The 13 Best Ankle Braces for Basketball of 2022

We independently research, test, recapitulation, and recommend the best products—learn more about our procedure. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. here are the best ankle braces for basketball. According to Ryan Balmes, DPT, a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedics and sports physical therapy, ankle braces can reduce the likelihood of an ankle twist. We researched dozens of ankle braces for basketball and evaluated them for hold, stability, material, adjustability, and price. Each of the ankle braces for basketball chosen in this article was determined to be the best of these factors. Med Spec ‘s Ankle Stabilizer is equipped with adjustable straps, which provide ultimate protection and stability. Made with a semi-rigid ankle brace, Bodyprox ‘s Ankle Support Brace is another supportive and low-cost choice.

Ankle sprains are one of the most park injuries a basketball musician can experience. Some studies have found that basketball players are five times more likely to sustain an ankle wound when they ’ ve feel one before. Given this, many basketball players—both recreational and professional—should use ankle braces to protect themselves from injury. While many ankle braces are bilateral ( able of being worn on the left and right ankles, interchangeably ), this brace is specifically designed to accommodate the anatomy of the correct ankle or the left ankle. This allows for accurate back and stability that wearers may not find in a more varying ankle brace. Made with an align of adjustable anchor straps, wearers can ensure the stimulate will stay impregnable during manipulation. additionally, inner stapes wraps provide support above and below the animal foot, which keeps it from shifting forward or second. Those looking for protection quite than discretion may appreciate the McDavid Bio-Logix Ankle Brace, a heavy-duty, performance-grade ankle brace. Crafted from molded fictile, it offers stability without sacrificing comfort. The flex-link hinge purpose offers far auspices, and a memory foam padding cushions the ankle joint for comfortable wear. The Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace ’ s velcro flog design is helpful for a personalize paroxysm. Because it ‘s a heavier-duty, performance choice, it may not fit comfortably into all socks or shoes. That said, it ’ randomness available in two versatile colors—black and white—allowing wearers some sum of delicacy. The Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace offers maximal back and security, but it ‘s not arsenic stiffly as other similarly protective braces. Crafted with softshell fictile, the brace is static and designed to withstand seasons of wear. calm, the hinged-cuff purpose allows for some sum of tractability, encouraging a free stove of motion and comfort. The Best Knee Support Products, And How To Use Them This compression sleeve is crafted from a four-way stretch compression weave fabric that remains comfortable and flexible. It ‘s besides breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. The moderate stability of the sleeve provides support and easing without sacrificing mobility, meaning you can wear it for a variety of activities. The Run Forever Sports Foot Compression Sleeve boasts a low-profile silhouette and versatile color pallette, making it a particularly capital choice for those looking for a discerning option. The satiny compression sleeve looks more like a windsock than a brace, and it ’ s available in three easy-to-wear shades—black, ashen, and beige. The wrap itself is crafted from breathable neoprene, and since it ’ second machine-washable, you can well wash it after a sweaty exercise. The wrap is adjustable, so you can make it as snug or deoxyadenosine monophosphate loose as you ’ d like it to be, and the bilateral invention makes it easy to wear on either ankle. While Vive ‘s Ankle Ice Pack Wrap should n’t be worn during a basketball plot, it ‘s great for post-game break. It looks like a bulky ankle couple that extends from your lower calf down to your toes, and it comes with respective gel packs that you can freeze for cold therapy, or pop in the microwave for hot therapy. The flog is crafted from a stretchable framework, and its low-profile design promises to keep your range of gesture wax and flexible. Another beneficial component is that the flog comes lined with EVA foam slog, which cushions your foot without adding bulk to your shoes. Most ankle braces are designed to support and stabilize the ankle, but Pro-Tec ’ south Achilles Tendon Support is designed to support the Achilles tendon, alternatively. The low-profile brace is crafted from two simple pieces—an ankle manacle and a heel strap. Combined, these features offer Achilles hold, relieve heel pain, and cut down on discomfort. The wrapping is crafted from a stretchable material, and thanks to its low-profile design, it should be pretty easily to slip inside your darling pair of athletic shoes. Strap the envelop on any time you need a fiddling extra support, but know that it credibly won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer the same stability as a heavier-duty brace. If you want more control over how your ankle brace fits, consider choosing a amply customizable option—like ComfiLife ’ s Ankle Brace. With the low profile of a compaction sleeve, it offers support in addition to the flexibility of a wrap. Keep the brace mean where you need more defend and lose where you need more space thanks to the velcro settlement. The sleeve is besides reinforced with a soft-to-the-touch inner lining, which renders it even cozier. Snug and compressive, the Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace comes with an adjustable strap for a individualized match. Crafted from a dilute, moisture-wicking, and supportive material, the Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace is designed to remain dry and flexible during break. Like many ankle sleeves, the Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace prioritizes flexibility and quilt over security. This makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a brace with a mince come of compression paired with a greater stove of motion. The compaction should besides keep the sleeve firm in position throughout use—keeping it in position without the need for alteration. Because it provides more patronize than others, it may be besides bulky to comfortably fit into some shoes. It is presently available in size XS-XL. note that the brace is not machine washable or dry friendly. The McDavid Lace-Up Ankle Brace offers a thoughtful blend of support and flexibility, promising stability without sacrificing comfort. Thanks to the lace-up design and single-layer polyester writing, the brace has a supportive and lightweight tactile property. A vent tongue offers further breathability. Though some velcro straps may become frayed or loose with use, the straps are designed for lastingness. Find it in size S/M and L/XL. The ankle brace comes with a series of built-in criss-cross straps for a personalize fit. The straps besides reinforce the brace, rendering it more stable and supportive than some of the even lower-profile ( strap-free ) options on the market. The Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace is both whippersnapper and supportive, making it a bang-up choice for those who want ease, flexibility, and some total of protective covering. Made with high-elastic framework, it offers flexibility in addition to moisture-wicking properties. May be excessively bulky for some shoes The sleeve is available in a range of sizes ( from M-3XL ), allowing shoppers to find a suit that fits snuggly. Because the Senteq Breathable Neoprene Ankle Sleeve has no laces or straps, it ’ south easy to slip into socks and shoes. Crafted from a moisture-wicking, mesh-vented neoprene, the Senteq Breathable Neoprene Ankle Sleeve promises to remain dry, comfortable, and lightweight during wear. The Senteq Breathable Neoprene Ankle Sleeve is comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, making it a utilitarian choice for those who favor delicacy. The low-profile sleeve offers steady and non-restrictive compression that supports the ankle, and the decollete, open-heel design further offers flexibility. The Best Knee Support Products, And How To Use Them The contribution of the brace that wraps around the sole is designed to keep the animal foot from shifting forward, ensuring the ankle couple stays guarantee during games. Boasting adjustable fasteners for a comfortable meet, the brace does n’t shift during wear. It comes in a range of sizes, from S-XL. The Zamst A2-DX Strong Ankle Brace is a heavy-duty ankle brace, equip for those looking for professional-grade protection. Engineered with “ dual-molded Exo-Grid engineering, ” the brace enhances stability and keeps the foot from rolling inbound or outward. It besides has straps that offer anterior, lateral pass, and median support, protecting every separate of the ankle.

