How To Wear An Over-The-Knee Boot Like A Street Style Star

Sandals are the brake shoe of summer, but, once the temperatures drop, things get a short more complicated. It much feels like the winter shoe options are endless ( and sometimes submerge ). There are classical ankle boots, slick loafers, girly Mary Janes, and the most attention-getting of them all : over-the-knee boots, which have been a darling silhouette on the runways for some years now. “ Believe it or not, there is practicality here, ” Chloe King, Brand Relations Lead for Luxury Stores at Amazon , tells TZR. After all, she notes, the shoe keeps you a lot warmer than a match of tights. “ With [ the season ] favoring some super-short hemlines via micro shorts and miniskirts, over-the-knee boots are the weather-friendly workaround for these shriveled lengths, ” Celenie Laura Fleur Seidel, senior womenswear editor program at Farfetch, tells TZR. As the shoe works evenly well under both a side split skirt or a dramatic sweep coat, Seidel says the boldface silhouette can work for anyone. As for wearing the shoe IRL, the street style scene of former p roves it ‘s not as intimidate of a tendency as you might make it out to be. You can wear the improbable boots with an ultra-glitzy dress or tuck your front-runner trousers into them. Plus, as King notes, when break with a retentive sweater or jacket, an over-the-knee boot replaces the motivation for pants raw. Experts agree, it ‘s worth it to dedicate a ( significant ) section in your bang storage to a pair of over-the-knee boots this season. Below, find nine ways street dash stars are wearing the expressive style.

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Just A Touch Of Color

colorful over-the-knee bootsEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Update a dressed long coat ensemble by going full monochromatic. warn : This colored take is not for the faint of kernel .

Tone Down Prints

over the knee bootsEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images A black leather or suede kick is arguably the most versatile expressive style you can own. Wear an over-the-knee style with anything from a childlike neutral corps de ballet to a colorful match stage set .

Go Trendy

snakeskin bootsEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images If your style is vogue force, opt for a streamlined snakeskin boots. Pair the shoe with coordinating or more tone down separates and you ‘ll look put together, but not excessively thus.

Grungy Chic

over the knee bootsEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images A chunky sole is both durable and on-trend for this season. If you ‘re disquieted about coming off as excessively edgy, dash the horseshoe with satiny separates .

Elevated Dress

over the knee boots mini dressEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Since miniskirt dresses are a must-try in 2022, test one out with an over-the-knee boot. If you ‘re looking for a style that ‘s a bite more polish, opt for a puff-sleeve slit dress .

High Slits

over the knee bootsChristian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Like Seidel mentions, an over-the-knee style works well styled under a high-slit skirt since you can see it in entire. Try an all-neutral ensemble to keep things cohesive .

Summer Meets Winter

over the knee bootsEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images tidal bore to wear shorts or miniskirt skirts in the winter ? Simply couple the bottoms with an over-the-knee boot to keep warm. Complete the look with a match blazer, and add tights as the weather continues to chill.

Modern Color Schemes

Christian Vierig/Getty Images Navy bluing and white are a go-to summer tinge jazz band. But for a winter take on the color system, try the tones out by styling a navy blazer with white leather boots .

Dress It Up

over-the-knee boots trendEdward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Ankle or combat-style boots might be a common go-to semen winter, but this time around choose for an over-the-knee iteration. Dress them up with a glitzy dress or try tight-fitting jeans and a checker jacket for something more everyday. This article was primitively published on 10.23.2020

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