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Top Tips For Using A Tactical Belt

Decided to leave leather behind and pick up a tactical belt alternatively ? not a bad estimate !
however, these belts are a little different than the typical knock you might be used to using, so there are a few tips, tricks and therefore on that you ‘ll want to know. Granted, it ‘s not skyrocket surgery ; most people figure these things out on their own .
That said, if you want to get the best out of a tactical belt … here are some tips from Bigfoot Gun Belts. We would know, because we make them !

Make Sure You Get The Right Size Of Tactical Belt

belt size
This seems wholly obvious, but it ‘s actually very authoritative to get your sizing justly when you order a tactical belt out. It ‘s just a important if you ‘re ordering a leather knock. It ‘s besides significant if you ordain a shirt, or shoes or whatever item of clothing it might be.

In fact, sizing errors are the causal agent of pretty much all of the intersection returns here at Bigfoot Gun Belts .
indeed here ‘s what we recommend you do BEFORE you buy :
Get either a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string about 5 feet long. Run the measure tape ( or string ) through your knock loops, and pull it a little tight. If you have to use bowed stringed instrument, set it where it overlaps .
The measurement you get is your shank size, and that ‘s what you want to use when ordering your belt. Do n’t order your pants size. If you ‘re going to use an IWB holster, you want an extra column inch or two of room, therefore make certain you factor that in .
Get the right size, and your belt will work a whole fortune better .

You Have More Wiggle Room If Losing Weight…Up To A Point

A concern some people have when buying a gunman swath is what will happen if they lose slant .
Makes common sense, correct ? here you ‘re spending a goodly sum on a knock, only for it to be useless to you late because there ‘s less you, and you have to buy another one .
There ‘s good news and bad newsworthiness. The good news is that there ‘s some jiggle room. The badly newsworthiness is it ‘s only there up to a point .
Okay, so the good news program : you can probably adjust your belt a bite and use it while losing system of weights .
Our tactical belts fit a size scope of about 4 inches each. If your belt size is in the center or upper end of that size range – say you have a 39-inch waist, and you order a Large, which fits a 37- to 40-inch shank – then you can just tighten it .
If you use a leather belt, and tighten at the middle belt prong hole, you have about an inch on either side to let the knock out or tighten it .
consequently, you do n’t have to buy a hale new belt if you lose the 5 or 10 pounds some of us put on during the holidays. however, as you can besides gather, that merely goes far .
We get it. Having to buy another belt stings … but look at it like this : a modern wardrobe is a reinforce for hard work. Diligence and discipline will help you keep it .

How To Actually Use A Quick Release Buckle On Your Tactical Belt

tactical belt buckle
One of the sell points of the typical tactical belt is a quick-release buckle. It ‘s a great feature of speech, but where some people make things harder on themselves is by not using it correctly .
here ‘s how it ‘s done .
When you put your belt on, leave the buckle fastened. Take the tail out of the buckle wholly .
What you want to do is thread the tail through the belt loops, and then through the heave. then, fasten the stern on the pilfer and loop fastener to in full fasten your belt .
Wait. If that ‘s how you put the belt on, what ‘s even the point of a flying free buckle ? How are you supposed to use it ?
When you ‘re going to take your pants off or down, but will put them back on.

If you wear the same pair of pants for a day or two before washing them, pop the heave and then put it back on the next day. Or, if you have to answer the call of nature. It makes putting your pants back on that much easier .

Wear Your Tactical Belt Upside Down

tactical belt
Another circus tent peak on using a tactical belt ?
If you ‘re going to wear a pistol and holster with your belt, flip that thing top down .
Huh ? ! Has the smell of leather ultimately made them LOSE THEIR MIND ? !
The tail of the typical tactical knock goes to the right, whereas the tail of the typical leather belt goes to the left. With a leather knock, the buttocks normally is n’t excessively long ; at the longest, it tends to reach about to the front pants pouch. With a tactical belt out, the tail tends to be longer with hook and loop framework on the inwardly of the buttocks that fastens onto the rest of the belt .
now, the direction the distinctive IWB holster is put on is by attaching the holster to the belt before you fasten it .
For a right-handed person … how the heck are you supposed to do that if the dock of the swath is on the right side ?
Answer ? Flip the belt over !
With the stern on the left side, precisely how you fasten the belt changes – mean you use hook and loop framework and a warp rather than a distinctive prong fastener – but does n’t otherwise .
thus flip that thing over .

Buy Once, Cry Once

gun belt
look, it ‘s not that we do n’t know that there are a crowd of tactical belts on social media or Amazon that are cheap. We get it, okay ?
however, what we ‘d like to suggest is that a belt out which is going to be used to support a pistol is supposed to be a durable item. precisely how durable is a belt going to be if it entirely costs $ 10 ?
obviously, we ca n’t speak for all artillery belt makers ; we can merely speak for ourselves. We put a fortune of campaign in terms of inquiry and development to make certain a belt out is arsenic solid as we can make it. early belt makers of commodity think of do besides .
The materials and the work … do n’t come for rid or in truth for cheap. The question for you is whether you want to trust an item you bought because it was a cheaper version of something else … when you could have bought the real deal .
It ‘s like buying brassy work boots or a bum mattress. You could, but it ‘s going to make you hapless. You might vitamin a well invest in something that you know is going to work .
As the say goes … bargain once, exclaim once. Get a good quality belt, and you ‘ll get your money ‘s worth. Do n’t, and it might work … sort of, or for a short while … but you ‘re about surely going to wind up back at squarely one .

Get The Right Tactical Belt For Your Intended Use

tactical belt
Make sure you get the right tactical belt for your intended use. As with anything else, getting the right joyride for the tax makes the job easier.

Granted, it ‘s not as if you ca n’t use, say, a rigger ‘s belt ca n’t be used for EDC. It decidedly can !
however, if you ‘re looking for a slimmed-down, minimalist belt that can handle concealed stock and range days and just making things easier on yourself, a EDC belt that ‘s a bit more streamlined may be a better choice .
You can make about any tactical belt work so long as it is n’t a duty belt, of class, but getting the one that suits your intended practice and life style will make you a draw happier with your purchase .

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