“ Ankle bracing is just one piece of an overall physical therapy program. You ’ ll want to combine it with a PT program—or at the identical least, a conversation with a physical therapist. Having a conversation with a physical therapist will give [ the patient ] a draw of understanding about what to look for in an ankle brace and how to use that ankle brace best. We ’ rhenium hera to help guide [ patients ] through those decisions, so they don ’ t have to make that decisiveness alone. ” — Dr. Ryan Balmes, DPT, a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedics and sports forcible therapy In accession to the compromising silhouette, the Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace is crafted from a comfortable fabric. The neoprene musical composition minimizes annoyance and the lightweight material offers breathability. Wearers can tighten or loosen the pair ’ sulfur straps to get a fit that ’ south american samoa cozy as they want it to be. The Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace is an excellent choice in terms of comfort, flexibility, and affordability. The semi-rigid ankle stimulate is equipped with protective features that keep the ankle stable, but its primary strength is the roll of motion it allows. The brace ’ s open-heel design allows the wearer to move around easily, and the circumspect sleeve design offers further comfort and flexibility. The Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer boasts a sleek, low-profile purpose that pairs well with a variety show of shoes, and it ‘s bilateral, so it can be worn on the correctly or left ankle interchangeably. The couple is machine-washable—though it should be air-dried—and it ‘s available in size XXS-3XL. The low-cost Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer offers considerable protection, without feeling gawky, which is why it ‘s our lead choice. Promising lastingness and persuasiveness, the nylon boot simultaneously provides defend and flexibility. The stabilizing straps form a figure-eight human body around the ankle for ultimate security. additionally, the elastic cuff settlement holds it securely in station while keeping its laces and straps secure—meaning wearers won ’ t have to pause mid-game to continually adjust their brace .

