How to Wear a Seersucker Suit

There are many opinions regarding Seersucker suits ; some think it ’ s not flattering, which certain, can be true if you wear the wrong Seersucker suit. We’re here to show you how to avoid these problems when wearing the right one.
By having the suit custom made to your unique measurements, it will not only ensure a perfect fit but it will look really trendy. Remember that a Seersucker suit has vertical stripes and therefore creates volume, which is why a good paroxysm is extra authoritative when wearing this kind of fabric .
The material is in itself preferably strange, and a full moon Seersucker suit even more so, which is why this suit is sure to stand out next to a more ‘regular’ suit material ( wool or cotton ). not only is it trendy, but a Seersucker suit is really practical excessively ! It ’ second easily washable, you never have to iron it, and it is guaranteed the best suit framework to wear in warm temperatures .


The framework is made from a unique cotton weave, which causes the thread to “ bunch together together ” in some places. This is what gives the fabric the unique hallmark of rough appearance ( “ Pucker ” ). The “ gather ”, combined with the lightweight cotton framework, is what makes the Seersucker such a full framework to wear when it ’ sulfur warm out. The “ pucker ” allows the framework to be held away from the soundbox, allowing air circulation between the clothes and the skin.

seersucker black seersucker


General public speaking, avoid wearing it to office and master events. A Seersucker suit is not the best option when trying to make a serious and/or professional impression. A wool suit will give you a more “put together” and structured look.
Wear your Seersucker suit on hot summer days and evenings, as a casual alternative to the suit, or at dressier barbecues or beach parties .


debatable, but yes. More and more opinions are leaning towards that it ‘s oklahoma to wear a Seersucker courtship to a marry. Both as a guest and as the dress .


For a less traditional count, wear a jersey underneath your Seersucker suit preferably than a dress shirt. If you want to stay traditional and wear a dress shirt, make sure it ‘s fitted to your measurements. When wearing a Seersucker suit, all pieces must look great and be tailored ; not just the befit itself .
Blue 3piece Seersucker suit

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