Double the Size of Skyrim With These 8 Massive Mods

Want to keep playing The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim ? here are 8 enormous mods that are rid, lore-friendly and greatly expand the playable size of the game. Download these mods nowadays ! It never ends with a game like The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim. If the kernel game and official DLC downloads do n’t keep you busy, this tilt of fan made mods will leave your friends wondering where you went. All of these mods are bug-free, cost-free, lore-friendly and vouch for as the most expansive mods on the market to date !


The list starts off with an previous and beloved Skyrim mod, Falskaar. Within the ruins of Mzubthand you will find a 600-year-old portal which will transport you to the giant estate known as Falskaar. nobelium longer can you shout your way into fame and stardom ; in Falskaar, you are trope known to the Nords as “ The Traveler ”.

The master mod was added a early as 2013 and updated a recently as March 2016. Despite massive acclaim, bug fixes are placid added continuously to ensure the smoothest gambling experience possible .

You ‘ll receive an entirely new land distinct and classify from Tamriel, 30+ hours of gameplay, 30+ new quests and a new hour of distinct music created only for this mod. Falskaar is truly a outstanding mod for Skyrim fans everywhere, indeed go ahead and enjoy it if you have n’t already .
Download: Falskaar ( 473 MB )


You ‘ll rarely find a fan-made undertake american samoa impressive as the Wyrmstooth mod for Skyrim. A long-time front-runner for Skyrim modders, Wyrmstooth asks that you undertake the quest of killing a dragon. bare as it may sound, solving this issue may take a little longer than the typical dragon struggle .
You ‘ll need to be level 10 before the quest occupation for Wyrmstooth activates. once you reach flush 10, the Greybeards will summon you through a courtier named Theodyn Bienne. The tax seems simpleton ; slay a dragon who ‘s been causing a act of trouble .

From trade routes to conquest, this mod takes you on twists and turns. It besides includes one of the greatest boss fights available in the game. You ‘ll have to see it for yourself, but trust me when I say it ‘s worth the discharge. hint : there ‘s lightning, thunder and a zombi rebellion .
A huge emboss contend is good one of the reasons this mod is so beloved by users. A giant keep, a mind-control request along with approximately 30 other bay lines, hours of excellently-voiced NPCs and one of the greatest boss fights you ‘ll ever experience expect you with this mod. If you enjoy dragon-slaying but Alduin equitable did n’t cut it, download Wyrmstooth .
Download: Wyrmstooth ( 258 MB )

Sea of Ghosts

Sea of Ghosts, available only in the Steam Workshop, creates a bang-up quest line and playable area from the already show Sea of Ghosts region of Skyrim. For the most separate, Skyrim ‘s shores are n’t very full of life with action and bay. Although the game charge is n’t particularly large, the fact that this mod provides you with a beach side place available for purchase, newly-voiced NPCs and a capital dungeon makes Sea of Ghosts a definite must. Travel to this feverish region with The Winter ‘s Warmth crew and explore newly-uncovered regions .

It does n’t stop there. After all, sometimes you want to be a pirate. Adding to this mod, the popular The Pirates of Skyrim: The Northern Cardinal Under the Black Flag will create a playable experience out of the very sea you once avoided by making naval battles and treasure hunts feasible options in Skyrim. These two modding options not only expand the playable area in Skyrim but deepen the experience arsenic well .
Download: Sea of Ghosts | Pirates of Skyrim : The Northern Cardinal Under the Black Flag ( 219 MB )

The Wheels of Lull

now that we ‘ve covered the ocean shock, it ‘s time to discover the clandestine depths of Skyrim. The Wheels of Lull is however another attack to create an expansive and highly lore-friendly accession to the world of Skyrim .
Far beneath the domain of Nirn, the ancient Clockwork City of Sotha Sil is teeming with venture. With your serve, the collapse and break up Chronographers — guardians of their empire — have the power to destroy the delirious mystic which has descended onto their underground chancel and experimented with their very nature. Descend into Sotha Sil and turn the Wheels of Lull .
If the bluff size of the area does n’t impress you, subtle features like great voice acting and clever quest puzzles will. The bos battles have to be some of the most unique fights in Skyrim frankincense far .

