9 Creative Ways to Use Your Covered Goods® Nursing Cover


9 Creative Ways to Use Your Covered Goods® Nursing Cover

9 Creative Ways to Use Your Covered Goods® Nursing Cover

9 Creative Ways to Use Your Covered Goods® Nursing Cover
A set of our customers unwrap Covered Goods® because they ’ re looking for a full moon coverage nurse screen. And we love being part of the breastfeed travel for so many of you ! silent, by the clock baby is one year old you may not be nursing as much ( or at least not round the clock ). Plus, we know lots of our mama wear ’ t necessarily breastfeed at all—and however find out product to be one of their most useful baby essentials. You ’ ve credibly thought about using your nursing traverse as a stretchable car buttocks binding, shopping cart covering, or evening an eternity scarf. All great uses, but your Covered Goods® can be sol a lot more ! CG customers keep coming up with new and advanced ways to use our multi-use nurse covers…and it ’ randomness so much fun to see their ideas !
here are 9 creative ways to use your Covered Goods® nursing cover.

As a lightweight blanket

We say cover Goods® is one of the few accessories you need to throw in your baby bag…and we mean it ! If you ’ re need an extra layer for baby, our breastfeed cover is the first thing you should grab. Our covers fabrics are so delicate and breathable, they ’ re the perfect lightweight blanket—whether you ’ re trying to bundle baby up or just provide some excess auspices on a blowy day .

As an eternity scarf

Ok, ok…we know it ’ randomness one of our advertised uses, but your Covered Goods® nursing cover up can actually be a pretty incredible part of your corps de ballet. As in you ’ re not just throwing it on out of necessity, but building your outfit around it. What does this mean ? You ’ ll credibly want to start wearing your Covered Goods® even when your child international relations and security network ’ t about. It will become one of your favorite accessories for date nights, girls nights out and beyond !

As a swaddle

We all know newborn babies want to feel snug…but what happens when you ’ re without a swaddle blanket ? Your Covered Goods® breastfeeding cover can double in a pinch…our fabrics are stretchable and breathable, and perfect for tucking about your little one .

As a senior high school electric chair cover

Have you always thought about how disgusting those senior high school chairs at restaurants can be ? They ’ re literally filled with germs ( and rarely cleaned ). Of naturally you can always pack your own disinfect wipes and give that thing a swipe before putting baby in, but using your Covered Goods® an supernumerary carrier provides add peace of mind. Plus, you can stick it right in the wash machine when you get home !

As a swing cover

By now you ’ ve probably realized that baby ’ s favored playground depend on can be pretty icky. Throw your Covered Goods® nurse cover over the resort area swing and you ’ ll be sure to protect her from any germs. As a bonus, it gives her a super close and cozy ride.

What ’ s the most unique way you ’ ve used your Covered Goods® nurse binding ? Let us know in the comments and spread the sexual love !

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