Solasta: Crown of the Magister — Beginner’s guide to get you started

Solasta : pate of the Magister takes you on a drawn-out gamble through versatile towns, ruins, dungeons, and mage towers. obviously, you ’ ll engage countless foes in conflict, all while trying to manage your party of four. here ’ s our novice ’ s usher to help you out in Solasta : crown of the Magister .
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Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Beginner’s guide and starter tips

Creating your characters and building your party

Solasta : crown of the Magister requires you to have a party of four characters. You can choose the pre-generated or premade characters that are already in the system, or you can create your own warriors from boodle. ideally, you should have at least one character who can tank the hits, another who can provide heal, and a copulate who are dependable wrong dealers. Likewise, you ’ ll want peeps who are good with lockpicking and craft .
In my case, my party was comprised of a Human Paladin ( Oath of Tirmar ), a Hill Dwarf Cleric ( Law ), a high Elf Wizard ( Shock Arcanist ), and a Sylvan Elf Ranger ( Hunter ). The two elves and the dwarf were actually identical implemental since they have Darkvision ( I ’ ll explain a bite more in our combat usher ) .
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apart from spells, proficiencies, classes, and the like, you may besides select a character ’ sulfur personality type. These wear ’ t necessarily pigeonhole you into a particular alliance ( i.e., Lawful Neutral ), and you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have something akin to companions leaving if they don ’ t like your actions. Simply put, personalities will merely govern a character ’ randomness disposition when speaking or during idle kid .
last, do take notice of the stats/attributes such as intensity, dexterity, constitution, and the like. The game will flush inform you which stats are well for a certain course. You can either use die rolls or manually assign points. There ’ mho even a small box that you can tick if you wish to max out the entire stat line .
Note: We ’ ll hash out more in our character creation guidebook, angstrom well as our classify guides for the Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard .
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Managing your inventory space
Your characters in Solasta : pate of the Magister can carry a short ton of items. however, if you ’ ve got Authentic difficulty selected, then the Solasta variant of encumbrance applies. Simply put, post weight is determined by your lastingness stat. Characters will be thinly encumbered once they ’ re lugging around a total weight that ’ s five times their intensity stat, and heavily encumbered at 10 times that value. Being heavily encumbered lowers your apparent motion range, and you suffer penalties to military capability, dexterity, and fundamental law rolls .
If you wish to avoid issues, then you can use the three chests in your main hub/town, Caer Cyflen, to stash some of the stuff you want to keep around. The chests are near the Scavenger and seller NPCs. Try to sell the stuff you don ’ t need, such as extra pieces of generic weapons and armor. however, do read an item ’ sulfur description since you don ’ triiodothyronine want to sell prime items and crafting materials. former on, you should be able to find or buy better backpacks such as the Handy Haversack or Bag of Holding, making carry slant arguable .
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Identifying items and magical properties
It ’ sulfur very likely that you ’ ll pick up countless loot drops as you explore the world of Solasta : crown of the Magister. Some of these items might have charming properties or they are strange to you ( they have a doubt check picture ) .
You can use spells like “ Detect Magic ” or “ Identify ” to help you ascertain if a gear piece is valuable. alternatively, you can talk to the magic trick seller in Caer Cyflen who ’ ll do these things for a monetary value ( kind of like the game ’ s own translation of Deckard Cain ) .
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speaking of special items, there are some extremely rare finds that you ’ ll stumble upon as you progress in the game. These items might require attunement ( noted by a tooltip ) before you can obtain their buffs .
To attune an item, just do a retentive or short remainder, then select a character who will have an item attuned to them. Each character is limited to three total attuned items, and you may alone attune one item per rest time period. Likewise, you can freely attune an item sol a different character can use it .
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Why does my character have a beard?
Let ’ s say you created a clean-shaven fellow, or possibly a dudette. You might be surprised when they on the spur of the moment grow a beard. Well, don ’ thyroxine fret because this international relations and security network ’ t a hemipterous insect .
It ’ s actually an consequence from an item called the Belt of Dwarvenkind. There ’ s a 50 % chance that a fictional character who has it equipped and attuned would grow a beard. If you don ’ metric ton like the look, plainly unequip the item and do a retentive perch to remove the impression .
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Long rests and short rests
You can do a long respite in taverns/inns, campsites, or while fast traveling on the worldly concern map. long rests do require food, such as rations purchased from vendors or obtained as drops. alternatively, you can cast spells that create meals like Conjure Food ( Paladins and Clerics ) or Goodberry ( Ranger ) .
Based on Solasta : pate of the Magister ‘ s independent quests, you ’ ra not under any time constraints at all. As such, you can abuse the long rest action angstrom much as you ’ d like to get these benefits :

  • Fully replenish your health.
  • Refresh your expended spell slots.
  • Level up and prepare spells (i.e., select the ones that are active).
  • Let hours/days pass by in case you need to finish crafting an item or because it’s required by a quest step.

Note: A brusque rest, activated by clicking a clitoris at the lower-right corner of the HUD, lets an hour of in-game fourth dimension elapse. You ’ ll need a dice roll to heal and most spell slots aren ’ thymine mechanically replenished ( unless you ’ re a Wizard who has Arcane Recovery ). calm, you ’ ll be able to attune items similar to doing a long rest .
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Fast travel
After leaving Caer Cyflen ( or any finish ), you ’ ll see Solasta : crown of the Magister ‘ s world map. If you click on a destination, you ’ ll be able to travel there. You ’ ll besides notice versatile settings in the fast travel jury arsenic well as those in the game settings menu. These options involve speeding up the work, removing random encounters, stopping the action when something has been crafted, and so on .
Fast traveling on the world map can take respective days which means several long rest periods that require food. still, characters might mechanically forage for food as you ’ re travel .
Note 1: If random encounters are enabled, you could end up battling diverse mobs. There are times when your party is prepared for them, and instances when you ’ d catch surprised. If you ’ rhenium fight just before a hanker stay is completed, just pour all the damage you can since finishing the long rest will refresh your abilities .
Note 2: Fast locomotion is besides possible when you ’ re in dungeons or towns provided that you ’ ve discovered a waypoint. last, you might stumble upon “ major gates ” that let you teleport back to Caer Cyflen .
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Saving often and the point of no return
Remember to save equally much as potential. You can even save ( or use the quicksave keybind ) during battles .
last, I ’ d like to talk about the stopping point of Solasta : pennant of the Magister. Without spoiling excessively much, this quest is called “ No Way back ! ” and the quest ’ sulfur description even warns you that this will begin the game ’ s final chapter. You ’ re tasked with the follow :

  • Speaking to the Council.
  • Talking to a specific NPC.
  • Speaking to the Council once more.

Make indisputable you have a save prior to speaking to the Council for the first time as this is the actual point of no reappearance. Although the second fourth dimension you talk to the Council has a alike description/tooltip, you ’ ll already be locked directly until you finish the campaign.

Note: In any case, since we ’ ve discussed assorted mechanics, you can besides read our guides for crafting/faction reputation and combat/stealth .
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Solasta : pennant of the Magister is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub .

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