How to Wear Skinny Jeans When You Have Bigger Legs

If you are gifted with ample hips and thighs, you should not limit yourself to frumpy outfits that are not merely unflattering, it makes you old besides. Although it is quite ambitious to find the right outfits, you should celebrate your hourglass figure. obviously, the downside of having big thighs and leg is buying the right character of pants, jeans to be accurate .
Jeans are comfortable, dateless, and the most versatile piece of clothing. fortunately, jean does not discriminate on body types. Although it is hard to find the arrant match jeans for your big thighs and legs, it does not mean that you will never fit in one. You can distillery look good in scraggy jeans tied if you are bosomy. You just have to embrace your consistency type foremost .
With the proper mentality, you can find jeans you will love. hera are some tips on finding a comfortable and stylish pair that is not baggy to highlight your assets .

Jeans for Curvy Bodies

To find the correct jeans that would be perfect for your big thighs and wide hips, you need to pay near attention to the stylus, match, and fabric. apart from these, you besides need to look at the following.


You may have read or heard about muffin tops or plumber ’ second snap. These are the most unflattering spirit when you wear low-rise denim that is excessively moo for you. It happens when the jeans sit on your middle. For women with big thighs, you can have two options. A high rise that comes proper above your belly button or a mid-rise that sits below your belly .
Wearing high-rise jeans will make your legs appear longer and create a beautiful hourglass shape. In this style, there is no peeking out of the belly or butt. The mid-rise, on the other hand, can show off your beautiful assets without exposing besides much bark .


When choosing tight-fitting denim, do n’t choose anything bearded or faded. Choose lone in the iniquity wash or black colors. It will help you shift well from day to night and create a single ocular line. This is actually an optical delusion that pulls the center away from the thigh, genitalia, or knees. Dark jean can besides elongate and slim the leg, which is what you are aiming for .


Another significant factor that you should watch out for is the shape of the jean. A boot cut that is fitted on the thigh and across-the-board on the lower parcel of your legs will balance the size of your thigh. Straight-leg jeans will create a one-line illusion that will make your legs look longer and slimmer. skinny jeans will besides make your legs slim. You just have to know how to wear them .

How to Wear Skinny Jeans If You have Big Thighs

You should not limit your choices when you have big thighs. Include tight-fitting jeans in your choice and let them do wonders for you. The beauty of this type of jeans is they can make your legs look long. Check out our practical guide on how to look fabulous in tight-fitting jeans even if your thighs are not toothpick-thin .

Choose Dark Wash

We all know that dark colors are more slimming than light colors. so, when you have big thighs, choose a match of skinny jeans in the classical solid wash. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate drive tempted by the stream trends that have whiskering details and thigh evanesce as it will draw attention to where you don ’ metric ton want it to be .

Complete Your Outfit with Chunky Shoes

You need to create a balance on your leg line and the only manner to do that is to wear platform-style heels or wedges. Wearing delicate shoes will only emphasize the width of your top. Chunky shoes can balance the proportion of your legs. Wearing stiletto will merely emphasize your bigger second joint.

Layer Up

If you want to have a far slimming consequence, match your outfit with an elegant and long cardigan. This piece of the garment should cover at least below the hips, mid-thigh is even better. Throwing in a cardigan will highlight the cheeseparing abridge and slimmer thighs .
For a perfect slender search, slip on a hanker fine-knit cardigan over tight-fitting jeans and a body-skimming tee. The cardigan will camouflage the bulky thighs and create a long soundbox line .

Lighten Your Top

Choose tops in classy whiten colors to complement the dark wash of your jeans. It will draw attention from the thighs and bring it up to the torso. The light colors will draw the eye up and away from the trouble area by creating an illusion of width at the top .

Proportion, Proportion

We have said it before and we are saying it again. You have to create an delusion. skinny jeans can create a sharp line from the waist down. It can be an exaggerated channel for women with big thighs because of a wide-eyed hep and thighs and slimmer ankle .
To draw the attention aside from these problem areas, avoid looking like an inverted triangle. Don ’ metric ton clothing oversized, bold patterned tops. Always go for something solid and neutral that naturally skims the body .

Last Tip

The best fabric for women with bad thighs is elongate denim. It is a combination of a stretchable, synthetic framework and cotton-polyester blend. The jeans will look like regular jeans but provide more flexibility on the leg. Look at the label and check the tag. You have to look for the percentage of elastane on the framework. The higher the percentage, the greater board it will have while in a form-fitting meet.

There are plenty of skinny jeans options for those with bad thighs. Don ’ t be afraid to try them on but wear ’ triiodothyronine forget to follow our tips on how to get the right search for your body type .
No matter what expressive style you like, you can find a pair of jeans that would accentuate your curves in the justly ways. Find your pair here .

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