10 Stunning Headband Hairstyles That Look Trendy & Stylish

close your eyes and think of Blair Waldorf, the evil dictator of taste, and immediately you think of her classical headband search. Headbands can take any hairdo from a subpar 3 to a flawless 10 ! In nowadays ’ s position, we will discuss the best headband hairstyles you should try out. sol, dial up your hairdo with these stunning headbands. Keep interpretation to check out the unlike ways you can wear a headband to add dynamism to your hair the Blair Waldorf direction !

1. Sleek Bun With Embellished Headband:

For an ultimate princess style, wear a streamlined bun with a double-row fancify headband. Perfect for a night out with the girls, a formal occasion or a hot date, all you need to pull this headband off is a Sasha Luss type of a hairstyle and natural makeup.

2. Ponytail With Headband:

Thinking about skipping your brunch because of a bad hair day ? There is an easy trick to solve your problem; just grab your hair, pull it in a low ponytail and add a gold headband to it. Make it trendy like Johanna Klum, who rocks a unleash and messy hairdo with headband .

3. Full Fringe Bun With Intricate Headband:

If you have fringes, you know headbands were made for you, right ? For this sophisticated look, perfective for a festival or a girlfriend ’ s nox out, keep your bun undo and the rest of your bijou to a minimum. You could side sweep your long bangs, but for that extra impact and romantic look, try rocking the headband behind your fringe à la Dianna Agron.

4. Long Bob With Gold Headband:

Long bob, floral dress and a distant sun headband – go all edgy and glamorous with this chic look. Take a peak from Alex Smith-Kirk and keep the stay of your expect simple, avoid caked-on constitution, brassy clothes or dangly accessories altogether .

5. Long Hair With Floral Headband:

If your hair is long, the correct headband is a no-brainer addition to make it glamorous. In Zara Martin ’ randomness case, she chose a big, chunky, floral headband that lies flat against her head. so, if you are looking for headband styles for long haircloth, make sure the color of the accessary matches the semblance of your dress or contrasts with your hair color. This will help your look very stand out !

6. Wavy Hair With Boho Head Chain:

Proving that more can be aphrodisiac, Sarah Ellen pairs her aglitter trim with a sparkling bohemian point chain. Perfect for any occasion, we love how the bedazzled piece contrasts with her tousled waves; a style that adds a certain elegance to a simple hairdo. # BohoStyle

7. Braided Bun With Tiara:

Ah-mazing !

Actress Emmy Rossum matches her simple braided bun, faultless makeup, subtle eyes and shimmery lips with a gorgeous headstall. Since the tiara wholly glam, the actress matched it with a bare braided bun to let the bejewel headpiece take the spotlight .

8. Braided Updo With Knotted Headband:

A stretchable knotted headband is arrant for edgy, downtown daughter like Katy Perry. Perfect for square haircloth, the singer looks stunning with her braided up ’ bash at the 28 Annual Aria Awards. A great style to show off your flawless skin, the headband enhanced the embroider dress giving her hairdo an edgy and chic focal steer .

9. Angular Bob With Leather Headband:

Ashlee Simpson ’ s leather headband is a dim-witted way to infuse a bite of fun to her edgy bob. The black headband is fresh against her blond hair and pairs it with a cunning top and leather dame that never go out of style .

10. Beehive With Fabric Headband:

Dig a framework to try and create this easy front : Cut a long framework to wrap around your messy beehive doubly. position it at the back of the head, pull the sides up behind your ears and tie it at the back. Get inspired by this model at the Lena Hoschek read, who paired the style with natural looking makeup – bedewed skin, department of energy eyes, bang-up lips – for a gorgeous end touch. Whether you choose to style your hair in a ponytail, bun, braid, or let it hang free in waves or straighten it, the direction you style it can make or break your overall look. however, when you don ’ t have time to do an intricate hairdo, you may jazz up your count with everyone ’ s darling hair accessory – a headband ! Headbands are stylish, and you may besides utilize them to hide greasy roots and atrocious hair days. If that isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enough to persuade you to try this vogue right away, these ten headband hairstyles will. Try them today !

Frequently Asked Questions

Do headbands make you look younger ? Yes, headbands may make you appear younger when styled correctly. How do you wear headbands with thinly hair ? You can wear scarf headbands or boho headbands on flimsy hair as they can provide coverage for areas where hair’s-breadth is sparse. You can besides use them over updos to create an illusion of bulk. Are headbands coming back in dash ? Yes, headbands are making a adult comeback at fashion shows and on celebrities. Can headbands be worn with short haircloth ? Yes, narrow and chic headbands can be worn with short haircloth without throwing the attend out of balance. Can an older lady wear a headband ? Older women can sport satiny and non-glittery headbands to add glamour and chic to their outfits. Who started the headband swerve ? The headband tendency was set by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly in the 1950s . be this article helpful ?thumbsupthumbsdown

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