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4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers Wedge sneakers have been around for a few years, so I ’ m a small recently to the game of actually owning a pair. I know some blogs and fashion sites say they are out of dash, but I think every female child should own a couple of high-top wedge gymnasium shoes for these four reasons .

1. Wedge Tennis Shoes are Comfortable AND Stylish

The number one argue to wear wedge heel gymnasium shoes is that they are ultra-comfortable. They are shoes you can wear them to walk around for hours without your feet hurting. not only are they comfortable, but they are fashionable ! If you plan to travel this summer, I highly suggest you pack a pair of wedge heel sneakers over your chucks or boring run shoes, as high-top tennis shoes look room more put together and modern than the other gym shoe options .
4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers

2. The Athleisure Trend is Here to Stay

Whether you like the athleisure swerve or not, it ’ second here to stay. I ’ molarity not saying you should run around in your gymnasium clothes all-day, every-day, but most people have embraced a more casual ( and hopefully stylish ) vibration to their clothing. Athleisure wear can be very cool if you expressive style it right field and choose interest pieces. Your apparent black yoga pants and a plain ridicule cooler acme won ’ t cut it. here are some athleisure styling tips from Vogue. Wedge sneakers go capital with leggings and can immediately elevate your athleisure wear by adding stature and an urban edge .
4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers

3. Wedge tennis shoes are Versatile

High-top lodge basketball shoes look bang-up with leggings, but they besides look superintendent cunning with tight-fitting jeans, ankle-length pants, and shorts. I love how they look with cut-offs. If you ’ re actually adventurous, you might try pairing high-top wedges with a pencil annulus or summer dress. I personally like to wear mine with skinny jeans. sometimes, I ’ ll add a cuff, other times, I ’ ll keep them longer .
4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers

4. High-Top Wedge Gym Shoes Add Height

I love the height that heels and wedges add to my skeleton. Any time you appear grandiloquent, it has a slimming effect. I love to wear heels, but I don ’ thyroxine find them identical comfortable. high-top wedge sneakers are a much more comfortable way to add height while silent maintaining the quilt of sneakers .
4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers
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Here are some of my current favorite wedge sneakers:

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Which is your favorite ?

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