A new town and five new dungeons, along with a sincerely unique, Legend of Zelda-type dungeon experience equipped with modern creatures and fantastic puzzles await you in this forget farming. not only does this mod expand the playable space of Tamriel, it besides features new armor and weapons to enhance your gaming know. All around, this is a far-out and enjoyable mod to have in your arsenal .
Download: The Wheels of Lull ( 256 MB )

The Forgotten City

If you do n’t already have adequate moral dilemma in your liveliness, The Forgotten City is for you. Its tempt begins with a gripping trailer .

The Forgotten City is an ancient Dwarven intensify buried deeply underneath Tamriel. Ancient riddles, mangle investigations, villains and enemies galore along with legendary armor and incredible voice acting will leave you in awe of what winnow developers are capable of .
few mods will leave you with chills ; this is one of them. The Forgotten City creates a exist, breathing belowground universe. The more NPCs you interact with, the greater your understand of the surrounding history. Sprinkle in an indefinable orchestral soundtrack and all I can say is this : download this mod and discover the forget mysteries of The Forgotten City .
Download: The Forgotten City ( 158 MB )

Helgen Reborn

Helgen Reborn has been a long time favorite in the modding community, and for good reason .

The Helgen Reborn mod does n’t create a newly position american samoa much as it recreates an old experience. Helgen, the town you start off with in Skyrim, is destroyed by a dragon. This mod attempts to rebuild the bemused Helgen for you to enjoy .
There are legends to learn and old soldiers to reunite, feuds to settle and town guards to recruit. If that does n’t wet your whistle, an arena rivaling the long-lost and long-admired stadium quest telephone line in Elder Scrolls : obliviousness will give you the chance to fight for your life. This mod is massive and still growing ; new versions provide continually bigger and better interactions, dungeons and NPCs to Helgen Reborn .
Download: Helgen Reborn ( 169 MB )

Summerset Isle

You know what ‘s constantly been missing in Skyrim ? Giant islands. Summerset Isle fixes that .
Summerset Isle is a sincerely expansive expansion which lengthens the Arch-Mage history of Winterhold wherein you are summoned to the land of Altmer. The mod is home to a seriously-cavernous Skyrim experience ; the nostalgic references to Morrowind and Oblivion, new quest lines, dungeons, and bosses will keep you occupied for hours. To put it honestly, you will lose yourself in this mod .

merely wonder at the long list of features this mod already provides : 30+ hours of game play, 60+ quests, 600+ fresh NPCs, new populace spaces, alone craftable items, modern customs weapons, 40+ cities, 60+ caves, etc. Summerset Isle gives you precisely what you want out of Skyrim — more. If you want to have a wholly raw, wholly playable and wholly dislodge expansion to Skyrim, download Summerset Isles nowadays .
Download: Summerset Isles ( 1619 MB )


If you ‘re a big sports fan of apocalyptic fight sequences, this is it. Named after the greek word for “ to deify ” or make a God, Apotheosis grants access into mystery Daedric kingdom and allows for some of the greatest bos fights available .

This mod stands above all else for strictly nostalgic reasons. As a long time fan of Elder Scrolls : obliviousness, I longed for a mod that would allow me to run through portals into Daedric worlds. ideal does this and more .
The music is exciting, the bos fights are cinematic and the Dark Souls feel of the stadium makes this mod the perfect red on your Skyrim ice-cream sundae. If Apotheosis does n’t impress you due to its small, 37 MB stature, team this mod with the highly regard Molag Bal’s Inferno — a Daedric multi-level keep realm full moon of impossible horrors and hours of discord — to create a Skyrim that suits your dark, Daedric needs .

Download: Apotheosis ( 37 MB ) | Molag Bal ‘s Infero ( 599 MB )

Content on Content

A modders work is never done ; once you ‘ve installed your first texture tamp down, modding becomes a game in itself. That being said, it ‘s heavily not to when such impressive ferment is being continually made and updated through diaphanous storm of will. Skyrim is five-years-old, ancient by mod standards, yet the love the community has shown for Skyrim — and the Elder Scroll series as a whole — is distillery hard. Download these mods and you ‘ll end up wondering where the official world ends and the unofficial begins .
What expansion mods do you enjoy for Skyrim? Let us know in the comments below!

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