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Pros Wearing Headbands

If you ’ rhenium curious about the different players wearing headbands or looking for some style inhalation, this department is for you. I ’ ve pulled together some of the best-known tennis players who wear headbands on the pro enlistment so you can explore them yourself .

Roger Federer

Tennis Headband Pros - Roger Federer Photo Credit : @ rogerfederer

Earlier in his career, Roger Federer didn ’ thyroxine always wear a headband, but it became a raw material of his overdress for most of his time as a pro. Federer uses a bind headband, which used to be Nike. however, in 2018 he joined the japanese invest brand Uniqlo .

Rafael Nadal

Tennis Headband Pros - Rafael Nadal Photo Credit : @ rafaelnadal Rafael Nadal has used a Nike headband for the huge majority of his career, and typically he ’ south folded a bandanna to be used as a tie headband. however, looking closely at photos throughout his career, he sometimes uses a connect headband that ’ s not a bandanna .

Alexander Zverev

Tennis Headband Pros - Alexander Zverev Photo Credit : @ alexzverev123 At one meter, Alexander Zverev wore Nike headbands, but these days he ’ randomness sponsored by adidas, so you ’ ll find him wearing their tie headbands rather .

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Tennis Headband Pros - Stefanos Tsitsipas Photo Credit : @ stefanostsitsipas98 greek tennis asterisk Stefanos Tsitsipas is an adidas athlete, so you ’ ll see him using their tie headbands to keep his long hair in determine .

Dominic Thiem

Tennis Headband Pros - Dominic Thiem Photo Credit : @ domithiem austrian Dominic Thiem is one of the few male tennis players to wear thin headbands to hold his hair out of his expression. however, he will switch it up from time to time and wear a thick draw headband. Like Zverev and Tsitsipas, Thiem is an adidas athlete, so he wears their headbands entirely .

Andrey Rublev

Tennis Headband Pros - Andre Rublev Photo Credit : @ andreyrublev energetic russian tennis ace Andre Rublev besides wears a tie headband to help control his hair. He ’ s a Nike athlete, so you ’ ll find him wearing their headbands in assorted colors .

Fabio Fognini

Tennis Headband Pros - Fabio Fognini Photo Credit : @ fabiofogna Fognini used to rep lavishness italian sportswear from Hydrogen, but he switched to Emporio Armani ’ s acrobatic invest line, which has the EA7 logo you may have seen him wearing. The ‘ 7 ’ in the logo is a nod to their Ventus 7 technical foul fabric. Fabio wears a tie headband from the brand .

Grigor Dimitrov

Tennis Headband Pros - Grigor Dimitrov Photo Credit : @ grigordimitrov Like many other players on our list, bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov hasn ’ metric ton always worn a headband, but he does most of the time these days. Grigor is a Nike athlete, so he wears their headbands in competition .

Serena Williams

Tennis Headband Pros - Serena Williams

Photo Credit : @ serenawilliams Known for her foray into fashion as much for her success on the woo, Serena Williams often wears a headband but often switches up the style. The two most common headbands you ’ ll find her wear are skinny headbangs and tie headbands. however, careless of the style, one thing that is constantly consistent is the brand, which is Nike .

Victoria Azarenka

Tennis Headband Pros - Victoria Azarenka Photo Credit : @ vichka35 You ’ ll about always see Victoria Azarenka wearing a tie headband from nike when she hits the court. however, one unique thing about her manner of wearing them is that she normally wears them longer. Tie headbands can be shorter, so there ’ s not much extra duration in the headband once tied. however, you can purchase some that are retentive, so the headband hangs down in the back once secured .

Aryna Sabalenka

Tennis Headband Pros - Aryna Sabalenka Photo Credit : @ sabalenka_aryna belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenka is a interracial base when it comes to headbands. She frequently wears a tie headband when meet, but she ’ ll often opt not to wear one in her matches. As a Nike athlete, Aryna wears its headbands entirely .

Ons Jabeur

Tennis Headband Pros - Ons Jabeur Photo Credit : @ onsjabeur Hailing from Tunisia, the northernmost state in Africa, you can constantly spot Ons Jabeur wearing a headband in her matches. Her dress sponsor is Lotto, so you ’ ll see her wearing their tie headbands. Like Azarenka, she prefers to wear a longer headband, which hangs down far once tied back .

Sloane Stephens

Tennis Heaband Pros - Sloane Stephens Photo Credit : @ sloanestephens Although she mixes it up between tie headbands, visors, and hats, Sloane Stephens is another actor to check out for style tips. nike sponsors Sloane, so she ’ south constantly wearing their gearing. I ’ ve spotted her wearing a skinny headband on a few rare occasions .

Coco Gauff

Tennis Headband Pros - Coco Gauff Photo Credit : @ cocogauff Earlier in her career, Coco didn ’ metric ton always wear a headband. She ’ d often opt for a visor or nothing at all. however, since her introduction on the WTA tour, she ’ s regularly worn a tie headband. New Balance sponsors Coco, so you ’ ll find her sporting their tie headbands, which feature an ‘ NB ’ on the front .

Petra Kvitova

Tennis Headband Pros - Petra Kvitova Photo Credit : @ petra.kvitova Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova is a Nike athlete who you ’ ll frequently see wearing a tie headband, but not always. She regularly switches it up, so you may see her wearing one or nothing at all .

Caroline Garcia

Tennis Headband Pros - Caroline Garcia

Photo Credit : @ carogarcia Caroline Garcia of France used to wear a visor, but she ’ second wearing a connect headband more often than not these days. She prefers hers longer, so it hangs down in the back, and although she used to wear Nike, Asics now sponsors her, which she wears regularly .

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