5 Men’s Style Trends For 2018 & How To Wear Them

Let ’ s speak men ’ s stylus trends for 2018 and how to wear them. 5 Men's Style Trends For 2018 & How To Wear Them | GENTLEMAN WITHIN Okay, so I good wrote a musical composition about dateless vogue, which seems to be the antithesis of style trends. But the thing about timeless style is that it’s not about the clothes, instead it’s a mindset built around core principles, that once understood and practiced, can lead to dateless manner. That being said, let ’ s derail good in with the trends.


5 Men ‘s Style Trends For 2018 & How To Wear Them5 Men's Style Trends For 2018 & How To Wear Them
Watch this video on YouTube Subscribe to the Gentleman Within YouTube channel. here are the 5 identify men ’ s stylus trends worth taking a spirit at in 2018. Some of these pieces are already trending, but I think they ’ ll reach the wide-eyed populace by the conclusion of the year .

1. Relaxed Fit/Wide Leg Trousers

This matchless has been seen on the runways and in street stylus for a few years now. It doesn ’ t mean reduce and skinny fit is going aside anytime soon, but there ’ second going to be some pull back as stylish gents begin experimenting with broad leg trousers. I ’ m not talking 90s hip-hop era, laughably baggy jeans, but a more clean and streamlined, yet relaxed kind of look. And although we are trending towards looser burst pants, ultimately it comes down to what works best for you. You want to dress in a way that flatters your body type. Whether that ’ s skinny, slender, straight or loosen, it all comes down to personal preference and and what works for you .

How To Wear Relaxed Fit/Wide Leg Trousers

Stick chiefly with solids and neutrals. Going wide leg or more relaxed in general is a affirmation in and of itself, so there ’ south no need to go crazy with colors and patterns. Textures however are all right. If you choose to partake in this swerve, make certain the respite of your look is relatively suit. It will make your choice of relax trousers seem more designed, whereas if you ’ re free all around, your overall appearance may come off as overemotional .

Overall Loose Fit Clothing Will Be Trending

As evidenced by the wide-leg trousers swerve, looser fits across the circuit board will be trending this class. not only will we see pants with a relax stage, but looser fit sweaters and outerwear equally well. It will be a cleanly draped lax fit with an emphasis on tailoring. Think scavenge lines as opposed to frumpy silhouettes. Should you choose to experiment with this tendency, proceed with caution. It ’ second easy to get lost in the consequence and late regret your buy decisions.

2. Camel Coat

I ’ ve been seeing a batch of guys ask questions in forums and on-line communities about the camel coat and whether or not they can wear it. When stylishly inclined men are asking questions about a particular dress, then it ’ s decidedly trending and on its way to potentially becoming mainstream. A greatcoat or overcoat, whatever you want to call it has long been a menswear raw material, but you ’ ll typically find it in more neutral colors like black or dark blue. The camel coat is less traditional and international relations and security network ’ thymine angstrom hard to stylus as you may think .

How To Wear A Camel Overcoat/Topcoat

sure the tangent color is bolder than a more classical united states navy, grey or black greatcoat, but it can decidedly provide balance and liven up your outfit, particularly if you love wearing neutrals. It pairs particularly well with colors like navy, burgundy, beige, grays and brown. A camel coat can well smarten up more broken look, and elevate an already smart look to sartorial sophisticate district. Consider layering it over top of knits like cardigans, turtlenecks and suits angstrom well. Wear it with jeans if you like excessively, it ’ sulfur that versatile. For the distance, make certain the greatcoat doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go past your knees, particularly if you ’ re on the inadequate side. If you ’ re a inadequate gent, try to find a greatcoat that hits around mid-thigh.

3. Turtleneck Sweaters

I think the turtleneck ( US ) /rollneck ( UK ) sweater is having a bite of a moment. always since last year, I ’ ve been seeing the stylish gents of Instagram wearing turtlenecks with increasing regularity. I remember being forced to wear turtlenecks as a kid when it got cold. I couldn ’ thyroxine stand how it felt restricting and made my neck urge. On top of that I never thought of turtlenecks as stylish, particularly the outsize Christmas sweaters in this Dumb & Dumber scene. Of class things change. now I love wearing turtleneck sweaters, specially when it ’ randomness cold. In fact, this has been my winter uniform of deep. Out of all the trends in this article, I ’ vitamin d say this and the following two are the easiest to work into your wardrobe .

