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9 Inch Utensils | Wayfair

Bake, roast and fry to perfection with aluminized steel nonstick baking sheets. These heavy gauge baking sheets are made of commercial-grade aluminized steel to heat quickly and evenly while the double-layer nonstick coating ensures easy release and quick cleanup. Each sheet is reinforced with a solid steel frame around the entire outer edge of the […]

Effect of Alternating Cold Elastoplastic Deformation on Austenitic Decomposition during Tension of 08Kh18N10 Steel | SpringerLink

Abstract The effect of preliminary cold alternating elastoplastic deformation of 08Kh18N10 steel on the austenitic transformation caused by tension in the uniform deformation region (before necking) is investigated. This preliminary deformation is shown not to change the phase composition and structural state of the steel. Magnetometer measurements during tension and metallographic examinations after tension reveal […]