10 Oversized Blazer Outfits, Styled By Influencers

even though they ’ ve remained a wardrobe classical throughout the decades, blazers go through a swerve bicycle, besides. once upon a meter, the go-to look was a cut, form-fitted iteration of the jacket. As for these days, the fashion set is embracing roomy, menswear-inspired ( think : shoulder pads ) silhouettes. fortunately, influencers are demonstrating how to stylus an outsize blazer for everything from the function to a Friday night out on the town. It turns out, outsize blazers on the marketplace nowadays do n’t just check the traditional neutral or tartan box. In fact, if you browse through any retailer, you ’ ll blot a murder of attention-getting prints and colors, not to mention some covered in graphic logo. And, on social media, you ’ ll notice that influencers are showcasing creative ways to make an outsize blazer feel particularly fresh. Although they are still a go-to office piece ( or, work from family ), these fashion girls are showing how to take them a step far by playing with excite prints, unexpected silhouettes, and cool accessories that make transitioning the musical composition to after-work activities a breeze. With a little bite of inhalation on the ‘ gram, you ‘ll find that no matter if you ‘re more into a monochromatic kit or a full-on menswear look, there ‘s a way to add a blazer into the shuffle. Ahead, see how a few of your darling manner icons are pulling off these looks now. We merely include products that have been independently selected by TZR ’ s editorial team. however, we may receive a share of sales if you purchase a product through a associate in this article.

Laid Back

not surely how to dress up a going-out lead and loose jean ? An outsize blazer will do the trick. Choose a light beige nuance in the jacket for a fooling touch .


For a menswear-inspired lease, style your outsize blazer with a link, blank button-up shirt, black trousers, and chunky black loafers. For a more ladylike ending, add some gold brassy jewels into the desegregate .


An all-black equip will never go out of dash, and besides happens to be particularly easy to put together. This monochromatic attend shown on Aimee Song is besides perfect for any season .

Over Lingerie

If the whole “ wearing your brassiere as a top ” madden seems a little out of your ease zone, ease into the course by throwing an outsize blazer into the mix. You can keep it button and merely show a paring of your lingerie if that ’ mho more your speed.

Evening Out

Yes, an outsize blazer can be styled for a weekend out at your favorite bar. The trick hera is choosing a strappy tank to wear underneath the jacket so it doesn ’ t seem excessively business-like .


According to influencers, the combination of a blazer and bicycle shorts is still going firm for 2022. But not to worry — if motorcycle shorts are n’t your matter, leggings are the ideal alternative. Add on deluxe kitten heels, and you have a cozy exploit from home corps de ballet .


If you are worry about your outsize blazer looking excessively slouchy, a polish dress is the perfect ladylike man to add balance. Consider picking out a trim in a bright color to make things feel exciting .

Head-To-Toe Oversized

If you ‘re cook to go head-on into the tendency, try putting in concert a unharmed outsize equip. Create a cool vibration by adding a easy tee and chunky sneakers to your blazer.

Balance Proportions

Try styling your mini dress with an outsize blazer to balance one another out. then, take the expect a step far by opting for chunky platform heels .


Scoop up an outsize leather blazer for an edgy so far still put-together outfit vibration. For a cosy whirl, layer a perspirer dress underneath the jacket. This article was in the first place published on Feb. 20, 2019

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