Network Execs Told Stacy London ‘No One Would Watch’ Her Next ‘Unsexy’ Show. Then She Realized How Much Impact She Could Have as an Entrepreneur.

I had a long, successful career in television. It began with my usher What Not to Wear in 2003 and ran strong for 15 years. then I got older. I reached menopause, and my position changed. rather of talking about stylus, I wanted to talk about aging — to alleviate the pity and embarrassment then many women feel. So I did what I ‘d done many times before : I pitched a television picture about it. And it did not go well .

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Networks told me the mind was unsexy and that cipher would watch. I felt like they were talking about me as well — that I was now past my prime. I felt worthless and strip of my long-held identity as a public personality. But I clung to it anyhow ; I could n’t let go of this erstwhile idea of who I was. And as a solution, I closely missed the prospect to transform myself and reveal a new rage as an entrepreneur. This experience taught me something crucial : You have to let go of who you were to become who you are. I used to say that to people all the time. then I discovered how heavily it is to do, but how rewarding it can be, excessively. I became the owner and CEO of a company called State of Menopause, which makes products to help women manage the symptoms. It ‘s the mission I wanted to bring to TV — and now I know that there is more than one means to fulfill a mission. Related: How to Know When to Give Up, When to Pivot and When to Persist

here ‘s how I about passed up this opportunity, and what carried me through. state of Menopause was created in 2019 and initially asked me to be a beta examiner. I was thus shudder that this brand paid attention to the symptoms I ‘d been suffering, and I developed a real rage for it — so much so that in 2020, when its rear company decided to sell the sword, they asked if I wanted it.

visualize credit : courtesy of Stacy London I hesitated. then I thought about it a lot during the pandemic, when I had the time to sit with myself and ask questions. I don’t want to be that person who holds on to an old version of themselves, I told myself. But I struggled to let go…until I asked myself the wonder that changed my perspective. It was this : What is my kernel of truth? In other words, what did I already have that I could bring to this new identity ? Being CEO would be fresh. Owning a commercial enterprise would be fresh. So what wouldn’t be new ? It was my need to tell a floor that, while personal, is besides universal. I was going through a massive personal change — and so are State of Menopause ‘s customers. I can relate to them and serve them. I realized that change does n’t mean in full abandoning what you were. It fair means taking the best of you and putting it all to new function. That ‘s when I was able to say yes, and to become CEO. Related: Our Global Reset Inspired Female Entrepreneurs to Pivot, and You Can Do the Same

My hope is that women my long time besides see new chapters and possibilities for themselves. Yes, there is a secondary grief in saying adieu to youth. But as we live long, we will be “ older ” for a draw more time than we ‘ll be “ new. ” You can call it transformation or transfer — but any it is, it can be a time of infinite hypothesis. I say, thin into the existential crisis. What feels like a midlife crisis can become a midlife renaissance, so long as you can look at things like achiever, bankruptcy, adversity, and luck as all the lapp matter : experience. Taking on this company meant leaving a version of me behind so a new one could exist. But the direction I see it now, I ‘ve already had a few careers in my animation. Why stop grow ?

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