Supra Oakwood sneakers in purple

Who should buy the Supra Oakwood

This Supra gym shoe is a good match for you if :

  • You want a shoe with high-top collar for ample protection for the ankle
  • You prefer a shoe with leather upper for a sturdy and reliable fit
  • You are after a sneaker with padded tongue and collar for breathability

Supra Oakwood Logo

Style of the Supra Oakwood

With its leather upper berth and traditional cleat style, the Supra Oakwood has a classy attract that makes it desirable for casual and semi-casual occasions. The available colorways for the shoe are in neutral hues that lend it a dateless invoke but update with mod details.

Supra Oakwood Midsole
Jeans or skirts and shirts are perfect for pairing with these sneakers for a dressed flare. meanwhile, shorts and t-shirts are ideal for any low-key day or night, paired with these shoes. With their weatherized features, these kicks are besides desirable for the hang and the winter seasons .
Supra Oakwood Toebox

Notable Features

With its water repellent leather upper, the Supra Oakwood is appropriate for any upwind, whether rain or shine. Its hiking-inspired outsole besides provides optimum support and comfort for diverse terrains .
Supra Oakwood Outsole
The upper has a aboveboard design that is evocative of outerwear cleats. other virtual features include a leather mudguard that blocks crap and a gusseted tongue that keeps the brake shoe barren of debris .
Supra Oakwood Heel

There ’ s a slide fastener on the fink ’ s medial side that allows easy wearing. A pull yellow journalism helps in sliding the foot inwardly. There are besides alloy hooks for the laces to enable convenient access to the model ’ south home, which is lightly padded for comfort. Supra brand can be found on the heel and tongue. The brand ’ south trademark pennant can besides be seen near the midsole at the side of the list .
Supra Oakwood Insole

History of the Supra Oakwood

Launched in 2006, American footwear mark Supra was founded by Angel Cabada along with a few professional skateboarders. The company grew from an belowground mind into an explosive business that has made its bell ringer in the skateboarding world and beyond. With a goal of creating advanced skate shoes, the Los Angeles-based company looked towards the styles of its skate team on and off the board .
Supra Oakwood Laces
As a resultant role, Supra shoes are well-adjusted in terms of routine and looks, creating versatile kicks that are quick for hitting the skate park or the streets. With such collaborations as with Jay-Z, Steve Aoki, and Lil Wayne, it ’ s clear that the brand is concerned in different cultures and fashions beyond skateboarding. many fabled models from the party ’ randomness catalog have been well received for such conjunctions .
Supra Oakwood Collar

One mannequin which follows this course of balancing between style and practicality is the high-top Supra Oakwood. It ’ s a hiking-inspired gym shoe that combines the look of a premier high-cut shoe with the performance of rugged outerwear. This fink ’ s water-repellent material and dirt repellent features enable the wearer to do more and go anywhere in any upwind .
Supra Oakwood shoe laces
At the same time, its cleat structure and smooth style are ideal for casual wear. It has trademark Supra details that elevate the brake shoe to urban sophism. It ’ second perfect for men and women who are looking for a unlike high-top style that will besides provide all the comfort and support that they need for casual activities .

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