How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch


Do you have a tennis bracelet that you love, but you do n’t know how to wear it with your front-runner watch ? Or possibly you barely got a raw vigil and are wondering how to stylus your tennis watchband with it. No worries ! We are here to help. In this post, we will show you what to consider when wearing a tennis bracelet with a wristwatch. Whether you are dressing up for a courtly event or fair want to add some supernumerary flare to your casual expect, we have got you covered !

Matching Timepiece and Tennis Bracelet Style
Wearing a determine and a tennis bracelet is a fantastic way to add interest and flare to your expect. Choose whatever style of lookout you wish, equally long as it goes with the plan of your tennis watchband. If your whole look is more reserve and formal, you might not want to combine an athletic-style timepiece with a costly rhombus tennis watchband. If your style is more eclectic, go for it ! Embrace respective combinations if you have an eclectic smell of style. Our brand fresh Phoebe Bracelet is an excellent choice if you look for something a bit more unconventional.

Phoebe Bracelet
If you are looking for classic design check out the Hailey Round Prong Tennis Bracelet – available in greatest silver and amber vermeil .

Stacking Colours – Keep it Simple or Take a Bold Approach 
Another crucial aspect is color. Think about the alloy color of your tennis bracelet and the color of your timepiece. They should go well together or complement one another. This is n’t equitable a problem with timepieces and bracelets. The lapp rule applies to other accessories, including earrings, or rings. Mixing metals can be crafty and if you are a novice, picking a more colour-consistent stack is the safe option. Timepieces with a leather strap can be combined with different metals types and colours. If you feel more comfortable combining different colours and styles and are used to stacking earrings, take a boldface set about and try a color jazz band that stands out. Explore CARAT * LONDON sterling flatware and yellow gold tennis bracelets to find your perfect meet.

Left Arm, Right Arm – Same Arm?
If you are wearing just one bracelet, keep it aside from your watch. To produce a harmonious appearance, wear it on the other wrist. This concept is referred to as “ ocular slant ” : Consider your two wrists as the two sides of a scale. Make certain that neither side is heavier than the other when getting dressed. On the opposition slope of the spectrum, if you are wearing multiple bracelets, consider slipping one beside your watch to create a poise impression. besides make indisputable the tennis watchband is not besides loosen. It ‘s preferable to select a bracelet that fits comfortably around your wrist and hangs either above or below the watch. many of our tennis bracelets are available in 16 or 18cm distance to make sure they fit you perfectly ( take a look at our best-selling Vianne Round Prong Tennis Bracelet ) .
Vianne Round Tennis Bracelet
Match Timepiece and Tennis Bracelet Size
This may be a no-brainer, but just to make sure : Do not wear an enormous bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. It ‘s all about slant balance again. If you have something showy that you must wear because it compliments the rest of your outfit, put it on the other hand. At the lapp time, do n’t allow your watch and bracelets to be besides alike in width. It ‘s a interrogate of ocular weight – a bulkier timepiece will necessitate a wide watchband. Our Alexis White Bracelet is a good choice to complement a larger wristwatch. It features three rows of attack brilliant write out stones and comes with an adjustable CARAT * slider for a comfortable equip.

Alexis White Bracelet
Need Additional Styling Inspiration?
If this article has inspired you to try combining a tennis watchband with a timepiece, but you are not quite surely how to pick the right bracelet check out our tennis bracelet shopping usher .

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