How To Wear A Turtleneck/Rollneck Sweater

A turtleneck will work with everything from blazers to denim jackets to outerwear like wool and cashmere topcoats and longline jackets. The rollneck is the perfective musical composition to smarten up a more casual expect. It leaves a persistent impression of sartorial edification and elegance, no matter the occasion.

If you ’ ra experiment, you can ’ triiodothyronine go wrong with more achromatic colors like navy, beige or brown. Of course black is always an option if it works with your skin tonicity. If you ’ re feeling a little more defy, a bite orange rollneck perspirer is certain to stand out, particularly since this coloring material is a bite of a drift itself. The easiest way to style a turtleneck is to throw a blazer over it. The next affect is to layer a cardigan dominate or a greatcoat to finish off the look. last, you can easily smarten up a jean jacket with fairly turtleneck perspirer.

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4. Corduroy Pants

I ’ ve been rocking my cords for a couple of years now. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see a batch of guys wearing cord pants. My estimate is that in 2018, cords will be in. I ’ m not sure why it fell out of favor since it ’ randomness one of the pieces that provides form and serve. Ideal for cold seasons, cord can keep you warm and the wales give it a distinct timbre. It ’ s a texture that can instantaneously give your getups a stylish vibration. Corduroy is decidedly one of my fall/winter go-tos and should be for a long time .

How To Wear Corduroy Pants (Cords)

When it comes to wearing cords, stick with your earth tones ; blues, browns, greens, bite orange. I like to dress according to the seasons and any colors are around me. Cords are besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate versatile as they come. Pair it with a chunky knit perspirer, padded vest and beanie for a stylish, furrowed look. They work with the more casual jean jacket and a more dinner dress blazer. You can even wear it with a necktie and oxfords for a spot ‘ o sartorial luster, perfect to smarten up the workplace. Or you can wear them with workboots and a ridicule, crewneck perspirer for an off-duty, weekend look. For the burst, you can go slender meet or even a more slack meet works well for corduroy. I ’ five hundred shy away from cheeseparing fitting cords because I feel it ’ s a fabric best worn reduce or more relaxed.

5. Argyle Pattern

For a small history, the argyle derives from the tartan of Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland, used for kilts and plaids, and from the model socks worn by scottish Highlanders since at least the seventeenth century. Thanks Wikipedia. If you don ’ metric ton know the argyle pattern is distinguished by the layers of overlapping motifs, adding a sense of three-dimensionality, movement, and texture. I remember when I started getting into menswear sometime around the end of my high gear school and early college. Argyle was was decidedly in at the clock because all the socks and sweaters Express had in stock certificate were argyle patterned, so naturally I picked up 3 or 4 different merino wool sweaters and cotton socks in varying colors. I wore the sweaters a set binding then, but haven ’ metric ton worn them in years. I think 2018 is the class that argyle comes back into style and men lento begin incorporating the unmistakably old homo convention into their regular rotations .

How To Wear The Argyle Pattern

The argyll radiation pattern international relations and security network ’ metric ton single to golfers or ivy league prepsters. here ’ s how you can begin incorporating this classical convention into your getups. First off, argyle is best in humble doses and typically found on sweaters and socks. It ’ s inherently a forte convention, normally with bold, richer colors and sol in order to achieve remainder, you ’ ll want to tone down the stay of your expression. We ’ re talking solids and neutrals. And if you ’ re going to wear another model, make sure it ’ second little in scale so that it doesn ’ t brush. A herringbone model is a great choice. I like to wear argyle sweaters over top of a button down shirt and throw on a necktie to classy it up even more.

Bonus Trend: Slip-On Loafers?

purportedly slip-on loafers or mules are in for 2018, but I can ’ t find any stylish examples. If you find any, send ’ em my way !


Thanks as constantly for reading. Hope you were able to get some inspiration for what I consider men ’ mho stylus trends for 2018. The bottom line is that I ’ megabyte not against style trends, I ’ megabyte charm barely ampere easily as the future guy when it comes to wearing what ’ s “ on tendency ” in menswear circles. And though I ’ megabyte decidedly an recommend of the manner staples, there ’ s a prison term and a place for a sensible course. This is ( hashtag ) menswear after all and it ’ s all about having fun, right ? All images courtesy of Pinterest & Lookastic .

Onto you. Are there any other trends that you’ve been noticing in the menswear community?

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Looking forward to seeing you in there.


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