Understand the “America” in “Make America Great Again.” Watch the movie Porky’s.

Understand the “America” in “Make America Great Again.” Watch the movie Porky’s.

“It’s a HOLE new way to get GIRLS!” — they even set the pun parts in a larger font size, just in case the person reading it is too dense to get the joke otherwise. Reposting from my web site.
Riffing off of America is under siege from the guys in Porky ’ mho.
TL ; DR : I wrote about being a white male who traveled through my late boyhood/early adolescent times during the Reagan years. Those times fucked up so many of us white dudes. If you don ’ t click through and read, this think from the first mail that applies to this one : “ That ’ s a key message of Porky ’ second : if everyone else tried harder to understand white guy hatred, the universe would be a better position. ”

That ’ s the moral of the movie, in a nutshell. It besides seems to be the message of Trump voters, who complain about being left behind when the numbers prove that they are America ’ s most comfortable group. The “ America ” in “ Make America Great Again ” is this fabled space where these white people can be their worst selves while others must remain on their best behavior. MAGA likes to reference the 1950s when they talk about this “ America ” that should be resurrected. But they don ’ metric ton seem to be thinking of the 1950s America where the rich and corporations paid higher tax rates. Or the 1950s America in which a Republican Party counted Martin Luther King as one of their members because their platform offered more racial inclusiveness. Or even the 1950s America that supported a strong middle course who had relatively easy access to education and healthcare — one bread-winner could work forty hours a week and provide for the whole family…you have heard stories about that America, correct ? Well, MAGA doesn ’ metric ton want that America. Nope. When MAGA talks about earlier times, they talk about Porky ’ mho. The movie takes place in a soda-cracker-white, 1950s Florida town with manicure lawns and boggy outskirts where the cross-burnings take place. The story is packed with willful racial ignorance and cornball rape wit. The mayonnaise-main characters…all that ’ sulfur missing is red # MAGA ball caps manufactured in China. A president of the united states like Donald Trump belongs in a fabulous America like the one in Porky ’ mho. His dictatorship and the movie ’ s dictatorship align. At the start of the movie, the independent character bros drive across the county agate line to connive their way into the strip club owned by the character Porky. After they get caught, Porky summons his sheriff, who proceeds to destroy one of the chap ’ mho cars and threaten their lives while Porky and his gang of rednecks chortle and guffaw and snicker. But the fellas get their retaliation, in Trumpian ways. At the end of the movie, they provoke a fight with Porky ’ south gang, who chase the fellas across the county line…where the fellas ’ own Sheriff awaits. He destroys Porky ’ sulfur car and threatens his gang ’ mho lives. And now it ’ s the boy ’ turn to chortle and guffaw and snicker while Porky ’ s gang equitable stands there and puts up with law enforcement abusing their ability. Vengeance…whiteboy-style. The “ America ” in “ Make America Great Again ” is an America where the police exist not to enforce laws, but to subvert those laws on behalf of the right people — by “ correct people ” I mean “ Sean Hannity ’ s viewership. ”

When it comes to the original Porky ’ s post, do you know what weirds me out the most ? I wrote it in October of 2013. Everything that inspired these thoughts — the guy who wrote them down had zero clue that Donald Trump would be elected president three years and one month after this patch posts. I wrote it thinking about the men who couldn ’ thymine handle a black man as their president of the united states. My 2013 self could not fathom that the guy from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous would replace the black man as president of the united states. Wait. It ’ s more like this : say you went back in time to the fall of 2013 and found me sitting somewhere, hanging out. Say you walked up and said, “ Hey Chris, guess what ? Donald Trump is going to be elected President of the United States of America. ” In the seconds after you said that, my growing laughter would be mixing in with the erupting laugh coming from the people around me who overheard you utter this crazy-talk. The group of us would have then given you sarcastic nods and made the puffing-on-the-joint gesture with our index fingers and thumbs before asking you to leave the premises and spout your nuthouse mumbo-jumbo somewhere else. And here we are today. I won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go into further detail because you are besides here nowadays and are besides aware of the dumb, syphilitic details fair like I am. USA ! USA ! USA !

A eldritch think drill : imagine yourself at an earlier point in time — but not so army for the liberation of rwanda back that details get excessively muddled. Some consequence that you remember…it doesn ’ thyroxine matter the reason…just because. What matters is that you can recall significant physical details of this here and now, adequate to visualize it. now that you see that vision of yourself, walk up to them and whisper in their ear, “ Donald Trump will be President. ” immediately, go get a glass of urine and throw it in the face of your passed-out previous self. If they don ’ t wake up, try CPR. If needed, bust out the complex number heart-paddles. besides posted at my web site. Read Part 1. Part 3.
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