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A reader wrote, “ I ’ ve constantly loved jeans for deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as I can remember. In fact, I probably own all styles except one : scraggy jeans. I barely never dared to wear cheeseparing jeans as I suspect they wouldn ’ metric ton search indeed flattering on me. I ’ m an in-between size 12 and I have adult thighs. And I ’ d like to clarify this now once and for all : Can I wear cheeseparing jeans if I have big thighs ? If so, how do I style them ? “
Can you wear tight-fitting jeans if you have big thighs ? Absolutely! Whatever your thigh size and body type, you can wear skinny jeans and expect to look great in them. The reason why some women don’t is that some skinny jeans can be too tight and uncomfortable to sit in.
But if you find the right brand with enough stretch of the material, then you can decidedly rock skinny jeans ! This article will show you how .
You ’ re probably wondering : Why should I wear tight-fitting jeans ? What ’ s the benefit ?

Well, a high-quality, well-designed pair of scraggy jeans can make the leg appear longer and shapelier. And while other denim styles can do this there ’ sulfur something quite classic however youthful about scraggy jeans which a lot of women barely can ’ thymine defy.

Which body types have big thighs?
Pear and hourglass bodies, no count their size, have naturally big and shapely thighs. On the other hand, apple, rectangle, and inverted triangle only develop boastfully thighs when they gain considerable slant .
What looks good on others may not necessarily look good on you. So I ’ ve categorized the following tips according to consistency form. If you don ’ triiodothyronine know your body shape however, refer to this guidebook. otherwise, read on :

How to style skinny jeans on a PEAR body with big thighs

When a orotund woman wears a pair of cheeseparing jeans, it instantaneously highlights her large hips and buttocks. If you ’ re a lean pear, this is normally not an issue— in fact, it ’ s an asset. however, if you ’ re a plus size pear, the balance becomes a little skewed— your lower body becomes disproportionately larger than your upper berth soundbox .
How to Dress a Pear Body Typeplus size and regular-sized PEAR The good news is, you can remedy that by wearing tops that outshine your bottom. This way, the focus international relations and security network ’ thyroxine all draw to your thighs but streamlined into your amphetamine body. Hence a counterweight is achieved. There are several ways to do that :

  • Opt for dark-colored jeans with bright-colored and/ or printed tops. Dark colors are more slimming than bright ones. Note: this isn’t an absolute rule though. As long as your top outshines your bottom, you can bend/ break this rule.
  • Wear voluminous tops like ruffles and flouncy tops. They draw the focus upwards.

How to Style Skinny Jeans for Pear with Big Thighs

  • Keep your skinny jeans unembellished as possible. Average-sized pockets are okay but avoid sequins, oversized buttons, gemstones, and any bold embroidery near your thighs and hips. Your thighs need no more enhancement. Reserve the embellishments for your top instead.

diagonal lines are slimming. Wear them across your thighs and they ’ ll visually minimize your thighs .
This is why you can never go improper with handkerchief tunics with diagonal hemlines .
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  • Feel free to accessorize with at least one of the following: bracelet, necklace, watch, earrings, and shoulder bags to draw the emphasis to your torso.

How to style skinny jeans on APPLE and RECTANGLE bodies with big thighs

lean apple and rectangle typically have slim legs. however, when both of these body shapes derive considerable weight, their thighs are besides probable to grow bigger.

Can I Wear Skinny Jeans if I Have Big Thighs? If you ’ re a summation size apple or rectangle with big thighs, your likely finish is to create the illusion of a curvier shank. not only will this slim down your figure but besides balance your proportion since the focus won ’ t only be resting on your thighs but besides on the curves of your shank .
Wear your cheeseparing jeans with hourglass-shaped tops like peplum and handkerchief tops. They hug the waist and flare out at the hips, creating the illusion of a curvier shank .
And if you have broad shoulders, wear a V-neckline to visually minimize your torso ’ sulfur width .
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If you wan sodium enhance your butt, remember the follow :

  • Choose skinny jeans with rounded yokes over straight ones. They’ll make your booty look rounder and curvier. (Yoke is the back section of the jeans just below the back of the waistband.)

Can I Wear Skinny Jeans if I Have Big Thighs?rounded yoke
Can I Wear Skinny Jeans if I Have Big Thighs?straight yoke

  • Opt skinny jeans with pockets that sit higher than your butt.
  • A faded color on the seat will help enhance your rear.
  • When applicable, opt for jeans with embellishments like stitching, sequins, and large back pockets near your buttocks.

How to style skinny jeans on an HOURGLASS body with big thighs

How to Dress an Hourglass Body typeregular and plus size HOURGLASS Whether you ’ re a lean or a plus size hourglass, you naturally have big thighs. The good thing is, they are already shapely so you ’ ll have an easier time dressing up .
You can pretty much pair your cheeseparing jeans with any top you like and expect to look bang-up in them .
If you wan na slim down your thighs, wear dark-colored skinny jeans.

To give your thighs a sculpt appearance, choose jeans with fade color at the seat and the front thighs .
Can I Wear Skinny Jeans if I Have Big Thighs?Click here to view on Amazon. Looking well in cheeseparing jeans normally isn ’ t a problem for an hourglass body. The trouble, however, lies on the fact that it ’ randomness much hard to find a pair of tight-fitting jeans that fits a bosomy figure.

It isn ’ thymine impossible, though. If you already have a trust brand, stick to it. otherwise, it ’ randomness gon na be a trial and mistake until you find the right one .

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