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How to Wear Wedges with Jeans How to Wear Wedges with Jeans
even if you know you want to wear bomber sandals with jeans, it can be crafty to figure out which specific dash goes good with respective types of denim. After all, not all wedges and jeans are created equal. Vionic is here to contribution how to wear wedges with jeans, american samoa well as which outfit combos to rock on respective occasions .

8 Ways to Wear Wedges with Jeans

Should you go with a back-strap peep-toe bomber with white tight-fitting jeans or a platform sandal with relaxed-fit jean for an easy-breezy beachy look ? Whatever you have in mind, there ’ s a room to match any wedge with any pair of jeans. Skinny, ripped, boyfriend, straight-leg, wide-leg, black, or white, here ’ s how to wear jeans and wedges with style .

Wedges with Skinny Jeans

Some say skinny jeans are on their direction out, but let ’ s be honest : the form-fitting vogue is here to stay. They hug your visualize from your hips to your ankles, showing off your legs and flattering your curves. tight-fitting jeans are arguably one of the most versatile pant styles, and they can be worn with about any shoe.
Thanks to the skintight design of skinny jeans, you can ’ thymine go wrong with wedges, as the exalted style merely enhances the look. Match a pair of close-toed wedges with dark-wash jean pants. then throw on a loosen jersey and outsize cardigan for a laid-back aesthetic .¹
Do you prefer sandals or peep-toe footwear ? Cuff your cheeseparing jeans once or doubly and finish the expression with a baggy button-down shirt tucked partially in the front.

Wedges with Ripped Jeans

once pre-ripped denim started being sold in stores, all bets were off. This edgy, casual style may constantly have a topographic point in fashion, and with the right pair of wedges, it can be classy besides.
We love the attend of an open-back wedge or espadrilles with distressed jeans. Throw on a colorful tank or a sleeveless tunic, and err into a leather jacket or bomber coat if you need some supernumerary warmheartedness.
Are strappy sandals more your travel rapidly ? Tuck a mock-neck top into your jeans and strip on an ankle-strap open-toed wedge heel. If form-fitting shirts aren ’ t your cup of tea, try a loosen short-sleeve button-up .

Wedges with Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans were created for ease. Since they have a slightly slouchy fit, your initial think might be to pair them with sneakers, sandals, or another casual footwear style. But whether rip, stonewash, or faded, this laidback gasp works amazingly well with wedges.
Are you wondering how to wear your favored pair of boyfriend jeans with a fashionable match of wedges ? Since this slack jean expressive style offers a more minor burst, the right heeled shoes balance them out with an elongated, feminine touch.² Wedge booties are a go-to for this stylus of jean. disquieted boyfriend jeans with an outsize sweater or a jersey lazily tucked into the front will play up the casual equip.
Another one of our favored ways to wear jean is with a match shirt or a crop top to balance out the baggy pants. For this count, we love an open-toe or ankle-strap wedge. Finish the ensemble with some playful accessories and a cross-body bag .

Wedges with Straight-Leg Jeans

Let ’ s talk about straight-leg jeans. The traditional, universally flattering silhouette combines the match upper dowry of scraggy jeans with the relax bottoms of a boyfriend cut. sometimes called the cigarette pant, this jean style is the best of both worlds.
You ’ ll much see straight-cut jeans paired with sneakers, but this is by no means the alone footwear option. Do wedges go with cigarette jeans ? You stake ! All you need is the right match.
What ’ s nice about straight jeans is that they look big manacle or uncuffed. If you ’ re wondering how to wear manacle jeans with wedges, we ’ ra happy to tell you it ’ s a pretty easy look to pull off. In the fall and winter, we adore elevated railway ankle boots with a match tee and a slouchy cardigan or a button-down flannel tied around the shank.
In the heater season, choose for summery cork-heel wedges or classical espadrilles. As for the pillow of your ensemble, a childlike tank acme, graphic tee, or crop-top ( and possibly a lightweight crown ) is all you need .

