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honestly speaking, thongs are like the boldest & sexiest ones in the lingerie category. They say that flip-flop international relations and security network ’ t a thing for every womanhood and that not everyone can carry it. well, we refuse to agree on that. We sincerely believe that there ’ s nothing like an uncomfortable lash in the underfashion populace. It ’ mho merely that you need to know how to pick the right field thong .
Researchers suggest that a large phone number of women consider thongs to be more comfortable than regular styles. Wondering how & why ? possibly they have mastered the art of picking the right lingerie for themselves .

How to pick the right thong?
1.       Size Is it too tight or too loose?
2.       Fabric Skin-friendly or non-breathable?
3.       Outfit Skater dresses or fitted jeggings?
4.       Colour Bright neons or basic nudes?
5.       Purpose To solve panty woes or to woo him?

 1. Size

Size plays a identical important character in making us look the direction we look today. Be it tire or innerwear, the right field size can make or break your appearance. We are certain ; most of you try at least 2-3 styles or sizes of denims when it comes to picking a well-fitted pair of jeans. Isn ’ t it ? And it wholly makes sense because we know that these days we spend our lives wearing basic denim jeans. then why not for your inner wear besides ? Infact, it ’ s the foremost patch of fabric that goes onto your skin.

It becomes identical authoritative to pick the correct size of flip-flop. Picking a smaller size will make the bet on string dig excessively much into the peel and make it a very afflictive and discomforting feel for you. On the contrary, picking a bigger size may lead to excess fabric gather on the back and creating unsightly bumps. So constantly make sure you pick a snug fit .


Nothing gets closer to your hide than lingerie. It becomes of last importance to cautiously pick a thong according to your use, weather and affair. If you are looking for a lash for everyday use, we suggest you should go for a cotton lash. Cotton is know for its skin-friendly nature and breathability have. Such a fabric is ideal for blistering & humid weather. Thongs are besides available in butter-soft polyamide framework ; they feature a seamless and smooth eat up under body-hugging outfits. Polyamide has a elusive shininess to it which makes the framework feel lavish and colours look bright .


Thong is one pantie style that doesn ’ thymine truly restrict your outerwear. It can be worn under about everything and anything. however you must be careful about the designs and style that you pick.

You can easily don a any kind of g-string under a erupt dress or skirt. Wearing it under a fit match of jeggings or a bodycon dresses will help you eliminate pantie lines. But if your flip-flop has lace trims along the shank or peg openings or metallic embellishments, there is a high chance that it would show under body-fitted outfits. Always pick a laser cut thong for body-hugging outfits, these normally come with silicon tapes on the inner side which fits you like a baseball glove without leaving a trace of its being .


Most women don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bother about colours when it comes to lingerie. The park reason behind this being- ‘ I ’ thousand gon na wear this inside, who ’ s gon na see it anyways ? ’ Ladies, just in character you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate realize, your pantie at times is very much visible. If you are wearing a bright neon shade under a fit black dress, trust me ladies it ’ s going to show. Or wearing a pink printed lash under a white pencil skirt- ahem… obstruct. so daughter, put in a bit of remember while picking the right lash. Pick a nude one for white & light coloured outfits. Pick a shade that merges with your natural skin tone and let your pantie be a secret ! Ssshh…


The most obvious aim of a flip-flop is to eliminate embarrass pantie lines and make your outfit spirit chic and blank. Another purpose of a low shank g-string is to avoid pantie glance when you wear low waist jeans. But what if it is a aphrodisiac lacy g-string ? * wink * Well, who can resist that ! We assure you that he would fall head over heels for you .

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