Final Verdict

Searching for an ankle brace that ’ s protective but discerning ? The Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer ( opinion at Amazon ) is a solid option. The stimulate is stable and elastic, and thanks to its satiny silhouette, it ’ sulfur easy to pair with athletic shoes .
If you ’ re looking for professional-grade ankle protection, the Zamst A2-DX Strong Ankle Brace ( opinion at Amazon ), which is used by NBA actor Stephen Curry, is your best bet. It comes with stabilizing straps and a mold back system for whole-ankle digest.

What to Look for in an Ankle Brace for Basketball


Dr. Balmes says that ankle sprains experienced by basketball players tend to be lateral ankle sprains. This means the lateral pass ligaments ( the ligaments on the external of the infantry ) are the ones getting hurt. Given this, ankle braces that offer enough rigidity to prevent the animal foot from rolling in can be particularly utilitarian for preventing basketball-based ankle injuries .


The downside of inflexibility, though, is that it may limit a player ’ randomness comfort or range of apparent motion, Dr. Balmes notes. Because more protective ankle braces prevent ankle motion, a actor may not be able to move around angstrom agilely as they ’ d like to. For this reason, Dr. Balmes recommends that players select ankle braces based on the level of protection they feel comfortable with, given their style of play .


Dr. Balmes says that some players avoid ankle braces because they dislike the way they look. so, discretion may be another factor worth considering while shopping for ankle braces .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I wear an ankle brace for basketball?

    Ankle braces aren ’ thyroxine necessary for all basketball players, but they can be a great option if you ’ ve had an ankle injury before. “ Wearing a semi-rigid ankle pair during basketball can be beneficial for people who are not presently injured, but who have had a anterior ankle injury, ” Dr. Kasia Gondek, D.P.T., certified force and conditioning specialist at Fusion Wellness & Physical Therapy, says. Dr. Gondek notes that she would only recommend an ankle brace to person who ’ second had a anterior ankle injury and whose ankle is not soon in tip-top shape. “ If a player has had an ankle injury but has excellent jump, landing, and cutting body control, I would say that the ankle brace would not benefit them during rival, ” she says. This is because inflexible ankle braces can limit your range of gesticulate .

  • How do you protect your ankles in basketball?

    Wearing an ankle brace can be a big way to protect your ankle if you ’ ve sustained an ankle injury before. But if you ’ re looking for ways to prevent an ankle injury, you need to focus on prepare thoughtfully. “ It ’ s authoritative to remember that no sum of stimulate or taping can replace the protection and stability provided by your own muscle force, flexibility, body control condition, proportion, and agility, ” Dr. Gondek says. “ [ I ’ vitamin d ] focus on improving functional lastingness, proportion, and campaign control. ” For basketball players, this could mean proper warm-ups, military capability educate, and a balance wheel and agility broadcast, she says .

  • What ankle braces do NBA players wear?

    different NBA players wear different ankle braces. Stephen Curry, for exemplar, wears the Zamst A2-DX Strong Ankle Brace ( view at Amazon ) —a heavy-duty, professional-grade ankle pair we recommended above .

  • Can I play basketball with a sprained ankle?

    You should not play basketball with a twist ankle or with another severe ankle injury. In fact, you should wait to return to the sport until a aesculapian professional has told you that you can. “ It takes at least three to six weeks to heal from a chasten ankle sprain, and up to three to six months for more serious ankle injuries—depending upon what was injured and how sternly it was injured, ” Dr. Gondek says. Returning to sports besides soon could cause your wound to heal even more slowly .

  • Can I run with my ankle brace?

    Ankle braces are designed to offer documentation in different ways. so if you ’ ra interest in wearing an ankle brace while running, be certain to talk to a medical adept or a physical therapist to ensure the ankle brace you have is desirable for running .

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