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How to Get Fuller Breasts Without Surgery

Most women who want full breasts assume that their entirely options are breast augmentation ( breast implants ) or a front lift .
In fact, there ’ second another solution .
A scarless front lift is a minimally encroaching routine that doesn ’ t require serious surgery as is the case with breast augmentation or a breast rise. alternatively, scarless breast lifts use radiofrequency technology to give you a subtly but noticeable lift. No incisions. No scar .
In the pursue lead, we ’ ll draft everything you need to know about this routine, including what it involves, who the best candidates are, and what improvements you can expect if you opt to go this path.

What Is a Scarless Breast Lift?

When Dr. Stark performs a scarless summit pilfer, he is in truth using a engineering called BodyTite .
BodyTite is a class of minimally invasive body contouring technology. It is powered by directing radiofrequency, which triggers and contracts the tissues correct below the airfoil of the skin. This action gently tightens the bark on and around your breasts, causing a subtle but noticeable lift .
BodyTite engineering can be used on different parts of the body, but Dr. Stark likes it for the breasts because it ’ s particularly effective at targeting each weave level of skin and causing a timbre tightening contraction. The procedure is scarless and requires very little downtime .

Who Is the Best Candidate for a Scarless Breast Lift?

You may be a well candidate for a scarless summit lift if you :

  • Have sagging skin on your breasts
  • Feel dissatisfied with the tautness and tightness of your breasts
  • Desire firmer breasts with a more youthful appearance
  • Don’t want to get surgery to improve the appearance of your breasts
  • Don’t want to have scars after your procedure
  • Can’t take a lot of time off from work, school, or other responsibilities when it comes to recovery
  • Want a solution that’s going to last

Keep in mind that not everyone will be a well campaigner for this procedure. While a scarless breast lift can surely help women who want firmer, tighter breasts with less sag and wilt, the procedure is not for women who would like to change their breasts drastically or tied well .
The effects of this solution are going to be elusive. The BodyTite engineering is meant to firm up the breasts — not total bulk. Your raw breasts after a scarless front lift will surely be noticeable, but again, if you ’ re looking to go up a few cup sizes, you ’ ll want to talk to Dr. Stark about finding another solution.

naturally, patients need to think about checkup requirements as well. not everyone will qualify for this type of procedure even if it suits them. Most importantly, you need to be in good overall physical health and at a goodly weight. This routine is not for women who have a history of breast cancer or have previously undergone breast radiation. If you ’ re a smoker, be indisputable to speak with Dr. Stark approximately quitting as this will limit your risks during the procedure. ultimately, expect reasonable results concerning the result of your routine. You ’ ll decidedly notice a difference, but be balanced about your expectations .

Fat Grafting: An Alternative to Implants

For some women, the BodyTite engineering may not be the best solution. It all depends on your goals for the operation. If tightening sounds good but you ’ vitamin d besides like to add book to your breasts ( and calm don ’ metric ton want to undergo invasive operation ), you might consider fatness graft .
Fat graft is a way to add volume to the breasts without using implants. basically, it ’ s a bipartite procedure, and while it ’ s not noninvasive, it ’ s not quite adenine encroaching as breast augmentation surgery .
The first part of fat grafting involves liposuction. With this process, fat will be removed from a place where it ’ s not wanted or needed. For example, if you have a little pouch on your abdomen, that would be a great place to draw fat from. This “ harvested fatty ” will then be relocated to the breasts where it can be used to add volume, comprehensiveness, and plumpness .
The liposuction is actually the most invasive separate of this procedure, and evening then, it ’ s inactive an outpatient surgery. With liposuction, anesthesia will be administered for your quilt. then, Dr. Stark will make humble incisions to the target sphere, and a sparse alloy tube called a cannula will be inserted into these areas. The fat will be agitated with the cannula and then aspirated out into a separate container. After all of the necessary fatness has been harvested, it will be put into a syringe, and Dr. Stark will reinject it into the breasts.

Fat transplant is a fantastic solution for breasts that have lost a draw of their bulk. But again, if you ’ re looking to go up several cup sizes, implants will placid be the best solution. alternatively, you may need a traditional breast lift. Fat transplant is well for a slight bulk increase. You besides have to consider the fact that not all of the harvested and reinjected fat will “ outlive ” in the newfangled placement. Dr. Stark will plan for this by injecting slightly more fatten than is actually needed, but in effect, the sum of bulk that can be ultimately achieved with the solution will only go so far .

Schedule Your Consultation Appointment

There are a number of front enhancement options available to you if you are presently unhappy with the appearance of your breasts. hush, you won ’ t know what the best breast enhancement solution is for you until you speak with Philadelphia fictile surgeon Dr. Stark. Your reference appointment will give you the best penetration into what procedures you qualify for and what Dr. Stark recommends. Contact us to book your consultation appointment nowadays !

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