Wedges with Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans have quite a history. A borrow style from the 30s, revamped in the 70s, with a potent 90s comeback, wide-leg jean is undoubtedly back—and it might even be starting to overshadow the long-run, about unassailable reign of the skinny jean.³
An open-toed platform wedge heel is a perfect complement to high-waisted wide-leg pants. Matched with a flowy tank, a crop-top, or a flirty puff-sleeve shirt can bring you back to the 70s when the style was at its top out. Transitioning the spirit to a business-casual sic, opt for a back-strap, closed-toed wedge heel, or a heel bootee. Complete the equip with a elementary button-down shirt.

Wedges with Black Jeans

A copulate of black jeans is just like a little black dress : the disengagement manner staple goes with anything and flatters everyone. Heading from the office to a night out on the town ? Go with black jeans. Jaunting to an good afternoon barbecue after brunch ? wear black jeans. Running errands and then meeting a acquaintance for chocolate ? Black jeans.
exchangeable to skinny jeans, this jean style is versatile, slimming, and casual. Plus, you can wear any other color with black—and about any footwear manner excessively. phonograph needle to say, rocking wedges with black jeans is an easy streetwear spirit, and it works year-round.
A closed-toe lodge with a V-neck shirt and blazer is a big expression for nailing your boardroom display or heading to felicitous hour drinks. Out and about on the weekend ? slip-on your favorite baggy perspirer, button-down shirt, or tunic acme with ankle-strap wedge heel sandals, and you ’ ll be commodity to go from dawn till night .

Wedges with White Jeans

The fun thing about white denim is that, just like black jeans, it goes with closely anything. not only that, but the “ rules ” about not wearing it after Labor Day have been tossed away for at least a decade nowadays, so feel complimentary to wear it during the winter, give, summer, or fall.
That said, if you ’ re new to white jeans, the summer temper is a great time to try them out. We love this style of pants with a dark blue strip nautical-style shirt or a diaphanous floral exceed. As for your shoes, wedge sandals, platforms, or espadrilles all lend to a warm-weather vibration.
When you slip into a pair of stressed, scraggy, or boyfriend-cut white jeans, a blowy summer shirt, and a pair of list wedge heel sandals, nothing will stop you from taking on the day. From walking on the pier to grabbing lunch with friends to an evening watching the sunset, you can ’ triiodothyronine go wrong with this ensemble .

Where to Buy the Best Wedges for Every Occasion

If you always find yourself wondering what to wear with denim, wedges are a tried-and-true footwear choice. And equitable like your favored match of jeans, Vionic ’ s wedges for women are versatile, endlessly comfortable, and appropriate for a across-the-board range of occasions. Where jeans hug your curves, our wedges hug your arches for a pain-free, constantly comfy feel you can count on day after day.
By now, you should have a pretty good theme of how to wear wedge sandals with jeans—but this horseshoe manner can be worn with more than precisely denim. You can strut your stuff in wedges with maxi dresses, sundresses, rompers, jumpsuits, chinos, trousers, shorts, flowy skirts—you name it.
Vionic is all about being comfortable on your feet. When you browse our impressive excerpt of women ’ s footwear, you ’ ll find a broad image of styles, colors, and heights ranging from about 1 to 4 inches. From cork-heel wedges and jute-wrapped espadrilles to chic chopine sandals for women, ankle booties, and strappy wedges, we have it all.
With orthotic shoes from Vionic, you never have to choose between looking good and impression adept. Each match is biomechanically engineered to deliver the support and constancy you need, no topic what you ’ re up to or where you ’ re headed. Check out our best low bomber sandals if you want the ease and the dash for any occasion. Believe it or not, you won ’ metric ton be dying to take them off deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you get home.
Shop our collection of women ’ south wedges, platforms, and heeled shoes nowadays to see what stands out to you .
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