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Believe it or not, it ’ s possible to take the dinner dress look of a dinner jacket to a whole modern grade. not certain how to do it ? Try out wearing shirt stud, which are designed to replace standard preen shirt buttons. These small accessories can pack a big punch for the man who wants to stand out from the crowd at formal events. A immediate reminder about conventional wear : generally, an equip international relations and security network ’ t complete without dinner jacket shirt scantling for Black Tie and White tie apparel codes. Studs are worn on all courtly occasions and should merely be worn with tuxedos, not suits. Keep in mind, not all dinner jacket shirts can accommodate studs, so choose wisely. You can browse our collection of shirts to find the perfect one for your particular event .Man Smiling while wearing Generation Tux Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo with black and silver studs

Shirt Studs 101

Studs typically come in sets of three or four. person opting for a classical look can ’ thymine go wrong with blacken stud. There are batch of early options to choose from. Don ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to step out of the box when choosing your look. Shirt studs can be a capital manner to personalize your ensemble. much like cufflinks and other accessories, you can let the studs reflect your own singular stylus. For example :

  • Add some glamour to your formal look with a crystal stud set or a precious stone set. You can even try to match your partner’s accessories by opting for the same crystals embellished on her gown or stones she is wearing via her jewels.
  • Give your ensemble a twist with a knot stud set.
  • Showcase your favorite hobby or interest with novelty shirt stud sets. We’ve seen everything from Darth Vader studs for the Star Wars fan, Lamborghini designs for luxury car lovers, sports-themed studs, sets for animal lovers, and skull and crossbones for an edgier look.

How to wear them

If you ’ re going to wear shirt studs, then you ’ ll decidedly want to show them off ! Studs work best with a bow tie ; a necktie will good cover them up. The bow tie will cover the top button of the shirt, so the stud startle at the second buttonhole or stud hole.

Man wearing Generation Tux Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo with black and silver studs

Putting them on

If you ’ rhenium not certain how to put on or wear shirt studs on your dinner jacket shirt, you ’ rhenium not alone. Studs can be crafty, so we have provided you with some simple steps to master these dinner jacket shirt must-haves :

  1. Insert a stud through each opening on the front of your shirt. Stud holes are located above each button, and they look like regular buttonholes, only smaller.
  2. Fasten each stud using the original buttonholes from the other side of the shirt, just as you would a regular button. Now check out how sharp you look
  3. Make sure the studs are secured properly so they don’t pop off.

And shirt studs are good the get down when it comes to accessorizing your special event attend. Don ’ metric ton forget to check out Generation Tux ’ randomness selection of ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. No matter how you want to style your ensemble, we can help you find the perfect way to put the finish up touches, so you stand out from the herd.

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