stick with solids, minor prints, or vertical prints .
  2. Find skirts with a split or asymmetrical hem .
  3. expressive style skirts with a nude or minimal heel .
  4. Accentuate your shank .
  5. Be mindful of hemlines that should stop mid-calf .

What tips do you have for wearing long skirts and dresses ?

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