How To Use Hijab Pins

many hijab styles require the use of pins to keep them in target, which can damage the finespun material of the hijab, specially if you ’ re using a lightweight hijab made of chiffon or georgette. alternatively, if you ’ re tying a hijab on a younger child or are new to wearing hijab yourself, you might feel nervous at the thinking of having a fall so cheeseparing to your head or neck .
charismatic hijab pins can remove this concern, working to keep your hijab tied neatly in place without the want for standard hijab pins .
At Silq Rose, we have a collection of small, ultra-strong charismatic hijab pins that are minimal in design and perfect for keeping your hijab in place while staying concealed for a smooth and seamless finish .

Why you need a hijab pin

Pins are used to keep your hijab in set for a variety of styles. The most common way of using a pin is underneath your kuki, which will keep your hijab together and secure once you ’ ve draped it around your head. If needed, you can besides use a pin on top of your head, which will ensure that the scarf doesn ’ triiodothyronine budge during the day.

There are different types of pins that many hijabis function, including neat pins, base hit pins, and stick pins. While they are there to ensure you don ’ t need to readjust it throughout the day, they ’ ra good suited for chummy, more tightly-woven hijab, as they won ’ t create holes or damage the material. many women besides opt to wear light materials for special occasions or during the hot summer months, which can cause snagging and more confirm pin price more easily .

What are magnetic hijab pins?

magnetic hijab pins work in the lapp way as a regular pin — merely use the magnets as a clasp to hold the material you want to be pinned in place.

intelligibly, some people don ’ thyroxine feel safe using normal pins, or they merely aren ’ thyroxine suitable for the style in which they wear their hijab, which makes magnetic hijab pins an ideal replacement. many feel skin irritation from the metallic element pins, which frequently contain harmful materials like zinc, nickel, and lead. Hijab pins besides by and large come into close contact with the sensitive areas of skin around the chin and neck, which can cause add discomfort. It can besides be dangerous for younger girls to pin their hijab in place around these areas .
however, ours are not average hijab magnets ! Our magnetic pins can be used to keep your hijab in invest without piercing the material, and are made using high quality stainless steel, minimising any risk of skin aggravation. Their ultra-strong hold means that there will be no danger of your hijab coming free or slipping off your heading during the day. They ’ rhenium besides strong enough to hold through multiple layers of the thickest framework, leaving you free to style your hijab precisely as you ’ d like.

While some hijab pins come with embellishments, we designed this intersection with clean and minimal aesthetics as a focal point. The magnetic pins in our collection are small and circumspect, designed to blend in seamlessly with your hijab. We offer them in four classic color, available in a brush flatness end that perfectly complement our collection of hijab .

How to use magnetic hijab pins

For a simple everyday look, secure the magnetic hijab pins at the front, underneath your kuki, and style your hijab from there. If you prefer to drape your hijab over your shoulder, use an extra charismatic hijab pin to keep the hijab in set. Our collection of hijab pins are potent enough to hold multiple layers of framework together, letting you layer the material vitamin a a lot as you ’ d like. For a layered or clothe style, use the smaller pins to keep the layers in place around your face, ensuring that they don ’ t dribble, and keeping your expressive style tortuous throughout the day .
Pair our rose gold magnetic pins with hijab in neutral and pastel tones, or use our black pins for dark hijab. If your outfit has warmer undertones, we recommend the age-old gold magnetic pins, which will help far emphasis the colours, while ash grey is perfective for cool shades. Get started with our hardened of 4 magnetic hijab pins, which come in all the color we offer, and are little adequate to be used discreetly .

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